syngo.via VB40 CT Dual Energy Interactive Spectral Imaging e-Clip

Introduction I Changing Representation I Changing Mono+ visualization I Using SPP Data with CT Extended Functionality I Measurement Handling.

A major new improvement is the support of interactive spectral imaging in the single via MM reading workflow. Dual energy goes routine, enabling the use of additional diagnostic information at a glance based on spectral image data. Integrating interactive spectral imaging and MM reading is a new, simplified way of visualizing an processing dual energy data. The Interactive spectral imaging features uses a single post processing series in the file format spectral post processing. SPP that contains all the necessary information. This data is automatically created on single via an will be shown as a single series. For example, in your patient browser with a new single via VB 40 version you have the possibility to evaluate certain tool energy representations such as virtual, non contrast iodine or interactively change different monoenergetic energy levels directly in MM reading. Furthermore, measurements can be performed giving you additional information during reading. You'll learn more about this new feature in the upcoming chapters. The interactive image text available on any MM reading layout as long as full image text is used, allows the user to change to different spectral representations. By default, the main representation that is visualized is the conventional CT. A mixed lower high kavey image, typically simulating the visual impression of a standard CT acquired at 120K. If you can easily switch between the different representations by left mouse button, clicking the corresponding image text. Or by right clicking the image text and choosing another representation such as mono plus virtual noncontrast mixed or iodine from the context menu when changing the spectral representations you are changing the way the data is visualized. Each change in the representation is immediately applied without needing to reopen the patient. This series can also of course be saved using the Save as series functionality. By selecting the mono plus representation, the images shown simulator and image scan data, single energy level, you can change the energy levels for the mono energetic value interactively by moving the mouse. Move the mouse left or right to rapidly change The Cave value. Move the mouse up and down on the corresponding image text line to change The Cave value in incremental steps of one. Another possibility is to double click the corresponding image text and enter a value using the keyboard. Moreover, you can perform a right click on the image text cavey and adapt the given value in the corresponding dual energy mono plus properties dialog box. For example, select a higher level in case you want to remove artifacts from the inflowing contrast or metal implants or low energies to increase the iodine contrast. For example, in CT angiography. The spectral post processing data can also be used with setae extended functionality. You can use the full functionality available for the defined vessel tool and MM reading such as vessel tracing, creation of CR ranges. Performing further evaluation by using the measurement tools in the CPR segment. Moreover, toggling between the different representations is also possible in the CR segment. Furthermore, the data can be used with table and bone removal, hard isolation and coronary trevu. You can perform Roy or VOI measurements on each representation in order to get further information on any area of interest. When you first measure in one representation, the ROI statistics are shown. Accordingly, if you change to a different representation using the interactive image text afterwards, the measurement details are explicitly informing you on which representation the measurement has been done.

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