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Let's take a look at how to manage layouts in order to quickly organize the image segments in your routine reading. Several layouts are already given in the viewing area. You can change the loaded data with only one click. The preferred layouts are case specific and may look different in another case. To change to another available layout, open the layout Gallery and select any other layout. If you want to add more or other favorite layouts to the viewing area, just drag and drop them from the layout Gallery to the viewing box or use a right click of your mouse. But there is a way to specify layout rules in more detail. Open a list of all layout rules with the workflow configuration tool. The number and type of preferred layouts can be configured specifically to the case. The clinical administrator can set up default rules and the user can set up their private ones. The system looks for specific DICOM header information in order to apply the best matching layout rules to the case. The list here shows a hierarchy of matching rules to be applied. If you want to change the order of the rules, click and drag them or down. Note that in the series Presets tab you can Ally more details to your data set, such as a specific filter type, windowing slice, thickness, and so on. But let's go back to the layouts tab. Existing rules can be adopted or new rules can be created. Here is 1 example. Click the Add icon to add a new rule. Select CT as the modality for which you want to ally this new rule. Select assignment object as the study description. The assignment condition is abdomen. With the wild card, you allow a more flexible assignment condition. All seat cases that contain the word abdomen in the study descripcion are now affected. Click and drag your preferred layouts from the layout collection to the area for preferred layouts. For example, overview two TP. You can also change the number of series to select layouts containing more than one series. Note that only certain layouts have this capability. You can also arrange the order of the preferred layouts. The first layout in the area is always the initial layout. Click the accept button to confirm the configuration. The new rule visible at the top of the list, is applied instantly in case the loaded data set fits to the rule. After saving this configuration, all city images that include the word abdomen in their study descripcion are now opened with the layout overview to TP if available. 2 series with two time points are loaded.

SIEMENS SIEMENS . Siemens Healthineer Siemens Heatthineer Siemens Healthineer server 146 Heattmneers••: POLYTRAUMA MULTIPLEFRACTUR-.. POLYTRAUMA MULTIPLEFRACTUR... Viewing Modality: MULTIPLEFRACTUR___ MULTIPLEFRACTUR__ MULTIPLEFRACTUR___AUS MULTIPLEFRACTUR... UMA LYTRAUMA LYTRAUMA MULTIPLEFRAC Confi Configuration uration Configuration POLYTRAUMA MULTIPLEFRACTUR.. Assign Layouts Siemens Layouts POLYTRAUMA POLYTRAUMA_MULTIPLEF F. F . POLYTRA MULTIPLEFRACTURI MULTIPLEFRACTURIS_AUST MULTIPLEFRACTURES AUS MULTIPLEFRACTURI__ Series Presets Edit Series Preset - Viewing MULTIPLEFRACTURES AUST MULTIPLEFRACTURES_AUST Definition AS+ *9/2/1941 F *9/2/1941 F. MULTIPLEFRACTLRES_AUSI ••• CT Viewing Assign Layouts Siemens Layouts Pubicn Layouts 012 11 AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIA UMA AU Au Configuration Configuration Stack 3x3 Resüts Stack 4x4 Stack 30 Stack 303 Stack IXI Stack 3x3 RestAts Resüts Results Definition Stack 2x2 Definition 0.5 0.6 Viewing Mewing CURRENT For a study specified by modality and assignment condition, please drag the layouts to the MULTI Layouts Series Presets 0.5 CURRENT CURRENT CURRENT CURRENT 11/25/2012 . 11/25/2012 Layout Gallery Preferred Layouts section. The first layout in the list will be your initial layout. Series Presets Layouts 11025/2012 1105/2012 Series Presets STUDY 2x2 Layouts Stack 3x3 Layouts dneytoToe As-signment Condition) .46 AM oe 0.6 B25f(171 0.6 0.5 For a study specified by modality and assignment condition, please drag the layouts to the OSA Kidney to Toe Toe kidney to Toe kidney to Toe OSA Kidney to Toe CURRENT oe 0.6 Series Presets PO POLYTRAUMA MULTIPLEFRACTURES AUSTRALIA 0.6 B25f[1Tl Preferred Layouts section. The first layout in the list will be your initial layout. Preferred Layouts section. The first layout in the list will be your initial layout oe 0.6 B25f[171 Rack 3x3 (Protocol Name:)(loc) Series Presets State State Modality State Modality' Protocol Narne Assignment Object Assignment Condition AssigrmentObject AssignmentCondition Public Assignmnent Condition Assignment Condition Assignment Object Public A 2finitionÆ Stack 2x2 For a study specified by modality and assignment condition, please drag the layouts to the Siemens Layouts Assign Layouts Layout operations Series Presets Layouts Asslgnrnent Condlüon Public Protocol Namep DBA Kidney to Toe OSA Kidney to Toe Assignment Condition) Assignment Condition 8P sp sp Freterrc:i Layouts [he first layout In the list be your Initial layout I State Modahty CT Protocol Name Assignment Object Assignmnent Object Public State Modality Protocol Name Assignment Object Assignrnent Chject Assignmnent Condition Public Modality' State Modality abdomen* State Modality Public CT Abdomen 'Abdomen • (Protocol 0.6 AM Adrnin Series Preset Rules Assignment Condition 234 CT Abl V Table Removal oe 'Abdomen' Modality 'Abdomen' Abdomen 'Abdomnen' aAbdomnen* Table Removal State Protocol Narne (Protocol Rtotocol Name Asslgnrnent Object Assignmnent Object Assignment Condition Assignment Object Assignmnent Condition Assignment Condition Public Public Layouts CURRENT CUI CR, DR, OX CR-DR-DX general Descnption CR, DR, DX CR-DR-DX general general DSAKidneytoToe 0.6 B25f[171 DR, DX DR, DX general CROR-DX general general ' GDR-OX general Table Removal CT Abdomen *Abdomen' 'Abdomen' *Abdomen* 'Abdomen aAbdomen* CR. DR, OX DR, OX For a study specified by modality and assignment condition, please drag the layouts to the CFR-DR-OX general CR-DROX general *Abdomnen' VRT Modality Stack 3x3 Stack 2x2 Results ResuRts Resurts Public Layouts CR-DDX general Save As Save Preferred Layouts section. The first layout in the fist will be your initial layout. Preferred Layouts section. The first layout in the list will be your initial layout. State Assignment VRT VRT Modality Bone Removal 11 11 DSAKidneytoToe 0.6 DS. CR, DR DX CR, DX State Assignment Modality general XA gener al Study Description Al hayout layout Modality VRT (Protocol Name:)(loc) Modality Stack IXI Stack 4x4 stack stack Stack State •SPINE' used as training material only and shall by no means substitute the Operator Manual. Any material used Definition *abdomen* MR MPR MR MR spite *SPINE' 'SPINE* 'SPINE' 'SPINE" Stack I Ocm stack Stack Stack 2X2 Stack *aAbdomen* 0.6 0.5 Public Layouts Assign Layouts Publicn Layouts 11 up SP Assignment Object Assignment Condition 11 MR XA general XA general 11 general 11 11 0.6 CT Modality Assignmnent Object Assignment Object Assignment Condition 11 11 MR general MRA general PET/CT Study Description PT-CT general PR-CT general Stack 3x3 Stack 4x4 Sx5 Up sp Up 0.6 MG XA general pT_CT general MR general VRT MPR MIP MiniP MPR *extremity* Study Up CT CT extremity Stack Stack 2x2 *extremity* stack 3x2 stek 313 MG MG 'PET/CT€ PET/CT PET CT •PET'CT* Study Description PET CT general Stack IXI Stack 4x4 Stack 3x3 Stack 5x5 Stæk Sx5 Sta:k 5xS Stack 4x4 Stack 2X2 Folbw Up Fdbw up Fdlbw Up Fohw up up Fdbw up Füw Up Study Description Desc ion MPR 700 700 1 Ocm XA general CR-DDX general PET/CT PT-CT general 4Tp Study Description MPR Definition Stack IXI Stack2x1 Stack IXI Stack 2x1 Stack2x2 Stack3x2 Stack3x3 Stack 2x2 stack Stack 4x4 SPC Fdbw up Füw Up 0.6 Fdbw up F-&w Up FoUow Up Fob* Up FoUow Up Up •head' SL Study Description •extremity' MG XA general *head' CT extremity *extremity* •extremity* *extremity* •extremity* Body Part Examined Body Part Exan.ll W 120 Assignment Condition Osseous Shaded Head 3TP 4Tp PET/CT MG MPR PT-CT general XA general Osseous Shaded Head *head* 0.5 CT sinus Body Part Examined *spinus* Asslgnrnent Condlüon Move Selection Up *extremity* CT extremity 'extremity • *extremity* CT extremity AM 1 ocm Protocol Name PET/CT CT head Windowing CT CT head Part Examined •head* *head' •head' •head • MPR MG 2x2 MG 212 PET/CT PET CT MR CT like warnings and cautions. up Up *extremity* SPC PET/CT PT-CT general Study Description •spine* MR spine Assignment pre rial Phase *shoulder* *extremity* Description Osseous Shaded PET/CT PT-CT general Study Description LunqcAD MG MPR PET CT PET/CT Study Description *spines* NT CT head Body Part Examined *head* CT sinus MR spine •sinus' •spinus' CT extremity *extremity* 700 CT extremity Body Part Examined Assignment Object Assignmnent Object 11 *extremity* IOcm Slice Thickness MPI MPR MPR MR MG MG 2x2 PET/CT PET CT MR CT CT LungCAD MIP 80 *headl *sinus* CT spine CT sinus MR spine Body Part Examined *spine* "spine* •spinet CT extremity CT sinus *head* 'sinus' 'Sinus* w 120 kV120 W 120 CT AUSTRALIA pocrrRAUbtA MULTIPL+R MG MPR PET CT POLYTRÅUMA POLYTRAUMA MR CT POLYTRÅUMA AUSTRALIA CT head Assignment Condition Definition,qs• DefinitionASs• Definition AS• Definition Definition AS' DefinitionAS• CT head Véssel LungCAD MIP CT head MIP *head' *head* XA general general PT-CT general MR general pm-CT general MG general NT CT MR spine CT spine Body Part Examined *spine* •spine* •spinus* *spines* tsptnet •spine' Osseous Shaded LunqcAD LungCAD MIP Minimum CT head Body Part Examined CT sinus *head* CT sinus *sinus* Arterial Phase 0.5 700 1 Ocm Rule CT CT sinus CT sinus Body Part Examined *sinus* •spine* *spine* •spane* Edit OSA Kidney to Toe Toe 0.6 ga 0.6 CT Toe 9251117] DSAkidneytoToe 925111 7) DSAkidneytoToe 80 *spinus* CT spine CT sinus *spine* Close CT spine Runoff Spine Easy Results dneytoToe 0.6 B25f1171 W 20 W 12 *1234 234 234 CT MR spine 212 012 2x2 Runoff SC*ne Results CT MR spine CT sinus CT spine Resurts *spinet *spinus* *1234 SPA141 0 Fob" up Fdbw up Up up sp f tow Up Runoff Easy Resuns Resurs Resunts ResuAts 2x2 MULTIPLEFRACTURES Add CT XA general MR spine Study Description Body Part Examined Edit Dw*ate Delete *spinus* *spines* Delete POI-TRAUMA_MULTIPLEF AUSTRALIA 4Tp w 1 20 2x2 Definition Definition DefinitionAS B25f1171 General Study Description RunM Easy ResuttS Reunts 41, F, 212 Siemens Layouts CT NT 11/25/2012 1/25/2012 RHA MULTIPLEFRACTURI 0120 012 Close 80 MPR mvbcate Add Delete Export Toe 0.6 AUSTRALIA DSAKidneyt0Toe 0.6 0.5 0.6 Edit Dupbcate Add Delete Export CURRENT Toe 0.6 B25f[171 Siemens Layouts I Ocrn 3x3 Fdbw.. Fdbw up Fdbw... dneyt0Toe 0.6 1.2 1.0 WI 20 234 Edit Add Delete ExpMt Definition AS+ Close Images courtesy of Gold Coast Hospital, Southport CAM, Australia VAT VRT VRT VET VAT MULTIPLEFRACTUR___ Stack Ixl Stack2x1 Stack2x2 Stack Stack2x1 Stack 212 Stack 012 I Ocrn Stack 4x4 stack Stack Fobw Up F-üw up Fdbw up sp up Up SPA12ff3 SPA120.3 Al Siemens Layouts .46 AM MULT Pubicn Layouts 3TP 4Tp 1.0 Definition R Definition RS+ Definition 11/25/2012 MULTIPLEFRACTURES AUSTRALI' oe 0.6 B25f1171 MULTIPLEFRACTURES_AUSTR Accept Close Close AM Close oe 0.6 B25f(171 RHA Al Close 1 Ocm WI 20 kV120 W 120 W 120 W 120 Close Cancel Accept Cancel Close RHA W 120 POLYTRAUMA MULTIPLEFRACTÜRES AUSTRALIA 0.6 Al 20.3 VRT SP Al 20.3 SPA141.O DefinitionAS• Definition R Definition RS+ .46 AM SPA120.3 SPA14111 SPA141 0 SL SP 20.3 Arterial Phase Series Viewing Series