syngo.via VB30 MM RT Image Suite Overview e-Clip

Introduction to Radiation Therapy | Data Loading.

State of the art. Radiation therapy increasingly relies on more advanced imaging for accurate target delineation. RT Image Suite is a dedicated Artis software that is designed to make simulation image assessment and contouring easier and more integrated while also offering capabilities that go beyond the current standard. This eclipse shows you how to assess images as preparation for radiation treatment planning, contouring the treatment target, and other relevant anatomy in syngo via RT Image suite. We show you how to perform three of the most typical use cases for contouring in radiation therapy. Depending on the study, the application shows a black screen asking you to load images or one image series is automatically loaded into the segments. This can be easily achieved by clicking and dragging the image series to be loaded from the series Navigator into the working area. A menu option appears offering the possibility to fuse the images. The application layout is adapted automatically.

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SIEMENS Administrator Anonymized_000429_OMRlS Anonymized_00042 LEWIS Anonymized_00042_LEWlS Anonymized_000429_LEWlS Respiratory_Gating_Lung 9/3/1911 0 Mustermann • 1/1/1936 M td6203ba2d • 1/1/1944 M • 9/3/1911 0 Mustermann Data Groups ata Grou Data Grou MM RT Image Suite sp Fgso.g sp HIB.S sp lwrnph-nodes_p2 t' mist tra tl se r tra t2 se tra 320_p2 Add study n u ng CTV Beamgtop New Registration? REGISTRIERUNG Beamstop I Current Contouring Series Beamstop Boosti Beamstop Boostl CT PET. 1/91/2014 CT RT, 1/2/2014 CT, 1/21/2014 MIR, 1/13,2014 CTR, 1/21/2014 Kopf HNO 20 B31f Kopf HNO B31f ARIA Radonc studie Bladder For the proper use of the software or hardware, please always use the Operator Manual or Instructions Mamma_Thx 131f 3 [1] Mamma_Thx 1.5 131f 3 [1] Mamma_Thx 1 S 131f 3 [1] Structure Set Label for Use (hereinafter collectively "Operator Manual") issued by Siemens Healthineers. This material is to be Prior 03 Prior 01 CT 1 CT, 1/21/2014 CTRL 1/13/2014 CT, 1/213/2014 MIR, 1/13/2014 CT PET. 1/913/2014 CT , 1/213/2014 CT RT. 1/13/2014 CT RET. 1/913/2014 CT 1/13/2014 CT PT. 1/913/2014 The reproduction, transmission or distribution of this training or its contents is not permitted without (Erwachs...r) (Erwachsener) ( Nudge Freehand Contour Patientenprotokoll [501] KOPf_HNO KOPf_HNO 20 831f[31 KOPf_HNO 20 KOPf_HNO 2.0 Kopf HNO 2.0 B31f The Operator Manual shall be used as your main reference, in particular for relevant safety information Boos T20s [21] T20s [21 like warnings and cautions. Static 30 [1] Drag drop data from series navigator Eclipse DRRs-511 Eclipse RT Navi ator Findings Seminal Vesicles MR, 1/13/2014 MIR, 1/13,2014 CTRT, 1/13,2014 PlanungAKopf Planung tl se r tra t2 se tra tl tse tra POI 20 20 Static Static t2_tirm_tra_dark-fIuid_p2 TC 85 TC 85 Name Type 3D Copyright O Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2018 cm Fuse cm t2_tse_tra_3mm_p2 t2_tsem_tra_3mmk-nuid_p2 t2_tirm_tra_dark-nuid_p2 Dynamic Dynanvc Dynarmc GTV 2 GTV Freehand t 1 _mpr_tra_p2_iso HPR NPR AHR sp 9 Prior 03 2.0 8ecken,WS lymnph-nodes_p2 tlI tse tra tl se r tra t2 tse tra tra tra dyn 320 2 Tools CT RET, 1/23/2014 CT, 1/21/2014 CT RT. 1/13/2014 CT PET, 1/912014 CT RT, 1/23/2014 CT, 1/213/2014 CT PET. 1/912014 Align Full Text Hide Hide Lines Hide ide Lines ALH Static Graphics MI RT, 1/13/2014 CT RT, 1/23/2014 CT PET. 1/912014 MIR, 1/13/2014 CT RT, 1/2/2014 10cm (Erwachsener) cm Dynamic Edit Snapshot Export Redo Undo Image w 350 1395 1395 1150 30 - Dynamic 11:43 PM 11:44 PM