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Layout Selection | Normalization | Launching Applications.

To perform a visual rate of the patient data, MI Neurology provides a neurology reading workflow step. Multiple layouts are available to help in the assessment of the visual read. To change the layout, click the layout Gallery icon. The available layouts are shown. To change the layout, select the layout that should be used. The neurology reading workflow step provides a window normalization tool to quickly window the pet or SPECT data. To use the tool, click the normalization icon. Click and drag the mouse pointer to outline a region to be normalized. The data normalizes the selected region of interest. To start any of the neurology analysis software, enter the neurology analysis workflow step by clicking and selecting it from the list. Different software is provided for database comparison, cortical analysis, striatal analysis and subtraction. Up to two applications can be viewed at the same time when using a dual monitor. For example, database comparison, an striatal analysis can be viewed simultaneously.

SIEMENS . SIEMENS Siemens Healthineer scenium PETCT2 MR Patient Name patient Name : patient Name : PETCT2 MR _ FrontoTemporalDementla _ FrontoTemporalDemen ia _ FrontoTemporalDementia patient ID : F-18 FOG patient ID : F-18 FOG patient ID : F-18 Accession Number Patient Birthdate, Sex and Age : 01.01.1947, M, 062Y Accession Number : 1 1/1/1947 M F-18 FDG Ref.: Ml Neurology Ml Neurology Ret. Ml Neurology A PET Brain 1902 2009 I eading Ml Reading B CT 30 H31s, ing SC e n i um _P ETC ront0Tem ralDementia Universitaetsklinikum Universitaetskllnikum Neurology Analysis 01 Viewing Preset FOG Ret. Ml Neurol 62M Viewing Preset sp •01 62M Scenium MR Analyses Scenium PETCT2 MR scenium PETCT2 MR _ FrontoTemporalDemen ia STUD 1 .0212ff09 STUDY 19. 2'.2009 .02.2009 STUDY STUD 19. 2. STU Y 19.02'.2009 STUD 19.02. STUD 1 Ml Neurology Ret. Ml Neurology CURRENT I CURRENT CURRENT I CURRE T URRENT Primary *01/01/1947, M, 62Y STU Y 19.02'.2009 STU Y 19.02.2009 STUDY 19.02.2009 CT 30 H3 STUDY 19. STUDY 19. .2009 •01 01.1947, M, 62M *01.01.1947, M, 62Y Biograph 64 Biograph Biograpn PET Brain Public Layouts suv bw 10 , suv LJV' SUV-bw suv-b.„ o suv-bw SUV-bw CurrentAa1 Fl Current.AQ1 I I eading Ml Reading CURRENT I CURRENT STUDY 19.02.2009 STUDY 2/19/2009 Contrast for Use (hereinafter collectively "Operator Manual") issued by Siemens Healthineers. This material is to be 10.08:27 STUDY 19.02.2009 Analyses 1302 12,2 1502 3D Hybrid *154, Neurology Analysis CT Brain 3.0 H31s PET Brain (ÄC) CT Brain 3.0 H31s | PET Brain (ÄC) CT Brain 3.0 H31s[1t3] | PET Brain (Ä'C) aasic CT Brain 3.0 H31s PET rain (AZ) 8,69 , 69 , 52 Display Stnpe Anal 3x2 , 52 Movie Movie Current.AQ1 I Current.AQ1 Al I MPR FUSION 512-512 19, 02.2009 19.02.2009 19.022009 19. 02.2009 Analyses the software and hardware available at the time of the training. 103 n.a. 102 primary 3D Hybrid View 103 Il 103 IMA | 102 103 IMA n.a. | 102 used 2x•I Hybnd SP F85,3 1 SP F85,3 SP F85,3 1 SP F8553 Primary Ref Neurolqz Biograpn Biograph STUDY Striatal STUDY CURRENT I CURRENT lcm IDcm lDcm Workflow Step for Neurology Analysis STUDY 19.02.2009 STUD 9. 2. T S v-bw o suv-bw Striatal uv-bw„ suv-b.„ suv-bw Database Cortical 1 Dcm IC1cm information in this material contains general technical descriptions of specifications and options as well sp P sp Findings Navigator 8,69 12,52 512,512 2,52 B 0.80 3D Hybrid View FI_ISI Copyright O Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2018 Workflow Step for Neurology Analysis Findings Navigator lcm Ocm Scenium Universitaetskllnikum sp SPA1622 sp Al 63.2 Ref: 1 og4 1 094 STUD 9. 2. STUD 19.02. Tools CURRENT CURRENT I Tools e 0,00 suv-bw 0,00 suv-bw 8,110/0 Findings Navigator P F84,8 SP F85,3 Synch Align N ign Full Tent Hide Reset sp F83. IDcm Syn de Reset Graphics Lines Timepoi. 80 98 81 SUV-bw suv-bw o suv-bw Tools 15 35 .54 suv-bw 40 MPR FUSION 512512 512-512 512,512 512-502 sp Synch Edit Snapshot print Snapshot Export Snapshot Print T 12,2 12,2 T 12,2 suv-bw 1302 Snaps not e 0,00 Image syncn Reset 8 0,00 Graphics 12:58 12:59 12,52 1302 13:07