syngo.via VB30 Getting started with the Anatomy Visualizer (MM Reading) e-Clip

Introduction to the Anatomy Visualizer | Segmentation Objects | Segmentation Tools | Object Quantification | Cinematic VRT Visualization.

3D reconstruction techniques are widely available. Many professionals are utilizing their full potential to support their daily routine or clinical specialty practice. The anatomy visualizer allows you to perform 3D tissue segmentation in order to isolate specific anatomical structures. For example, bones, vessels or organs. You can create different segmentation objects in order to highlight, hide, or quantify volume structures and display them. Innove art or MI view. To do so, there are several different tools available at hand. For example, the region growing segmentation tool of it punched out, mask a threshold filter by Hounsfield units, or the organ segmentation tool for easy segmentation of individual organs. These tools can be combined to obtain an optimal outcome. The anatomy visualizer can be accessed in the upper left corner menu of art or MI segment. You can reconfigure our button in your favorite tools area in MRE reading. Alternatively, the region growing tool can be accessed directly on the corner menu of any Mer segment. When using this shortcut, unuh segmentation object is created automatically if none was available for initiating the object growing. The anatomy visualizer is divided into 2 main areas, segmentation objects and segmentation tools. Thumbnails for objects which are marked with a lock symbol cannot be edited. For example, the original vert volume objects marked with the scissors symbol are removed, for example, when the table is automatically removed, you can enable or disable the object to show or hide it in the rendered vert. Under the segmented object thumbnails, multiple buttons allow you to interact with the objects. You can create an empty object, delete it, duplicate an existing segmentation, change the applied vert preset of the object, or simply modify the transparency level. All interactions applied to the selected object that is framed in Gray in the thumbnails. The lower area of the anatomy visualizer shows different segmentation tools. You can combine these segmentation results from any of these tools in order to isolate and refine your desired structure in the actual object. For instance, the region growing tool allows you to segment a certain structure and make it grow. With the punch tool you can remove any undesired fragment or structure directly from the art view. The freehand Merteuil allows you to add or remove undesirable areas and volumes by freehand drawing them in the Mervue. In addition, you can enable automatic contouring. The Finetune tool is useful for refining the segmented object by using expansion and contraction operations. The threshold tool filters different tissue presets according to the Hounsfield units, and therefore it is just applicable fork cases. After you have completed the tissue segmentation, you can quantify your segmentation object by displaying its corresponding measurement. The selected object is now marked in a specific color. You can also create a finding which contains the volume measurements and a snapshot of the object. The finding is available in the findings area and is sent to your archive Appan case completion. If you aren't provided with the cinematic Vert function, you can use the anatomy visualizer to display your structures, organs, or vessels with this impressively realistic rendering technique. After completing your segmentations switch your rendering volume to see vert and control the objects visibility with the anatomy visualizer as you would a regular vert.

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