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You can activate rapid results technology at the scanner to automatically calculate and archive evaluation results, for example from lung, siedi or neuro perfusion. Rapid results technology provides you with the information you need, both standardized and reproducible. You do not have to open the workflow in syngo via because it works as a node and the calculated results can be automatically transferred to the packs. With rapid results technology, the following features are available. Luhn siedi results. Neuro perfusion results, anatomical ranges, radial and parallel ranges. Vessel ranges. Spine ranges bone unfolded, rib ranges. And Jewel energy results parallel ranges. Automatic job prioritization is possible as part of rapid results technology. Neuro perfusion rapid results will automatically get the highest priority in computation as it is commonly used in emergency situations such as stroke. Syngo Via's rapid results technology Configurator allows you to configure new result series. Go to the Advanced Visualization tab and select rapid results technology. Activating rapid results technology allows syngo via to transfer a new result series to the scanner. To define customized protocols that contain, for example parallel ranges, select steps from the available result types list. Click the Arrowhead so that the new result type can be listed in the configured results list. After changing the newname, adjust your desired ranges preset and windowing preset in the properties. You may activate the automatic archiving option to transfer the result series automatically to the pack system. Click the Ally button and the configured result is available in the scan protocol assistant at the scanner. A major improvement in rapid results technology is the capability to create vascular and cardiac CRS automatically. Automatic generation of radial and parallel CPR range series of the LAD RCA and Elks automatic generation of radial and parallel CR Range series of the aorta and left right runoffs automatic generation of bone and table removed vert. Mid radial ranges. You can now edit automatically generated results as a quality control measure. The edit functionality is available for anatomical ranges, bone removed and table removed. Vert ranges, CR ranges and spine ranges. In the example MWe, rating is used for radial ranges. You can select the edit result button via the series Navigator or in a results section in the context menu. Here it is possible to ally changes to the angle between images. The number of images selected or the field of view. In addition, long short or frontal axes can be selected. After all of the changes are complete, press start and after the ranges have been performed, click the accept button with the new changes in the range tool. After each edit, a new result series will be generated. If the scanner supports data role mapping and is connected to syngo via the scan protocol assistant allows you to assign the data roles to individual series. To open the scan protocol assistant, go to options, select Configuration followed by scan Protocol assistant, followed by scan protocols. Select syngo via, then select protocol and finally select the Change parameter tab. The corresponding data roles need to be selected for those series to be used with rapid results. The automatic generation of results on Syngo via runs for series marked with the corresponding a data rolls at the scan protocol assistant. The difference between an EA data role and a non AA data role depends on if the result series are automatically calculated with manual interaction or not. For example, long see ID. EA allow Syngo via to generate long siedi results automatically without user interaction. Alternatively, lung siedi without EA triggers M on koleji to calculate the lung siedi during pre processing for a study to be opened when the study is opened, the lung Siedi mini toolbar displays the lung. See add markers. You can navigate through the markers selecting, accepting and deleting them.

SIEMENS . General Settings Radial Vascular Ranges Pariallel Vascular Ranges Patient Eat' ent Applicati ons Applications Edit setup QPti ons Qptions System Qpti• s System Help Applications Setup Image Applications Edit setup Image QPtions Editor Insert Image ImageText QPtions System Frontier CAdmin1 doc docm administrator WENS SIEMENS SIEMENS. ons server: remoteadmin Server Server MK.APS33 MK.APS33 CAdmin 1 ad Server MK-APS33 Healthineers•• Healthineers• Server: DSWA-VlA03wurmlocn siemens de Server: OSWA-vlA03wurrntochEiemens de Server siemens de Server. DSvvA-vlA03wurmlocnslemensce Server. OSvVA-vlA03wurmlocnsiemensce Healthineers Healthineers'•. Server: remoteadmin Server a Scan Protocol Assistant Parallel Ranges_Hip RibRangesDefauIt Scan Protocol Assistant Server DSWA-VlA03_wurmloch.siernensde Server DSWA-VlA03_wurmloch.siemnensde Sewer ce Radial Vascular 0.4mm Spine Ranges Parallel Vascular . China 2016-04 Abd 00038 JOANN 2016-04 Abd 00038 JOANN Abd 00036 JOAN Version.. Coronary vessel Vessel_Spine Vessel_Soine Runoff Configu Configl 'ration Panel Panel CAD Onco CADFlash VPCT Stroke MCA VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion,.. vpcT St... VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion,... vpcT Str.. _16Findings_PACSR Occlusion,... • F • 0101.1964 F c • 0101.1964 F c eae7eO • F c34ceae7eO •01.01. 964 F c34ceae7eO • 0101.1964 F • 01_01.1964 F • 01 F 1 F eae7eO eae7e0 MM Reading AS+ VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion,.. CT Vascular Vascular CT V'ascular • M Runoff • M Coronary 16.04-1957 w 1957 M Coronary 1604.1957 M Coronary CT Coronary CT. Lung CAD License.. Configured Results •S+ VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion,-.. * 1/1/1945 M * 1/1/1945 M 2012R0433 * 7/1/2014 0 Patient ID 97 MM Reading Radial ihscular 0.4mm •t" Rapid Results Technology Spine Ranges Rib Ranges Radial Range. VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion,-- Configuration Panel Enable automatic preparation and archiving with Rapid Results Technology at syngo.via on Portal Admini y) Eile Browser, Mewing Radial HPL HAR AHL CAD Patient Browser RibRangesDefault CT Neuro Perfusion HPL Configuration Panel * 1/1/1945 M 2012R0433 Patient Name Tool Gallery Client-Server Connection Test Ma ntenance... Ma ntenance. VRT Range [1021] RCA Curved Range Radial RCA Curved Range Radial MPR CURVED [1037] RCA CrossSections MPR [1017] MPR_CURVED [1037] Stroke Perfusion Parallel Ranges_Hip Available Result Types Client Settings Aöv•anced Visualization Display And Behavior Configured Results Frontier MM Oncology Parallel Ranges_Hip Properties of Parallel Ranges_Hlp Properties of Parallel Ranges Hip 16Findings_ CADFlash CADFlash Sinus Coronal 3.0rnm Auto Expose Runoff r Curved Runoff r Curved Range Radial MPR, Range Radial MPR CU... ? x Radial MPR CU... ? x Angi0RunOff AngioRunOff Fl_C0rC FL What do you want to do? Editing Connect to syngo.via Changes saved Change parameters Confirmation ESTRO_ROCases (5) Read (10) *711/2014 0 *7/1/2014 0 Configuration Panel Configuration Sensation 4 Sensation 4 sp138,g Parallel Vascular 6.0rnrn Configuration.. abdo coro 12 Radial SP L 38,g SP R62,g SP 38.9 Advanced Visuali7ation SPA164,7 F rontier Browse Demo List (15) Read (31) 3D Editing LCAD LCAD CURRENT Add Study Puallel Vascular & Ornm Lishui City Central Hospital CIO LCIO MM Oncology Reading Adult Aorta Radial VRT [1010] Aorta Radial VRT [101 0] 711 711/2001 LCAO 51 LCIO Service Radial Vvascular 0.4mmn Warning Kidney R ParaTra MPR I.Omm stwk 2x2 stæk 2x2 stack2x2 2x2 Coronary Current Protocol name RCA_2 RCA R ested Procedure Workflow Recon syngo via ,VE30A syngo via , VB30A syngo ,VB30A Data role Data role • Data ro e Radial Vascular Ranges Workflow Recon Data role A. Aorta Radidl VRT Sinus Coronal 3.0rnm VRT Res.* 2, syngo via .VB30A syngo via VB30A RCA 7/1/2001 hi Id *1604.1957. *1604.1957, M. 59Y *1604.1957. M. 59Y *1604.1957, M. Please note that the learning material is for training purposes only! Notes Scan protocols with changes: Open OICOM Runoff r Runoff "PR vRT Client Settings Advanced Visual; Advanced Visualization Advanced Visuali; Display And Behavior Export Frontier Transfer Reporting 3D Reading Thorax ThoraxPACSREADY (Adult) Thorax / ThoraxPACSREADY (Adult) Lung CAD Filters Lung CAD A 141 B A 161 A 133.3 A 108.6 Al 25.7 A 147.8 R 138.0 R21 .3 PM vRT Complete ParaSag (Auto) abdo coro 12 CT, 14.049016 CT. 25.08.2016 CT. CT, 1404 2016 spine MPR 2_Omrn Somaris17 - Configuration Panel Somaris/7 - Configuration Panel M. 52M 52Y *CAD* LCAD* Eclips Properties of Parallel Ranges Hip CT _00038_ A Anonymous Hostpital CT. 1404.2016 Cll Marker @ ThoraxPACSREAOY @ ThoraxPACSREADY C'13 MM Readi ng Abdomenm 06_Tho_Abd_768 (Adult) AbdomenA06_Tho_Abd_768 (Adult) (Adult) (Adulto) Windowing Preset Require authentication on startup Change parameters ThoraxPACSREADY Bone STUDY 25.08.2016 CT, 2508.2016 CT.DY 25.08.2016 CT, 14.049016 CT. 25.08.2016 CT. CT. 11.11.2015 25.08.2016 O pen print DICOM Send to Correct Delete Open O pen Open With Open to Import Exp-or t Correct 768 (Adult: Oelete CT, 14.049016 Time Select all protocols Protocols with ECG Interventi onal protocols Customized scan protocols Knee Joint Femur L ParaCora MPR 3.0Omm Aorta VRT RT Auto Contouring Post-processing STUDY STUDY i Recon 50 Br40 3 Br40 3 50 3 AA - Thorax Para, AA - Lung - Neuro Series - Thorax Para, AA - Lung CAD. AA - Neuro Lung CAD.AA- 1 Radial Rmnges Spine Ranges Rib Ranges CT, 14. Arch ve 51 (104 results. 14 3300) 50 3 CardiacA02 FAST TurboFlash C... CardiacA02_FA ST _ TurboFlash_C... Vascular* 06_AngioRunOff (Adult) FAST TurboFlash_C... Access Control AbdomenA06 FAST C... RECIST 1.1 Rapid Results Technology c9 Cl C13 RCA Curved Range Ran MPR CURVE-O RCA CrossSectlons MFR RCA Curved Range Radial MPR CURVED RCA CrossSections MFR Range 3D recon jobs Protocols with Dual Source 50 8157 3 Siemens default protocols Abdorr For the proper use of the software or hardware, please always use the Operator Manual or Instructions Runoff Range MPR_CURVED Runoff r Curved Range Radial MPR_CURVED _CURVED AA - Thorax para Thorax ara Pelvis ParaTra MPR 1 -Omm Pelvis ParaTra MPR 1.0Omm Foot L ParaTra MPR 1 .omm Knee Joint Tibia L ParaSrag MPR 3.0mmrn When automatic archiving is enabled, spine MPR 2_Omm Results Image Comment Ranges Preset Series RT Auto Contouring 5 cm 5 cm Thorax ThoraxPACSREADY (Adult) FAR STUDY 14-04.2 STUDY STUDY 14_04.2016 Workflow Step for Oncology Reading • Fl_CorCTA 0.75 Bv40 3 65701... (2 results, (2 3:2120 PM) (2 PM) (2 results, 321124 PM) (0 PM) PM) @ Thorax Br40 3 08 Br40 3 AA - Scapula coronal Patient Birth Study Date Date • Fl_CorCTA 0.75 Bv40 3 ADMIRE recon jobs to Detailed Scan protocols Thorax automatically generated results are sent to a 1 Ocm 5 cm Manipulate scan protocols (cut copy f paste / delete) Manipulate scan protocols (cut f copy paste / delete) Manipulate scan protocols (cut copy I paste / delete) for Use (hereinafter collectively "Operator Manual") issued by Siemens Healthineers. This material is to be MPR AA - Spine radial VRT Mar-lip VRT Aorta Radial CIE BIN 8164 3 0.6 AA Data role MM Readlng Stroke Perfusion CT Neuro Perfusion 1021 IMAO 1021 IMA 13 1021 MA 27 1021 IMA 18 flow Recon Redon Tree Radial 'vascular Ranges Protocols for workflow Protocols for data role Parallel Ranges_Hip1 Sinus Coronal 3.0mnrn &rkfi 01 012014 29 102014 AS+ 317 •eries Description •series Description Genes Description 174 100 m Recon 1 AA - CAD Export Senes Export Series Visual Appearance Workflow Description @ Thorax ow Status Status . Name Patient Name atient Name ries Number •es Number 1.0 s Modality Auto % 1.0 3 A" O Windowing Preset Windowvuing Preset Phase Eatient Eatient Transfer Auto Delete Expert-i 1037 IMAO 1037 MA 568 1037 MA 2 1037 IMA 13 1037 31 1017 7 1017 MA 22. 1017 IMA43 1017 IMA 202 1017 1017 IMA 1017 IMA 131, 1017 MA 34 P atient Browsfer Insert General Settings second DICOM node without further review. 1009 IMA 10 1009 IMA23 17 RECIST Lung #2243938 General ParaCor MPR 1. Omm Liver Lines ,ymph Lymph Generic General Alignrnent ParaCor MPR 1.0rnrn General Alignmnent ParaCora MPR 1.0rnm - CAD CAD Lung CAD" used as training material only and shall by no means substitute the Operator Manual. Any material used TBDE Carotid, ER Carotid, ER 2012R56001 Thorax Para" •AA Thorax Para" "AA Data role A. Data role Parallel Vascular abdo coro 12 Re istration Search Print Senes Print Series Head Spine Vascular Dual Energy ACSREADY (Adult) AA - Neuro Perfusion for Yohe• AA.- Neuro Perfusion for Yohei Thorax Phantom 1 Ocm CT Pelvis ParaTra MPR 1 .ornm Always ensure that original images available 'igttsky Scherna [71 (Auto) Erlangen, Germany Parallel Vascular 6.(Ynrn General Alignmnent ParaSrag MPR I. Omm Pelvis ParaSag MPR I .0mm Phase selection is only supported for multiphase cardiac gated CT scans. AA - Rib Ranges for Yohei AA - Rib Ranges tor Yonel Results Head_XCARE C_Spine_Vol • DynLiver2Lengt 01 _DE_Abd Radial 'vascular Ranges in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does not necessarily reflect the latest version of in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does not necessarily reßect the latest version of of Radial Ranges The reproduction, transmission or distribution of this training or its contents is not permitted without Image Comment 160 Chgogepgrameters: Change Change parameters Change perameters Aorta Radial VRT Merge MM Oncology Image Visualization Onco_CADFlash Onco_CADFhSh onco_CADFIasn 16Findings_PACSReadYAutoPr 16Fmngs_PACSReadYAutoPr 16Findings_ PACSReadYAutoPr.- Lung CAD [51 Candidates (Auto) 1,000 _ Lung CAD [5] Candidates (Auto) Lung CAD 151 candidates (Auto), Radial AroioRunoa f.o Ar.oRunoa f.o on the second DICOM node are of sufficient !eading !reading AS+_TBDE_Runoff_AAA, Erlangen Erlangen The setting does not have an effect on other scans. C_Spine_Vol BDE Abdom DDE Abdom Flt Enable automatic preparation and archiving with Rapid Results Technology at syngo.via Merge not possible Phase Advanced Visualization Radial Vascular 0.4mm 3 [91 General Alignrnent ParaTra MPR I Delete 1.0 CAD spine MPR 2.0mnrn the software and hardware available at the time of the training. express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. AS20_DENTAl_ 082602 AS20 62 HeadAngio_XAtr C_Spine_Vol . 30 Br40 a quality for a review of result images. Troubleshoot 5.0 htsky Schema Auto Long Lung CAI Control no c AEF Ang Auto ImageText Scan Protocol E-Logbook Scan Rrotocol E-Logbook E-Logbook Exauminabion Lung CAD Bolus HeartView c 15 C12 Scan Protocols t,can Protocul Protocol HeartVlew Rename 5crn 5 cm Head & Neck ParaCora MPR I .0rnrn Rib cage ParaTra MPR 2.0mm h DE Thorax_ HeadNeuro_X., HeadNeuro HeadAngioRVoutr Show'Hide Lung CAD results Point Edit Radial Rmnges Co_Acoustic Neunoma_80RV 06_09 2016 0609.2016 1408158 012345 MM Readinq-Compare 1 RT Auto Contouring UI schema: Board Zoom CT Neuro Perfusion Available Result Types Editor Configuration Panel Configured Results Tracking Ass. tant Assistant tant Import user scan protocols Auto % Edit Result Edit RibRangesDefault RibRangesDefauIt PLF Co_Ac Head & Neck ParaSrag MPR 1.0Omm Head & Neck ParaCor MPR 1.0rnrn r AA - Thorax para - Thorax para Stroke Perfusion onco CADFlash PACSReadyAutoPreProc on spine "PR MPR M PR A MPH 20m A" O NeuroDSACT Auto 136 Trending Treindings_ Radial IGFindings The Operator Manual shall be used as your main reference, in particular for relevant safety information ALI names and data of patients, parameters and configuration dependent designations are fictional @Thorax DD DE Sinus Cancer 22092016093100 [71 19001 VI 19001 3 [71 3 m Parallel Ranges_Hip Monitor Setup @ Thorax patient 37 patient ID 37 Patient Name The setting does not have an effect on other scans. Br40 3 MPR erfirstread' Size of fonts and controls: - Scapula coronal AÅ- Sca ula coronal r AA - Scapula coronal MPR Protocol loading is in progress. please wait. Protocol loading is in progress. please wait, Head & Neck ParaTra MPR 1 _0mm Application loading is in progress. please wait Instances Id noduesontf nodu>sontf 7/1/2014. O 7/112014. O 3 [71 -1467 go 1958 1310.2016 102453 Phase selection is only supported for multiphase cardiac gated CT scans. Parallel Ranges Parallel Rangevs Parallel Rang •s LAO go LAO go Sinus Coronal 3_Ornm Sinus Coronal 3_Omm Sinus Coronal 3.0mm Neck Radial NeckThoraxd @ Thorax Specials Vascular 268m like warnings and cautions. nunipgssamly:autions. Small Large and examples only. r spine radial r AA-S Ranges Results Export scan protocols AA - Spine radial VRT Spine radial VRT Aorta Radial VRT radial VRT Findings- 1 Findings- 15- Glenoid L ParaTra MPR 3.0mm or Intervention 3D Mewing Viewings Filming Study Filming Spine "PR ENT co SSDE Abd 0101 1937 04 102016 150965 Maastro Sie HeadRoutineSeq LungCAD LungCAOvers.on:v0100 nodups«w DO ThoraxPACSR„ TurboFlash Verification and Archiving abdo coro 12 Radial Ranges Radibl Ranges Radial FUS0856 r Lun r AA- Layout Lay'out Editor Layout Edtor (9001 Instances V Automatic Archiving - CAD CAD preview Preview.'u Previeiv:"' pre erevievv: 1 0 8164 3 8164 3 age 268f30(1 Finding(s)) e266/30 Findi CO SS DE_Brachy_RhoZ_Prostate 2410.2016 14.3565 NeckThorAbd Head AC*C Line Parasag MPR ICIcm 1010 10cm . 10140 Th outine polyTrauma TraumaThin Favorite Tools Viewings Findings !ending v Spiral scans onVP Grundlegende Rib Ranges Pie vie+v Aorta Radial VRT p reset P reset the Preset Ranges Preset tie Preset Preset Select the Preset Auto Total mAs: Spine Ranges Select all Spiral scans AA - Lung CAD AA - Lunq CAD Lung CAD CAD • LungCAD Lun CAD TraumaThin Lunq 12:09 0117069 Verification and Archiving Note: Some functions shown in this material are optional and might not be part of your system. The All rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, are ALI rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, are Head AC-PC Line ParaTra MPR 1 ()rnrn you want to make furthe changes? Axial recon jobs Restore scan protocols to Siemens default ADMIRE Properties of Parallel Ranges Hip HAL RCA polyTrauma 'd Movie Spine MPR 2.0mm Spine MPR 2.0rnrn 0407 1943 Radial RCA Cuved Range RCA Ran* Cuved Range Cued Range VPR seg Snyn "PR "PR seg Smm MPR "PR seg seg Snyn D E_b0dy _3phase 1 _ 1 st80kV AA- Neuro Perfusion for Yohei AA - Neuro Perfusion for Yohei 02002.2015 r AA - Neuro Perfusion for Yohei 3D recon jobs Grunr! nde Interaküonen o Findings Navigator WPR_cuR cuR Range ShoulderRoubne 12 PM Phase selection is only supported for multiphase cardiac gated CT scans. Thorax XCARE information in this material contains general technical descriptions of specifications and options as well Shoulder Glenoid L ParaCora MPR 3.0Ommrn Head Orbital Bone L ParaCor MPR 3.0mrn Head Orbital Bone L ParaCor MPR 3.0mm reserved. sruov Parallel Vascular Rarves DynEva CT VPCT Body Multi Monitor Screen Saver Audit Trail Software C O BoneMarrow2 Pel CT CT VECT Body 14.03.2017 13745744 Lishui Citf Central Hospital BaotouCitvN B Hospital Baotou•CiNN B Hospital F Tools AA - Rib Ranges for Yohei r AA - Rib Ranges for Yohei RT Auto Contouring Fl_CorCTA 0.75 3 Fl_C0rCTA 0.75 3 1.0 CT Neuro Perfusion Grundlegende Interakt•onen Instances Lishui Central Hospital Coronary P remaevv Angle between Images Angle betv.'een Images Angre between Images Automatic Archiving Cornplete ParaCora Pelvis ParaTora MPR 1.0rnm Configuration Configuration.. Regfistration Distribution Ranges Preset Fl_CorCTA 3 SOMATOM Force H27.6 H24. I Elt»wMetal, EMC Rotterdam 1804 2016 130225 DR 77 To request results together with a reconstruction, you need to assign items that are displayed in the Configured Results list to a sÄM Force Zoom 033 as standard and optional features that do not always have to be present in individual cases. Favorite Tools •16.04.1 M. 52M 59M Cardiac sp L56.6 Findings MM Readin -Corn _ are I Stroke Perfusion syngovia syngo.via éyngevla Angle between Images éyggevla s$yngovia Parallel Vascular RE Nes Parallel Vascular Parallel Vascular 6.0rnrn Parallel Ranges •1604.1957. M. sp L56,6 Movie Scroll DR DE EMBOLIE, France 01 06 1985 30 08 2016 DR 2016 2 FI_C0rc Fl_C0rC FI_corCTA 3 0.75 Number Of Images • —AbdomenRo.. — —AbdomenRo.. Number Of Inlages Chris 'd noduks ony 1708•1708 VRT/RAD MM Reading-Compare 1 r MM Readin -Com are 4 r MM Readinq-Compare 1 r MM Reading-Compare 1 M eadinq-Compare 2 Copyright O Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2018 FLCorCTA 0.75 3 512±392 Parallel Vascular 6.0rnrn Parallel Vascular 6.(hnmn ular 6.0rnrn 75 Soft-TissueE w 1053 1080 -s s. 25.08.20 250820 25082016 1 1 M .2015 25.08.2016' Windowing Preset DR DE NL 01.01<953 0101 08042016 138807 DR 60 Radial \hscular Ranges Radial Xhscular Ranges Radial Xhscular Ranoe s Parallel Vascular Ranges Row SpinmenRoutine ThdoraxRoutine DDS Coronar.. N u mber Of Images Findings Ad esult Save as Serie Lung CAD 220 x '223.9 e mm x "223.9 S m Field of Field of 292.8 MM Readin .Com are 4 292.8 2238 Radial cp Radial CPR range r runoff Radial C Radial CPR range r runof R range r runoff ge r runoff x mm x m Upper extremiti es TurboFlash Ready CT Dual Energy HR DS NeuroEndo Ca LwerPanc, Erasmus. _ _ Radial Vascular 0.4mrn Radial Vascular 0.4mm Radfial Vascular 0.4mnm Radial Xhscular Ranges 20042016 1123.42 DR 98 Certain products, product related claims or functionalities described in the material (hereinafter collectively CT DE + Vascu ar CT Bow Perfus' on MR 3D MR MM Basic Compare MR Basic Add Printer Date and Exauminabion SR sp H 705, Soft-Tissue Regional and Illumination SR Viewer CAD LCAD 0.00 10000 Contrast protocols To request results together with a reconstruction, you need to assign items that are displayed in the Con-figured Results list to a Define contrast protocols Defi e contrast protocols 277 Phase Print Text S Text RCA C rmsSec tions RCA bon s RCA C rossSec RCA Crass Set RCA S R Wri su_lHR AbdMultiPhase XA Interventional Cardiology CT Cardiac Stroke Perfusion CT Liver s Ml Cardiology MR Angio MultiStation MR Breast Flip Horizontal Time Language Moodlight MM Readin Com are 4 MM RE dinq-Cnrnpare 4 0101 '1949 Image Comment post HIPEC Erasmus Rott_ 2804.2016 131415 131415 reconstruction at a Siemens CT scanner. Lung CAD Angle between Images ARH Oarstenlungsarten "Functionality") may not (yet) be commercially available in your country. Due to regulatory requirements, presets P reset Presets Orientation Image Series Lung CT Neurovascular CT Coronary Adaptive On Rib Ranges Radial Ranges MG Breast Ml Neurology MR Neuro ogy MR Oncology —AbdomenSeq. AbdomenSeq on DS Cascore 1 Clcm 1 Ocm CT Dual Energy Configuration Czech 1602 1973 23 01 2008 23 01 2008 22292 x 1080 reconstruction at a Siemens CT scanner. Cornplete ParaCor —FAST_Turbo. CT Liver Analvsis CT Liver Analysis To request results together with a reconstruction, you need to assign items that are displayed in the Configured Results list to a CT Cardiac Function MG Breast Double Blind MR Spectro MI Readin MR VVh01e spine Fit to Seg Fit to Segment Fit to CT Chest Pain ScÅRPrQ6iÅ"istant ColonLowDose. ScanProtoColAssistant a Scan Protoc61 Assistant RibRangesDefault Orientation Series UM NUM Auto Tools the future availability of said Functionalities in any specific country is not guaranteed. Please contact your S' Automatic Archiving 1602+73 Phase Caulon:M9w CQIÆon:M9w anerfirstread' , erfirstread! e r first read' MM Onco + CT Vascular CT Cascoring MR BreVis MM Onco MR Tissue4D MR Cardiac Analysis Radial VLCorr Range Series Name Aorta Radial VRT [71_Corr Range Series Name Aorta Radial [71_Corr Range Series Name Range Series Name Radial VAT Image Resolution Do you want to save these changes? cx List import / export contrast protocols List I import / export contrast protocols Ranges&wl CT Coronary + Ca CT 3D MM Basic Compare Edit Result Ml Cardiology MM Oncology Configuration DE _KidneyStones_Mjxed, Japan 01_05.1931 2407 2007 090536 Id noduesontf dnodu—sontf Liver RCA_2 Set Long User ROEe Handling local Siemens Healthineers sales representative for the most current information. Windovving Preset 10cm 100 m Images courtesy of Kunming Hospital, Kunming, China Image Comment Gomplete Image Size 612 x 392 pixels CT Dual Energy Configuration Image Comment Complete Volume VRT Image Comment Image Comment Complete Volume VR7 CT TAVI P anning CT Colon MR Angio MultiStation Field of View x Phase selection is only supported for multiphase cardiac gated CT scans. _2 LAO LAO 2 Tota _ Total Angl Angl 350 350.0 • KneeUHR NYU_USA Findings' 15 Findings: 15 Findings Series lcm C12 LAO - MM Onco + CT Bone CTBo CT Dental Ml Reading MR An io Sin leStanon None MR An io Sin leStaüion prostate LAO 2 age\:- i0.O • The setting does not have an effect on other scans. Angle- Bet Anglé Between XA Interventional Reading preferred role: 13.11.1933 TBDE Luzern ED 284 en LungCAOversion•V01 OD LungCAOversion •VOIOOD LungCADversion•VD1 OD Include Reference Image CT Liver Analvsis Properties of Parallel Ranges_H1pl Synch Align Full Text lode Node Hide Reselts Rreset Reset Messungen Image Commnent • Hip ARH Graphics Timepoi._, Timepoi__ Orientation 1920 x 1080 Image SIEMENS SIEMENS. ED TBDE Gout HandL, Basel ED TBDE Gout HandL, Basel MPR Extremity 1680 x 1050 zoom zoom I Hide Results Resset vessel Treset Preset ED TBDE Knee R+L with Gout, Luzem 13 Ml 1933 27 052015 150841 Properties of Sinus Coronal 3.0mm C'12 07 07 Properties of Parallel Ranges Newl y) Cautiom View only atter first read Lines Timepo. kV100 W 1 00 5 cm 10cm . Table. Position Height Table: Posibon Table: Position Height Table: Position Height mAsjrot mAsjrot. mAsjrot. 500 Workflowv 10, O • 10.0 • 100 m 10cm . W 1 00 r../lultiscans Interventional cc-ane 802*802 512*512 000 Do measure on lett Do measure on left side of Do measure on left side of the image! Do not measure on left side of the image! ot the image! nmage! Apply Appt • Chancel mAs -7305 A -7306 A 1630 ISOO Preferred user role: Adaptive AD spiral scans Adaptive 40 spiral scans Interventional scans Inter,/entlonal scans mAsfrot. 500 Display syngo application OK Cancel scans w 1467 1467 Snapshot Print print Export Undo gv36.3 p •71% Skip p •71 Manip VRT p 471% Cornplete ParaCor Head Sinus ParaCor MPR 3.0mrn Head Sinus ParaCor MPR 3.0mm -600 1500 Ranges Preset the Preset cl Layout Image 513*513 354 Reject Accept -ccept At nept Close HR The setting does not have an effect on other scans. RCA curve -2) ACII AC 11 11 ge Parallel vRT I-Sequertce i-FIuoro Search successfully completed Workflow has been assigned The selected data opened Opening selected data Undo Redo End Search succe, tully completed Set as main monitor for syngo application i-Sequerce i-Sequence i-SpiraI i-Spira' i-Spirai 1053 1467 v ADMIRE Of ManipVRT 90 LAO 137 Soft-Ttssue Soft-Tissue •5 Windowing Preset Preset M 5121512 Checkup not completed, system should not be used for patient exa... (D Checkup not completed. system should not be used for patient exa... 9' -Y 3:17 PM 3:15 PM 3:21 PM 3:16 PM 1:51 PM RAO gg Checkup not completed, system should not be used for patient exam. (D Checkup not completed, system should not be used for patient exam.. (D 1501-2016 15 11:39 11:40 Checkup not completed system should not be used for patient exa...