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The Syngo seat Elon Siedi is a computer aided detection or siedi tool designed to assist radiologists in the detection of pulmonary nodules during review of examinations of the chest. The software alerts the radiologist to regions of interest or Roy that have been initially overlooked. It is intended to be used as a second reader after the radiologist has completed the initial read. With rapid results, technology users can directly calculate CAD results at the scanner. The clinical administrator assigns data roles to specific series using the scan protocol assistant. The results with the corresponding image text indicating that images have been generated automatically are generated as additional DICOM series and transferred to the packs without manual interaction in syngo via. If auto archiving is enabled in the configuration. Select long see ID in the Advanced Visualization tab in Syngo via assign any workflow and select the result type to the lung siedi in the scanner in the packs the original series can be compared with the result series in the result series only slices with lung siedi findings are displayed. Findings are highlighted with a wide circle and the total number of findings and findings per slice are displayed. The PAX synchronizes the original image stack and the lung Siedi image stack by using the slice position to locate the lung siedi findings in the original series for clinical review. Please keep in mind that the automatically archived volumes will be labeled as such by the Postfix auto in the series description. Additionally, automatic results are displayed as image comments. Bone unfolded rib ranges revolutionizes rib assessment. The plane I display of the rib cage facilitates the detection of lesions right away. Fractures can now be spotted and assessed immediately. Simply create a result type for the desired rib range and assign any workflow at the scan protocol assistant. The fully automated workflow provided by syngo setae. Neuro perfusion allows routine 24/7 operation and saves precious minutes instroke cases where time is limited. Syngo CT. Neuro perfusion parameters such as blood volume, blood flow, or mean transit time are automatically calculated. An transfer to the PAX without any user interaction. To boost your clinical routine, fully automated anatomical ranges for various types of anatomy presets are also supported by rapid results such as radial parallel, spine and vessel ranges. Simply assign any workflow such as mred ING and select the parallel ranges. Create a resulttype with the amount of information you want standardized and reproducible. For example, head an neck, Paris AG. NPR are general head neck parallel ranges and knee joint femur are para. Sag are hip, acetabulum radial ranges. A major improvement in rapid results technology is the capability to create vascular and cardiac CRS automatically. Automatic generation of radial and parallel CPR range series of the LAD RCA and Elks automatic generation of radial and parallel CPR range series of the aorta and left right runoffs. Automatic generation of bone and table removed. Viart mid radial ranges. You can create your own range presets by saving arrange preset using the Rangers tool. Self generated presets are initially user specific and cannot be seen by other users unless you decide to make them public. On the preset tab, click the Create preset icon. The create range preset dialog box opens. You can define the anatomic Skype of the preset 1st and then set the values for the ranges in the control area. To position the ranges according to an anatomy, select the anatomic scope of the preset in the use automatic anatomy detection field. To position the ranges are according to the relative volume position. Click remember position within patient coordinates. To position the ranges are according to the relative segment position. Click remember position within image segment. Select the attributes that are to be part of the preset in case the attribute settings are not displayed, click the Arrowhead on the left. In the preset name field, enter a name for the preset. In the Range series name Field, enter a name for the Range series. Syngo, Siti Joule Energy in combination with the Syngo, Siti Rapid result technology, also allows the automatic creation of Syngo seat dual energy results in desired orientations and image types without any user interaction in syngo via and the transfer of results to the pack system occurs automatically as part of the pre processing. In the Advanced Visualization tab, scroll to the syngo setae jewel energy configuration, for example, automatic creation of parallel ranges for liver, virtual, non contrast and iodine map results. Please assign to the Syngo Siti dual energy workflow and select the liver VNC from the drop down menu in the application class. In the automatic parallel ranges, the required filter types orientation different slice thickness or increment and different data set types can be configured. When the thin slice original check box is selected, the original image volumes of the application class are archived. In this example, the liver, VNC and iodine map result series. Click Ally to confirm your setting in the configuration. The data role is automatically transferred to the scan protocol assistant on the scanner. This is how the protocol gets from Syngo via to the scanner. In VB30I Odine concentration measurements can be viewed in a packs environment. Prerequisite is pack support for this feature via rapid results technology. This represents a simplified process for users, as previously this was only possible in a syngo via environment. Specific ROI measurements of iodine concentration are therefore enabled in the users packs environment. In the configuration panel, click the Advanced visualization tab. Use the scroll wheel and click the CT jewel Energy configuration panel. Click the Global Configuration tab and select or clear the following checkbox. Archive iodine concentration instead of enhancement Maps for the following results. Liver VNC virtual unenhanced lung Pve brain hemorage hartvig. If the checkbox is selected, the algorithm will re scale the original iodine enhancement measurements into iodine concentration information in milligram per milliliter. As such, measurements of actual iodine concentration in a specific voxel are enabled in apacs environment. Please keep in mind that syngo setae jewel energy must be assigned in the scan protocol assistant in order to achieve the automatic syngo seat dual energy result creation. For example, if you want to syngo seat dual energy data set to be monoenergetic plus rapid results, you must assign it to the syngo soaked dual energy workflow mapping and the data role must be monoenergetic plus. This is in contrast to the other syngo CT rapid results such as siedi neuro profusion, anatomical ranges, and bone unfolded rib ranges that simply require any workflow. For example, MM reading.

SIEMENS . General Settings Advanced Visualization Reporting a Scan Protocol Assistant doc CAdmin1 SIEMENS Series remoteadmin dorc doc Server MK-APS47 CAdmin1 Server Ser•er Ser•er Series Marker Selver Server Server: DSWA-VlA03wurmlocn siemens de Server. OSWA-vlA03.wurmlocnslemensce Setver. de Server: DSWA-VlA03.wurmlocn siemens de Sewver: OSWA-VlA03wurmlocn siemens de Server DSWA-VlA03wurmlocn siemens de Server: DSWVA-VlA03wurmlocn siemens de Sewver: DSWA-VlA03wurmlocn siemens de Server: DSvVA-VlA03wurmlocn.L siemens de Server siemens de Server: Server: OSWA-VlA03wurmlocn•L siemens de Server: OSWA-VlA03wurmlocn siemens de nsde Healthineers• Requested Procedure Healthineers Scan Protocol Assistant Export Scan Mode 80/140kV Application Profiles Eatient Appli canons Appli cati ons Application Class Edit Insert lose Yievv Yiew Setup Image Qptjons Qptions System Qptions System Help ;istant ons Scan Protocol Assistant a Scan Protocol Assistant Base Application Class Application Class Liver VNC Coronary Vessel_Spine Runoff • Runoff Coronary 'i China 2016-04m Vessel_Spine China Vessel_Spine Vessel _ Spine 'i Runoff Runoff Coronary Config C g •ration Panel AbdomenA06 Tho n Panel 10 Onco_CADFlash_16Findings_ Onco CADFlas... Onco Onco CADFlas. Onco_CADFlash_16Findings_PACSReadyAutoPreProc PACSR... PACSR.. China 10 m cm China 2016-04m China 2016-04. IOC 10 m Vessel_Spine Vessel _ Spine Runoff China 2016-04 Abd 00038 JOANN Ve on 1 04.2010 Create Range Preset Dual Energy Ol_DE_Abdomen_VNC (Adult) MM Reading CT Vascular Vascular • M CT Coronary OANN ANN lål CT Nascular MM Reading CT Nascular CT Vascular Vascular Coronary CT Coronary Coronary CT Coronary' Aorta Aorta (71 Radial (71 (71 _rada (71 (71 * 7/1/2014 0 Patient ID 97 MM Reading full CT Coronary Boady Bone Removal CT Vascular Finding MM Reading Bone Reading Vascular CT DE + Vascular CT Coronary Coronary CT domenA*+ 12 Change parameters • F (Auto) 19031 (Auto) Configuration Panel Create Range Preset Base Application Class Liver VNC Base Application Class File Browser__ *2243998 CT. 04 2016 Patient Browser cm Hostpita 135250.63 Hoitpital Hogtpital Hostpital VRT Range [1021] RCA Crosssections MPR [1017] RCA Curved Range Radial MPR_CURVED [1037] RCA CrossSections MPR [1017] RCA Curved Range Radial MPR_CURVED [10371 Visualization Algorithm Parameters Material Definitions Presets Preprocessing Options Preset Name Maintenance 768 (Adult) Patient Name Scan Mode 801140kV Demo_rsds [71 Iration Panel R uested Procedure @ DE DE Abdomen 1 6 ous• Hostpital Bone Marrow Configuration Panel itionAS+ c34ceae7e0 SOMATOM AS SOMATOM c34ceae7e0 c34ceae7eO Definition AS* ZoomIPan ZpomIPan F 431, L3,o Lung CAD 801140kV Change parameters (Auto) AngioRunOff Bv36 3 Angi0Run0ff 1.0 Bv36 3 1.0 Bv36 Runoff r Curved Range Radial MPR Runoff r Curved Ran Runoff r Curved Range Radial MPR CURVED AngioRunOff 1.0 Bv36 3 1.0 gv36 3 CU.. ? x Fl corc Corc CorCTA 3 corCTA 3 dorc *01-01-1ß647 to to -0111 964, .01 ition AS+ Auto Expose Configuration What do you want to do? Connect to syngo.via Dual Energy I Ol_DE_Abdomen_VNC (Adult) Confirmation Changes saved Preset Name Range Series Name Range Senies Name Range Senes Name Hostpital Frontier Reporting Brain Hemorrhage Angle: Create New China 2016-04 Abd 00038_JOANNAnonymous Hostpital China_2016-043d_ CURRENT C RRENT Delete C RENT RRENT Change parameters Client Settings General Settings Display And Behavior Frontier Reporting Browse Demo List (15) Read (30) Read Ization (30) 'OnCOVCADF1ash Onco_CADF1ashL16FindingSLPACSReadyAutoPreProc Onco_CADF1ash316FindingSLPACSReadyAutoPreProc sp PACSReadyAutoPreProc PACSRéådyAutoPreProc SPA164J OncoLCADFlashL16FindingsLPACSReadyAutoPreProc OncoLCADFlaShL16Findings_PACSReadyAutoPreProc CADF Configuration - nco Hostpital CT Coronary Lishui City Centra Hospital Lishui City Central Hospital 00038_JOANN Anonymous Hostpital "Anonymous Hostpital Onco CADFlash 1 Onco_CADFlash_16Findings_PACSReadyAutoPreProc Findings '-•QCSRte4yAutoPreProc "ACSReadyAutoPreProq A-•QCSReadYAutoPreProc ACSReadyAutoPreProq Proc "4.04.2016 1 .04.2016 1 04.2016 "4.04.2016 14 04.2016 1 .04.2016 14.04.2016 ween mages:' 10 ueen 10. n Images: 100 Sensation 4 Sensation 4 . qnymou c34ceae7e0 SOMATOM Definition dvanced Advanc Visualization Export-i F rontier Reporting F rontier Reporting syngo.xna syngo.'vla syngo.'vqa 3D Reference Reference nc HoStpital Hoétpital Client Settings General Settings Advanced Visualization Display And Behavior Display Ar Gout Behavior Export Frontier Fronertier Properties Transfer @ Adult ital China _ 2016-04_Abd_00038_JOANNAnonymous Hostpital China_2016-04_Abd_00038_JOANNAnonymous Hostpital Hostpital • Adult Adult qnym-ciu unycnci gnyrnci gnymnci Current Workflow Patient ID 97 Patient Name Lata role syngo.vla syngo.via AutoVvews Anatomy AutoV1ews Anatomy AutoVæews Anatomy AutoV'ews Anatomy AutoVæws Anatomy Coronary Cormna•y Data role syngo.vla.VB30A syngo a .VB30A syngo.via.VB30A RCA Services Series ,syngo»\..'la SOMATOM SOMATOM Definition Abp AbdomenA++ 10 domenA+* 1.0 AbdomenA++ 1.0 domenA++ 1.0 domenA*+ 1.0 12 omenA+* 1.0 10.0 26f domenA*+ 1 0 12 domenA++ 1 0 12 Ab omenA*+ 1 0 12 Range Senies Name 1.2 1.21 04.042016 : Runoff VRT Demo Demo DE_Abdomen 1 S Liver VNC (AA), Monc Preset Name Patient Name Protocol name Patient ID 97 W 80 syngo via .VB30A 90 RCA fi Rapid Results Technology Rapid Results Technobogy Please note that the learning material is for training purposes only! Automatic Archiving of CAD M, 59Y M. 59Y @MDefinitionAS+ nitionAS+ ition AS+ itionAS+ c34ceae7e0 eae7e0 SOMATOM Definition '7/1/2014, o 7/1 2014, 20.14, s 0.14, O 2014, Child hi hild '7/1/2014, o *7/1/2014, o 7/ 20-1 , o - / , o 7/ 2 0.14, o 7/ 20-14, o 20.14, o r 0.14, o Current 7/1 o Anatomy MPR , @ , o Client Settings General Settings Advanced Visualization F. 51Y F, 51M Display And Behavior Frontier , 51Y Reporting More Filters Dual Energy 1 (Adult) Hard Plaques Filters syngo via .VB30A syngo_via.VB30A Export *01.01 Aorta Radial VRT Dual (Adult) Notes # 243gg8 # 2243998 #2243gg8 Scan protocols with changes: Material Definitions Protocol name Workflow Recon Data role IT CT CT, CT. Vascular Ranges *7/1/2014, o Preset Details Preset Detais Thorax ThoraxPACSREADY (Adult) re RRENT Vasculz 0.4nrn *Trauma* *ds* Eclips* Sequence scans Spiral scans Set a Reference Paint across multiple seaments (RI b!lldltiscans Midltiscans Adaptive 40 spiral sca Adaptive spiral •01.01963, M. 52Y 52Y Rapid Results Technology CAD g 10 14 Rib Rmges Application Profiles Somarisf7 - Configuration Panel SomarisJ7 - Configuration Panel Global Configuration Access Control Radial Ranges Dl_OE_Abdomen_VNC Ol_OE_Abdomen_VNC CT Dual Energy RT Auto Contowing Windowing Abdomenh06_Tho_Abd_768 (Adult) AbdomenA06_Tho_Abd_768 (Adult) Abdomen 768 (Adult) (Adult) Marker Series Server AutoV'ews Anatomy Change parameters CURRENT CURRENT. CURRENT.• CURRENT Recon Enable automatic preparation and archiving with Rapid Results Technology at syngo.via # 243gg8 2243998 @ ThoraxPACSREADY domenA*+ 1 0 12 name S F431 domenA+* 1.0 126f 3 spine MPR 20mrn Spine MPR 2_Omm open with DICOM open wth DICOM DICOM Send to Abdomen 1.0 Export Import Eywt Correct Delete Correct Open Open Delete CT, 14 04 2016 ffiguration STUDY 25.08.2016 CT,DY 25.08.2016 STUDY 14.04.2016 CT. CT, 11.11.2015 CT, CT, 2508.2016 CT, 25.08.2016 CT r VN Thin Slice (Original) nal) Application Cubclasses Application Subclasses VRT Liver VNC (AA), Monoenergetic+ 40 (AA), MonF Thorax ThoraxPACSREADY (Adult) @ DE Range Series Name Enable atiomatic preparation and archiving with Rapid Results Technology at syngo.via Scan Mode 80/140kV @ DE OE_Abdomen 16 OE_Abdomen 1 S Qr. CURRENT IAngfCAD (Auto) Ranges Lung CAD'[5] Candyates (Auto [IDOtIj . •14.04.2016 "4.04.2016 '4.04.2016 This setting applies to all reconstructions that have automatic archiving enabled in the Siemens Scan Protocol Assistant. Select all protocols Strc*e Pefusk)n Axial recon jobs 3D recon jobs Protocols With ECG Protocols with ECG Interventional protocols Interventi onal protocols Customized scan protocols Customzed scan protocols Archive General Settings CT Neuro Perfusion Liver STUDY ".11.20'5 STUDY Hint LCAD [5] [5] AungiCAD (Auto, (1 Lung (Auto) [1 Lung CAD [5] Candidates (Auto) [1000] Lung (Auto) kung (Auto) [1 000] Lung CAD [5] Candidates (Auto, Lung CAD [5] Candidates (Auto',[1 Lung CAD [5] Candidates (Auto) [1 @ Thorax 51 3 Candidates (Auto) andidates (Auto) anciidates (Auto) '1.000] (Auto) (Auto) (1 (Auto) [1 MPR full CUR CURRENT [904) 50 51 AA - Thorax Lung CAD. - Neuro AA - Thorax - Lung CAD, - Neuro AbdomenA06 Tho Application Profiles Global Configuration VascularAOE_Angi0RunOff (Adult) VascularA06_AngioRunOff (Adult) —i • Boady Bone Removal (Strong) 1.2 CT Dual Energy Configuration Require authentication on startup CT Perfusbn Newl @ ThoraxPACSREADY i-Sequence '-Sequence jobs VRT Range RCA CrossSections MFR RCA Curved Range Radia MPR_CURVED 3D recon jobs ill hool illh001 ThoraxPACSREAOY For the proper use of the software or hardware, please always use the Operator Manual or Instructions Bone Reading MM Reading 2. Kidney Stones (AA) Lung CAD [5] Candi ate Lung CAD [5] Candidates (Auto) [1 000] Lung CAD [5] Candi Lung CAD [5] Candidates (Auto) [1000] Lung CAD [5] Candi ate _ [1 @ Thorax 7/.1/2001 OK Solect Select invalid Cancel 3D recon jabs 3D recon jobs Protocols with Dual Energy Protocols Vdith Dual Source Protocols with Dual Source Thorax Protocols with Dual Energy Siemens default protocols '7/.1/2001 7/1/2001 7/1/2001 '7/1/2001 Runoff' Curved Range Radial,MPR Curved Range Radial MPR CURVED Curved Range Curved Range Radial MPR_CURVED Abdomen A++ AbdomenA++ 1.0 AbdomenA++ .04. 016 .042016 14.04.2016 .04. 16 spine MFR spine MFR 2.ornm Results Pæalkl Movie S•series Series Series: Sroperties "'Series Seseries AA - Thorax para - Thorax para Sseries Server Lung CAD DE Qr... Abdomen Application Profiles Global Conficuration 'rofiles Application Classes spine zomm Global Configuration AH _O (1 3:5784 PM) (1 PM) (1 4 PM) (7 results, PM) (7 PM) (7 5:2148 PM) (1 3:5744 PM) (1 results, (0 5:1423 PM) (7 5:21138 PM) (1 results, 4 02:40 PM) (1 results, 402:20 PM) PM) Liver VNC General Settings Liver (AA) Liver VNC • Fl_corCTA 0.75 3 • Fl_corCTA 0.75 Bv40 3 • Fl_corcn 0.75 3 0.75 Bv40 3 domem Available Result Types 42 • Fl_CorCTA 3 . Fl_CorCTA 0.75 3 Abdomen VNC Heart PBV @ Thorax 50 Br40 3 Br40 3 AA- Scapula coronal Sca ula coronal 71112001 Rib Ranges PM R*fial Vascuw Parallel PM Vascu Liver ADMIRE recon Obs ADMIRE recon jobs AutoV1ews Anatomy AutoVjews Anatomy t26f 3 Rajial Vascular Rargs Enable atrornatic preparation archiving wth Rapid Resurs Technology at syngo.via Enable atiornatic preparation arctwing wth Rapid Resuns Technology at syngo.voa for Use (hereinafter collectively "Operator Manual") issued by Siemens Healthineers. This material is to be Properties PBV (AA) Detailed Luna pav zcan Protocols Scan Protocols Scan protocols ;can protocols A domenA++ 1.0 126f 3 [71 A 1.0 126f 3 : Workflow Thorax Recon Data role Manipulate scan protocols (cut / copy J paste / delete) Manipulate scan protocols (cut J copy f paste / delete) @E Thorax AA Spine radial VRT Liver VNC (AA), Monoenergetic+ 40 (AA), Moni(F 5 IMAi72' DE Abdomen 1021 IMA 1021 IMAg 1021 IMA 18 1021 IMA 12 1021 MA 24 1021 1021 3 1000 S —workflow Description workflow —patient Narne Patient Name G)atient Narne —watient Name P+atient Name ceerie ————•eries D •eries D Tree Treset Sequence scans Preset Name Ätient Name Kidney Stones Interventional scans 50 3 50 8157 3 Adaptive spiral scans 5 272 5 -4 5 'MA 276 5 267 5 IMA276 5 IMA272 Protocols for workflow 1000 3 1000 1 1000 IMAI Br40 3 Protocols for data role . PM Dual Energy (Adult) Protocols for # 2243998 Lunq Vessels (AA) VNC Lunq Vesse s (AA) (Workflow Status Wuorkflow Description Base Application Class Qorkflow Description Description Patient Name Preset Name G)atient Name Series Number Number s Number Series Description Modality Modality Lurg CAD Thorn para Recon 1 Enable automatic preparation and archiving with Rapid Results Technology at syngo_via . 135250.63 T Dual Cnerav Confluuratlo•l T Dual Rotate @ Thorax 3 Liver L3,o Parallel Ranges_New1 Visual Appearance Automatic Ar Eati ent Pati ent Eatient Eatient Browsier Transfer Browsfer Auto Delete tsp H27.3 Expert-i Expert- 1017 IMA 38 1037 1037 51 1037 MA 27 1017 IMAO . 1017 IMA4 1017 MA 26. 10171MA51_ 10171MA 08 1037 O 1467 1037 38 73 tsp '-123.7 10m 20m Mixed (AA) Parallel Vascular Parallel Range 2 Parallel Range I 1009 IMAO 1009 IMAO3 1009 MA 13 Available Result Types Available Resur Types used as training material only and shall by no means substitute the Operator Manual. Any material used Application Profiles Configured Results Rada Curve SP H25.9 Application Classes Vascu SP H29.4 SP 1-125.9 SP sp H23.1 SPH25.9 P H25.9 SP H25.9 P H28.O sp H25.9 H23.1 H25.2 TSP H23.8 sp H23.8 SP H2,1.o sp H23.1 SP H2.1.o SP SP 1-425.9 sp 1-423.1 sp 1-183.8 SP 1-823.8 H30.1 H23.8, 1?:52:50.63 Enable automatic preparation and archiving with Rapid Results Technology at syrgo.via Enable automatic preparation and archiving with Rapid Results Technology at syngo.via @ Thorax Br40 3 # 2243998 AA- CAD . 1000 IMA4 . 1000 IMA5 1000 IMA5 1000 7 1000 IMA6 1000 1 Visualization Algorithm Parameters Material Definitions Presets ROI Propertues JOANN OK Anonymous Hostpital Sinus Coronal 3 Lung CAD" Thorax para• AA Presiet Data role r VNC AA - Scapula coronal Liver VNC goo IMAO full N, _Occlusipo,J! full full' tull a corona SD_AS+_Multitrauma_Skiing, UI [email protected] SD_AS+_Multitrauma_Skiing, UI [email protected]é SD_AS+_Multitrauma_Skiing, UI Rad!é SD_AS+_Multitrauma_Skiiog, UI [email protected]é Re istration Registrabution Search UI Rad!é Dual Energy (Adult) Cancel Scheduled Preset Details Head CT Neuro Perfusion CT Bone Reading Bone Reading FO TFL DSA FO DSA *MCA* C_Spine Spine_Vol Occlusion, Vascular 17 11 13 ThaJAbd/Be ax WT 1/07 Tha/Abd/Be ax WT 1/0 7 DynMuIti4D H20f 1 DynMulti4D H20f 1 DE DE Abdomen 075 D30fA Dual Energy 075 D30fA 075 D30fB 840kV 140kv CT CT 3/30/2010 1/22/2009 : Monoeneraetic (AA) Workflow Dual Energy Findings Verification and Archiving Please restart the workflow in order to 1 Ocm L3.o SOMATOM Definition SOMATOM AA - spine radial VRT AA - Spine radial VRT Rb ADMIRE @ Thorax 06 3 SPA67.8 Select all SP H25.9 SP H30.1 SP H30.8 SP H27.3 SP Ranges Preset 'elect Preset •elect Preset Actaptlve scans Monoenerqebc+ (AA) Head & Neck ParaSag MPR 1 -Ommn Head & Neck ParaSag MPR 1.0mm Base Application Class Liver VNC Head & Neck MPR Théxeéroductionltrarismissjön ioridjstrjbutioimotthis traihiiworitS contentsjsnotpértnittedßßithouton of in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does not necessarily reflect the latest version of Delete AA- Rib Ranqes for Yohei 10/28/2016 The reproduction, transmission or distribution of this training or its contents is not permitted without Head XCARE Preset C_Spine_Vol • DynLiver2Lengt. • DynLiver2Lengt • DE • DE Abd 01 DE Demo ung a Home Position Table. Position UI schema: Home Positioj • Change • Change parameters Change Change parameters parameters 1,029 14.04.2016 Cancel 210 11 1.2 Range Radial Rib MPR (Auto) DE DE Abdomen 075 D30fA 80kV DE DE Abdomen 075 D30fB 80kV Abdomen 0 75 80kV 075 D30fB 80kV 075 D30fB CT. CT CT 31/30/2010 Available Result Types Terngiate Configured Results Abd 00038 JOANN Stroke CT Dual Energy AA - Lunq CAD - Luna CAD AA - L-ung CAD Ranges Preset Create New Head & Neck ParaSag MPR I -Omm CT t&uro Pafusion_New1 hiving of SPF431 S . s F431,g 3171 Ranges Display Type MPR Thick Sinus 3 Sims Ccrmal 3. Parallel Scan Mode 801140kV @ Thorax run Image Alignment implement all changes to Dual Energy spine • , D Abdomen VN pDE Abdom. DE Abdomen VN Body Region *ine Ranges Lung Display • Lung Analysis (Dense Lung) Windowing Preset Monoenerqebic+ 490 (AA) Monoenerqetic+ 85 3191 EMC PreTAVl 006 207 208 50 20 420 CT Neuro perfusion Stroke RGB [17] MTTDD (Auto) DE DE Abdomen 075 CT Neuro Perfusion Stroke RGB 117] C8VD (Auto) DE DE Abdomen DE DE Abdomen 0.75 0.75 D30t Kidney Stones (Auto) 0.75 D30f Kidney Stones (Auto) D30t Kidney Stones (Auto) - Luna CAD i-Sprai CT 31/30/2010 11/170016 11/17/'2016 i-Fluoro the software and hardware available at the time of the training. Automatic Archiving Of expresswrittemduthorityurotendets will bellabLetöthdatrvagesa. express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. Lung CAD Auta VRT Paanel I-up Paanel kip Ralal Rarues Series Kidney R ParaTra MPR 1 Omm Kidney R ParaTra MPR 1 Liver VNC (AA), Monoenergetic+ 40 (AA), MonF Liver VNC (AA), Monoenergetic+ 40 (AA), Mon. HeadNeuro X HeadNeuro Xq @ DE Spine_Vo Spine_Vol t the Preset • Thorax • B DE Thorax • r DE Thorax ElÜish (Unit«i States) Abdomen en r eti (Unit«i States) DE Abdomen DE DE_Abdomen 1.5 or... Qr... Monoenerqebic+ 490 (AA) Monoenergetic Plus Monoenerqebic+ 450 (AA) nal) [email protected] (New MM 3 RT Auto Contouring Size of fonts and controls: configuration for the affected tasks. Visualization Head Sinus ParaCor MPR 3.0rnmn AA - Neuro Perfusion for Yohei Properties of Sinus Coronal 3_Omm Monoenergetic Plus Control Ranges Preset mageText Image Text r,can Protocol Scan Protocol E-Logbook scan Pr •occl Scan E-Logbook nan Pr Protocol Region Growing. Region Growing, E-Logbook E Logbook Exaumlination Applications Exsuamination Bolus He artViei,".' HeartView HeartVieb"d Lunq PBV (AA) Mixed (AA) ed Parallel Parallel Rarves _ Parall j) User Defined CT Dual Energy DS_DE_KidneyStones_Mixed, Japan Sinus Coronal 3.0mm Sinus Coronal 3_Ornm 208 11 CT Neuro Perfusion Stroke RGB [17] TTDD (Auto) CT Perfusion Stroke RGB CBVD (Auto) CT Neuro Perfusion Stroke RGB [17] MTTDD (Auto) DE Abdomen 075 0.75 D30f Monoenergetic Plus 80 kev (Auto) D30f Monoene rgetic Plus 80 kev (Auto) CT User Defined HeadNeuro Xq spine MPR 2_ornrn spine MPR spine MPR 2.0rnrn ShoulderRoutine Please restart the workflow in order to Spi neRoutine HeadAng o_Xo HeadAngioRVou. HeadAngio_X.. _rDE Thorax Monoenerqetic+ 600 Monoener etic4 100 Spne Spine Windowing Preset •5cm 5Ocm 5cm _5cm Orientation Axial Opien MM Reading-Compare 1 Orienta Show Color Bars Thorax para W 80 kV Pont Edit Parallel Ranges2 Parallel Ranges Image Comment Liver VNC (A.A) point Edit Point Edit Small Large Data role Al_iver VNC (AA). Monoenergetic German (LuxemtMNg) (Rem_lblic of the Ptühppines) Kngdom) Editor Assistant Configuration Stroke Tracking AA - Rib Ranqes for Yohei Verification and Arc hiving 11 Workflow Ass. tant Ass. ant Assistant Data role Soft-Tlssue Soft-Tissue Import user scan protocols CT Neuro Perfusion CT Dual Dual Liver VNC (AA), Monoenergetic Raes Preset u User presets User presets HeadRouti neSeq Application Subclasses DSXXL spi Scan Mode HeadAngioRou... DE Thorax 139 Rho/Z RT Auto Cmntouring spine 2.0mm RT Auto Contouring MPR 2.0mm Aorta Radial VRT Aorta VRT Radial DS_CorCTA_Spiral_LAD_Stenosis_Function, Past m DS_CorCTA_Spiral_LAD_Stenosis_Function, Past.. 11085 1,085 MPR cor 3mm Range (Auto) CT Perfusion Stroke RGB [171 MTTD (Auto CT CT 31/30/2010 Kidney Stones (AA) RhOfZ Kidney Stones RT Auto RTAutoconto Radial Ranges Newl Progperties of CT Neuro Perfusion _Newl Radial Ranges Radial R nges El MM Readinq-Compare 1 MM Reading-Compare 1 Monoenerqetic+ 1420 (AA) German (Luxernbourg) States) cm Results Windowing Preset Parallel Vascular 6_0rnrn Troubleshoot Instances DSXXL_Spi NeuroDSACT Rangßs Angle between Images 10,0 The Operator Manual shall be used as your main reference, in particular for relevant safety information tan d dotacdfröotiehts; parameters ancjconfiguroti on Oeøenden Idesignatidnsaorrrnan (Germarry) (>rrnan (Germany) (Unit«i States) (Germany) Soft-Tissue Sont-Tissue Soft-Tissue Soft-Tlssue Scan Protocol Assistant Scan rotocol Assistant ncan Protoco scan Mode 801140kV NUM Windowing Preset Parallel Vascular VVvndovnng Preset Windovnng Preset Archive iodine concentration instead of enhancement maps for the following results: ' Archive iodine concentration instead of enhancement maps for the following resuRs: box Favorite Tools n Archive iodine concentration instead of enhancement maps for the following results: O Archive iodine concentration instead of enhancement maps for the following results: Thorax Parasag MPR 1 Knee Joint Femur L ParaCora MPR 3. Omm Thorax parasag MPR 1 52 Radial Ranges Visualization AHL 1.0 126f AbdomenA++ IL 329 1680 x 1050 CT DE + Vascular CT MR BreVis MM Oncology MR T' mCT -z 17 338 V Parallel Range 2 Parallel Vascular the future availability of said Functionalities in any specific country is not guaranteed. Please contact your Do you want to save these changes? Axis 12 Spiral scans Kidn Stones Kidney Stones (AA) Knee Joint R ParaCora MPR List f import / expont contrast protocols List import / expon contrast protocols List import / expon Contrast protocols List import / export Contrast protocols List f import / expon contrast protocols Liver High Resolution x mm Verification and Archiving Verification and 51Y Monoenergetic Monoenerqetic+ 40 Monoenergetic Archiving CT Dual Energy Configuration CT Cardi ac CT Neurovascular CT 3D Ml Cardiology MM Basic Compare MI Readin MR TWIST MR 3D Thorax ParaTra MPR 1.0mm Knee Joint L ParaSag MPR 3.0mm 381 Orientation Axial Orienta pelvis Include Reference Image upper extremities High Resolution tyes Image Cornrnent Image Comment Image Text yes This setting applies to all reconstructions that have automatic archiving enabled in the Siemens Scan Protocol Assistant. 5unoff r Sunoff r cx Image Long Head Sinus Paracor MPR Head Sinus Paracor MPR 3.0mrn 208 210 Angio Liver VNC (AA) MM onco + CT Bone CT Colon Ml Neurology MR Angio Multi Station MR Basic Liver Liver VNC local Siemens Healthineers sales representative for the most current information. C RRENT Axis Froru Images courtesy of Kunming Hospital, Kunming, China Display syngo application To request results together with a reconstruction, you need to assign items that are displayed in the Configured Results list to a CT Dual Energy Configuration SL China_2016-04 JOANN Display Type MPR Thick Energy [keVJ: Energy [keV]: Bone RemoVåI Bone RemoVål 20 Curved Ranges t Include Reference Image Knee Joint R ParaSag MPR 31)mm RCA Ranges Preset Thorax ParaTora MPR 1. _0mm Knee Joint Femur R ParaSag MPR 3.0mnm Hip Parallel Range Patient Coordinate CT Liver Analysis dfterfir [email protected]! after fir [email protected]! erfir [email protected]! 00038 JOANN Parallel Ramge ? - Liver VNC - Liver ens the Create Range Preset dialog MM onco CT vascular CT Dental Ml Readin Mannener etiC+ 21-_1 22 None An estation Parall Parallel Cauöon•.V19W Cauöon•.V19W o dfterfir erfir BhrjW/l Series 466 I nodules ony I nodules F431,g Image reconstruction at a Siernens CT scanner Preprocessing Options ROI Properties Autornatic ArchivirQ Autornatic Archiving Colon Auto % Auto Lunq PBV ) PBV (AA) Workflow LAO 2 LAO_2 b DSXXL Pelvis _rDSXXL Pelvis DSXXLZSpi pelvis Data role c34ceae7eO Phase Phraslel MM Reading Tot . 350 23 Thirknøqq Imml c•J0 Windowing Preset - Virtual Unenhanced fter Soft-Tlssue Soft-Ttssue syngo.via .VB30A syngo.via.VB30A CT Liver Analysis Set as main monitor for syngo application sy 3D Optimum Contrast Optimum Contrast Zhou r Bhowl nodules on I nodules onw Orientation Axial nodules o Mulüsgcans 1 Ocm MM Oncology Configuration Anglö BetWeen cal o AbdomenA++ 1.0 126f 3171 Knee Joint R ParaCora MPR 3K)mm Anglé • Hip -ioo• 538 CT Dual Energy Configuration Soft-Tissue Soft-T•ssue Lung kV 120 W 120 120 On Windowing Preset Display Type MPR Lunq Vessels (AA) Lunq Analysis (Dense Lunq) Lunq A.. Display Type MPR Thick *01.01.1964, F, 51M Ptnse selection is cardiæ gated CT Fhse selection is oruy cardiæ gated CT - Lung PBV Spine Ranges Data role ALiver VNC (AA), Monoenergetic cx 2 80/140kV 566 Verification and Archiving 150 150 dlterfirstread! Extremity Blending Center: Blending Center: 6FindingSL Findings: 15 Findings Maj CauJorr.V]gwo Cajon: Mew Angle between Images 10.0 fterfir W 120 w 120 Thirknoc:q rmrnl w 120 Thirkncx:c Immi dfterfirs B50s 1000 1 500 CT Dual Energy Configuration China 2016-04 Anonymous Hostpital The setting not have an other scans. Ttæ setting not have an enæt other scans. Ttæ setting not have an other scans. preview previewv 3.0 XA Interventional Reading MM Oncoloav Confiauration CURRENT CURRENT 0.75 Thirkruacc I - Brain Hemorrhage Mixed (AA) Bone Marrovv (AA) On Finding On Finding Mixed ( I nodules Image Comment Image Text after Q. Full Text $ne•Rib - PBV 40 The setting does not have an effect on Other scans. B50s B50s 1 nodules nodules ony nodules only' nodules only/ nodules oribi nodules onb,/ In Tl 0.75 0_75 Favorite Tools , 0.75 0.75 Ahs LungCAD Table. Position Table: Position Height Table. Position Height STUDY c34ceae7e0 Material Definitions STUDY 14.04.2016 Blending Width: Blending Width: -600 IOcm Bhowl r Bhrjwl dhow] r Id noctules6851 I noctules6ffl Id nodules on Id noctules6651 I noctules680 I nocules6851 Id noctules6ffl Id noctules66b1 Presietv zoom I zoom — 658 nodules only Results Treset Rreset •c •5cm - Heart PBV - PBV Cancel Ca CT Liver Analysis Vascular Ranges Optimum Contrast (AA) Monoenerqetic+8 (AA) Preset c; 1000 1500 B50s -600 I nodules c, OK OK Apply Parallel 339 •C 339 Findin 6FindingSL kV100 7305 Al Al Ed't Resur 51M .1 7305 63,0 Number Of Images 1 Ocrn no dug Auto % Auto Auto • % Findings Findings: 15 LungCADversion: ROI B50s Phase Close Orientation Derno_rada (71 (Auto) W. Demo_rada [71 (Auto) Accept Rho/Z (AA) Aorta Radial VRT (2 Finding(s)) (3 Finding(s)) Spiral scans Multi scans Militiscans Interventional scans Interventional scan:s Adaptive 40 spiral rnAsJrot rnAsJrot 500 rnAsJrot 00 500 Start OK Cancel r RhofZ(AA) RhofZ (AA) Monoener etiC+ Do not measure on left side of the inage! Do not measure on left side of the irnage! Do not measure on left rnage! Findi Line OK Apply Cancel 296 MM Oncology Configuration LungCAD version: VDI LungCAD version:V Cancel Ranges Apply Accept 1467 Lun Ana sis Dense Lun Lun V.. LungCAD version: VDI OID LungCAD version: VDI OD LungCAD version:VD1 OD LungCAD version: VDI CID • Data role A Liver VNC (AA), Monoenergetic : Bv36,3 (S # 2243998 End I nodu Skip Phase selection is only supported for multiphase cardiac gated CT scans. LungC Manip Manip VET Image (2 Finding(s)) (2 Finding(s)) i-Sequenrce Body Bone Removal (Strong) (AA) Monoenerqetic+ 40 Monoen etiC+ -econ jobs 01. 513'513 254 Workflow has been assigned Search successfully completed 14.04.2016 HR 56 B HR 56 PPM HR 56 BPM HR 56 FPM Snspshot LungCADversion LungCAD version LungCADverslOi0n Delete i-Sequence i-SpjraI ADMIRE IMAI 904 IMAO 903 IMAI -con jobs jobs ACII The setting does not have an effect other scans. The setting does; not have an effect on o'ner scans. RCA curved Range RCA Curve XA Interventional Reading ge Parallel 275130 (3 Finding(s)) (3 Finding(s)) Edit —o ding(s) Redo LungC*0versl Checkup not completed, system should not be used for patient exa. Checkup not completed. system should not be used for patient exa. Last Checkup 56 h ago. Select SetupfCheckup 15-Ju 2016 15:51 15:51 17 15:51 15 Image 26530 (2 Finding(s)) Image 275130 (3 Finding(s)) Image 266130 (2 Finding(s)) Automatic Result Automatic Results Result Next Monoenerqetic+ 1420l (AA) Monoen qetiC+ 45 (AA) Monoenerqetic+ 40 (AA) Automatic Resült Automatic Result Result 1053 Automati Automatic 14:05 AbdomenA++ 1.0 • 90 • CAUO 90 CAUD 90 90 RA099 1367 137 3:57 PM 4:02 PM 5:21 PM 5:14 PM 5:22 PM 4:16 PM 5:05 PM PM Text 16:19 Open 14:06 354