syngo.via VB30 MM RT SyntheticCT e-Clip


Synthetic setae provides density information for dose calculations designed for brain, prostate and female pelvis. Fast scanning protocols and automatic preprocessing in syngo via provides you with the density information that you need as soon as the patient is loaded into syngo via RT image suite, the synthetic setae is already available and can be loaded. In case the pre processing is not working, the generation can be started manually in the RT Navigator. Data management synthetic setae. You select the study series and click OK. Synthetic CT provides the following benefit for radiation therapy planning. One eliminates the needs of registration between CT&MR to avoid registration errors with synthetic setae. Two fully utilizing the benefit of MI images for target delineation for brain, prostate and female pelvis. 3M R only solution would further increase in a workflow with repeated image Ng IE weekly scans for response assessment and or treatment adaptation. And four synthetic setae enables MRI only radiation therapy that decreases the number of scans and associated patient discomfort and reduces the planning related costs.

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