syngo.via VB30 Anatomy Visualizer: Lung and Nodule Segmentation (MM Reading) e-Clip

Region Growing and VRT Presets | Lesion Segmentation.

Lung segmentation is an extremely good example of the excellent outcomes provided by the anatomy visualizer for this body region. The Anatomy Visualizer offers tools, for instance, segmentation of certain structures, for instance, in oncology cases, you can provide a 3D position overview for a tumor or suspicious nodule to the referring physician or the surgeon from the upper right corner menu. Select the region growing tool to open the anatomy visualizer. Give a meaningful name to this new object and deselect visibility for the original volume. Zoom into the lung area and select organ segmentation controls in the segmentation tools section. Click lung and you immediately receive a segmentation of the lung. Add an you segmentation object and perform the same procedure with the heart and followed by the segmentation of the aorta. Use the V. Art Gallery to Alley appropriate vert presets. In the thumbnail view, clear the volume to have a display of only the three segmented objects. Choose the cinematic VR T from the lower left corner for a photo. Realistic display of the lung area. Additionally, you can segment a lesion or any other suspicious structure and show its location within the lungs, for example as a reference for that surgeon, or to discuss the finding with the referring physician. Create a new empty segmentation object and from the region growing tool, select the add mode to segment the lesion. You can either use the manual region growing or the automatic single click mode. With the single click mode, you need to click the lesion with a small movement of the mouse and the region growing is performed automatically until the border of the specific structure is reached. This can be used for nodules, but is especially useful for large, clearly defined structures like the Airways. After you finish, add an eye catching color and create a measurement of the lesion. Finally, create a finding to report the lesions volume.

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