syngo.via VB40 Rapid Results Technology Overview/Configuration e-Clip

Introduction | syngo.via Configuration | CT Scanner Configuration I Rapid Results Technology- Configuration improvements for SOMATOM scanners with syngoCT VB20 in combination with syngo.via VB40.

You can activate rapid results technology at the scanner to automatically calculate and archive evaluation results. For example, from lung, CAD or neural profusion, rapid results technology provides you with the information you need, both standardized and reproducible. You don't have to open the workflow in single via because it works as a node and the calculated results can be automatically transferred to the packs with rapid results technology. The following features are available. Lung CAD results neural perfusion results. Anatomical ranges radial an parallel ranges. Vessel ranges. Spine ranges. Bone unfolded rib ranges. Dual energy results. Parallel ranges. Radial Vert rain series, for visualization of the isolated hardins coronary tree. CPR, radio and parallel ranges for the internal carotid arteries. Total calcium score. Aspect score to support assessment an severity of ischemic changes on noncontrast CT head scans. Automatic job prioritization is possible as part of rapid results technology. Nuro perfusion rapid results will automatically get the highest priority in computation as it's commonly used in emergency situations such as stroke. The single Via's rapid results Technology Configurator allows you to configure new result series. Go to the Advanced Visualization tab, an select rapid results technology. Activating rapid results technology allow single via to transfer a new result series to the scanner. To define customized protocols that contain, for example parallel ranges, select steps from the available result types list. Click the Arrowhead so that the new result type can be listed in the configured results list. After changing the new name, adjust your desired ranges preset an windowing preset in the properties. You may activate the automatic archiving option to transfer the results series automatically to the pack system. And click the ally button and the configured result is available in the scan protocol assistant at the scanner. Rapid results technology has the capability to create vascular an cardiac CRS automatically. Automatic generation of radial an parallel CR Rain series of the LED RCA an Elks. Automatic generation of radial an parallel CPR rain series of the aorta an left right runoffs automatic generation of bone and table remove VR T mid radial ranges. A major improvement in rapid results technology RT is the capability to create the following new result types. Automatic generation of radial VR train series for visualization of the isolated hardins coronary tree. Automatic generation of CPR, radial and parallel ranges for the internal carotid arteries. Automatic generation of total calcium score. Automatic generation of aspect score to support assessment. An severity of ischemic changes on noncontrast CT head scans. You can now edit automatically generated results as a quality control measure. The edit functionality is available for anatomical ranges, bone removed and table removed. Vert ranges, CPR ranges and spine ranges. In the example, MM reading is used for radial ranges. You can select the edit result button via the series Navigator or in a results section in the context menu. Here, it's possible to alley changes to the angle between images. The number of images selected, or the field of view. In addition, long shorter frontal axis can be selected. After all the changes are complete, press start. And after the ranges have been performed, click the accept button with the new changes in the range tool. After each edit, a new result series will be generated. The editing functionality of rapid results technology. RTI allows you to use additional tools during editing. For example the punch tool. In addition, editing has been further extended to enable editing on dual energy based results series. Anatomical information only. Configuration improvements are available in combination with all Siemens healthineers CT scanners that allow the usage of rapid results technology. RTI the RT user Interface provides direct access to the ranges parameters for anatomical ranges. Duplicate the selected rtty result type with all currently used parameters. An only change the differences. You can configure to send a failure information image with the results in case of any calculation errors. For this, select the Get notification in case of failure checkbox in the verification and archiving section of the art configuration. If the calculation of a result has failed, a series is generated containing only one image, which is the middle image of the input series. The failure information image displays information about the error. For example, the reason why the result computation failed. If the scanner supports data role mapping and is connected to single via the scan protocol assistant allows you to assign the data roles to individual series. To open the scan protocol assistant, go to options. Select configuration followed by scan Protocol assistant followed by scan protocols. Select single via. Then select protocol. And finally select the change parameter tab. The corresponding data rolls need to be selected for those series to be used with rapid results. The automatic generation of results on single via runs for series mark with the corresponding AA data rolls at the scan protocol assistant. The difference between an EA data role Ant and on a data role depends on whether the results series are automatically calculated without manual interaction or not. For example, lung CAD. A A allows syngo via to generate lung CAD results automatically without user interaction. Alternatively, lung CAD without EA triggers M on koleji to calculate the lung CAD during preprocessing for a study to be opened. When the study is opened, the lung CAD mini toolbar displays the lung CAD markers. You can navigate through the markers, selecting, accepting and deleting them. Configuration improvements are available for VB 40 in combination with all Siemens healthineers CT scanners that allow the usage of rapid results technology. RTI control RTI windowing values directly at scanner an use new windowing preset. The following improvements have been introduced to enable connectivity enhancements and communication between somatom scanners and single via HTTPS. Communication can be used instead of a dynamic FTP port. Secure communication on a static port facilitates local IT administration. It's now possible to get started with rapid results technology. Even before bidirectional communication to single via is established. U to 14 RT results are available. X factory. These are tied data rolls are identified by a as a prefix. And are added to factory protocols for immediate use. The size of the requested data role field has been improved to enable the viewing of more RT related information at the first view, reducing the need to use the mouse over an tooltip text. During scanning you can change the data rolls of each Recon job on the auto tasking parameter card of the currently running examination. Only one workflow per exam is available. But several data rolls of this workflow can be assigned to each separate scan. You can assign RT data rolls to scan protocols. When using the append option on the patient model dialog.

syngo.via SIEMENS . 07 5731 47 Eatient Patient Eatierot Applications Edit Insert setup Setup setuP Image Head Configuration Panel Siemens Heathineer Siemens Healthineer Siemens Heannhineer Siemens Heahineer Eatient Applicati ons setup QPti ons Qptions System Options System Heathneer Scan Protocol Ass.stant Scan Protocol Assistant Scan Protocol Asststant a Scan Protocol Ass.stant Applications Editor Image QP'tions QC'tions QPt•ons Help CAdmin1 CAdmijn1 SIEMENS. SIEMENS ons Series Server remoteadmin Ref.: Card Best CAdmin1 CAdmin1 SKuF2 remoteadrnin Healthineers• Healthineers•• Server: DSWA-VlA03wurmlocn siemens de Senec DSWA-vlA03wurmlocnsiemensde Server: Server siemens de Server. DSWA-vlA03wurmlocnSlemensÆe Server: DSWVA-VlA03wurmlocn siemens de Semen DSvVA-vlA03.wurmlocnsiemens Server. DSWVA-VlA03.wurm'ocnsiemenscde Healthineers••. remoteadmin Server: DSWA-VlA03 wurmiocn•emens Watthine«s• a Scan Protocol Assistant ScMe Scan server: DSWA-VlA03wurm10Ch.Siemensx:e Series Rarves Rarges Server. Server Sewer ce General Settings Client Setings sp SOMATOM O • SOMATOM Rapid Results Technology Runof China 2016-04 Abd 00038 JOANN Version. 'i Vessel Vessel_Spine Vessel_Spne Vessel Runoff : Runoff runoff Coronary Patient Model Patient Name Patient Model Dialog Dialog Results Onco CADFlash VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion,.. vpcT St... VPCT Stroke MCA VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion,. VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion,... VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion... _16Findings_PACSR CT C.mfiwured Results Occlusion,... • 1/1/1945 M 2012 CT ASPECT AS+ VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion... • F c34ceae7eO • c • 0101.1964 F c • F •0101.1964 F c34ceae7eO • 01 F • 0101.1964 F • eae7eO 1 F M 2012R0433 Client Settings MM Reading MM Rea:fing Adv•anced Visualization CT Vascular CT, Vascular CT casconng 0101.1963 M Runoff Display And Behavior • 16.041957 M • M • 1604 M Coronary CT Coronary CT -vonary Export License.. VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion,-- +7.5 * 1/1/1945 M * 7/1/2014 0 Patient ID 97 * 1/1/1945 M 2012R0433 MM Reading •t' Warning Waming AS+ VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion,-- 2) 3) Patient Name Patient Model P«fusim Patient Browser Job View •1 Fund' on V Enab•• autornate preparatøn wth Rapid Resuts Technobgy at syngo.via V Enab• autornate preparatøn wth Rapid Resuts Technobgy at syngo.via V Enable automnatic preparation with Rapid Results Technobgy at syngo. via RT Alto Contmrtv RT Contmrtv RT Alto 1/1/1945 M 2012R0433 07.10201 General Settinqs y) CT 07 CT 07 102016 ASPEC T Score Case) ASPECT Score (Exmpk Cue) ASPEC T Scowe Case) ASPECT Cue) .2 Manip V'RT . Marj . Man' . Mani . Man • Manip VRT Sertiegs Series CT Coronary Coronary CT Vascular Ma ip Eile Browser, Configuration Panel Configuration Mewing Reading HPL AHL Series CT CaScoring CT Cardiac 1.2 AHL CT casc DO DO En rgy DU rgy sp casc D *1/1/1945 M C* Test Connecti0N Test CT • Adult * 1/1/1945 M 2012R0433 Protocol protocol • Replace CT Netn Ma VRT Ma VAT Adult Mani cran Heart VRT LAO Cran [6] [903] VRT LAO (9031 VRT LAO Cran [6] [903] CT RCA -RCA Patient Browser Patient Name Patient Model SL full Resalts Results Re-sults SL Ref.: 512,70 Ma ntenance... Read (70) (70) Spiral Ref/ card Tool Gallery VRT Range [10211 RCA Curved Range Radial MPR_CURVED [1037] RCA curved Range Radial MPR_CURVED [1037] VRT Range [1021] RCA Curved Range Radial MPR CURVED [1037] RCA CrossSections MPR [1017] CT cascoring CT Vascular + ed Visuauzaüon CT cascoring Results [2] [901] CT Results [2] [901] Heart VRT Demo [61 [900] Heart VRT Demo [6] [900] 'IOcm Client Settings Client Setings C'ientSe%ngs Cue nt Semngs Chent Semngs A&vancec Visualization Advanced Visualization Amar Visualubcn Nanced Visualzauen Dtsplay And Beh Display And Ben Display And Beha.qor Dtsplay And Display And Behavior Behavior Export Exp ort Vrontaer Frontier Transfer Reporting Reputing Fo oo Acvanced 10 m 100 m MM Oncology SL full SL CT casconng CT CaScmm CT CaSc«im CT CaSc«ing CT CaSccyirv CT spine MPR Manip castonng 16Findings_ CADFlash CADFlash Child •01103 1343, M, 73Y Append Configuration Panel Configuration What do do? j3 M Auto Expose •UI 03 73Y sp 10cm What do you want to do? Connect to syngo.via Changes saved Runoff r curved Range Radial MPR Runoff r Curved Range Radial MPR_CURVED Change parameters CU... ? x Confirmation Configurmation Fl Corc CorCTA av40 3 CorCTA 3 do 1.0 av36 3 av36 3 1.0 3 av40 3 61 OR OR 1003 HPR *7/1/2014 0 *7/1/2014.01 Sensation 4 CT co full CT Coronary CT Corona Visual Appearance Visual Avpearance 30 Editing Redo Re RD Card Best Best Si-ws 3.0Mn Siws Rapid Results Technology Rapid Resunts Technology Rapid ResuR5 Technology Rapid Resuns Technology Resins Technology C ENT CURRENT 1.3 "OR 1003 100 07. 7:31.47 arde ardi cardi ardi- Browse Demo List (15) Read (31) 3D Editing LCAD CURRENT OR ED Study Descripton hst•nces Prowess CIMOP CIMOP Bizet Short Term Storage Mainten ance sp sp R62.9 SPA164,7 SPA145,6 Al 45,6 When automatic archiving is enabled, When autornatic archivü•vg is enabled, Add CT Car(lac Fun'on 07. 0.2016 Adult . 07.102019 CIO Coronary CAD Lishui City Central Hospital Lishui/ Citf Ce.tral Hospital Ref: Card aest Ref. Card Ref.: Card aest Ref: Card Best MM Oncology Reading .9 *01.03.1943. M. 73M Adult Radial Radal Radial 'viscuw Aorta Radial VRT [1010] DR_1003 1003 Ref: card card Protocol name 711 Workflowv W k ow Data LCAO 51 LCAD LCAO P' name R Procedure ed I Procedure Oata Service UI scherz ced visualization Client Settings Client Setings Advanced Visualization Adv•anced Visualization Imvagced Visualization Atvanced Visualization Display And Behavior Display And Benavjor Export Frontier Reporting stæk 2x2 stwk 2x2 Current Protocol name Data role Workflow Recon Data role A. Data Pubhsher Coronary automaticaty generated resutts are sent automatically generated resuts are sent •0107 1946, M. RCA RCA_2 syngo.via .VB30A syngovia VB30A syngovi >/B30A Results Reswlts Series CT. 07.102016 CT. 07_10201€ CT. CT. 04.042018 General Settinqs General Sentnqs General Settings General Settnqs 1946, M. M. 69Y M. 73Y M. 73M Child 2.1 tal : 3 0 tali gl :3 .0 gle: 3 gl : 3 :3 HR 48 BPM Topogram Thpograx 2, Cut cut Ramqges Ramqes Range 30•rvn (332 7/1/2001 Current syngov•ia VB30A syngoviavB30A VB30A hi Id RCA CT, "PR Thx CET spi Thx Thx Head spi casc Please note that the learning material is for training purposes only! I h01ax (Adult) 1 / Ih01axRoutine (Adult) Ih01axRoutine (Adult) 07.10 2016 (Ad u It) Scan protocols with changes: Notes eye eye g) '16041 M. HR HR 4.8 BPM Total al ngl •3 ngl •3 Current T n o tal al : Runoff 3D Reading Stack 212 VRT qwer [1022] [10321 qwer [10221 [10321 Thorax ThoraxPACSREADY (Adult) Filters syngo,via.VB30A syngo.via .VB30A p +70% BestDiö to a second DICOM node wthout further Size of fonts and controls: Size of tonts and p •70% BestDiast p +70% BestOiast A 141 B A 133.3 A 161 A 108.6 Al 25.7 A 147.8 A 161 0 etre_ 0 sp spe R 138.0 PM LAO Cran LAO cran # 123 Stack vRT CT ASPECT Liva en ma s: en ma en ma es: CT, 14.042016 CT, 14.049016 CT, CT, 2016 CT. 14.042016 CT. CT, 25.08.2016 IT 05.0420'6 07 10 2016 07.10.2016 07.102016 05.042016 V'RT Size of fonts and Somaris17 - Configuration Panel Somaris/7 - Configuration Panel 1.2 ACT CT. T cast T sp. cast •V Fun LCAD* *CAD* [E] Resut Types 1 scu scu Keep Heart VRT LAO cran LAO cram Score . 2202 4 22024 Significant Calcification -00038 _ A •0101 1963 Anonymous Hostpital 1963. Thorax XCARE Visual Appearance p +70% BestDiast pl Be Be RD Cll V Enable preparOn with Resub Techno"gy ai @ ThoraxPACSREAOY Rapid Results Technology V Enable automatic preparation with Rapid Resuls Technobgy at syngo.via Enable automatic preparation with Rapid Resuts Technobgy at syngo.via Enable automatic preparation with Rapid Resuls Technobgy at syngo.via Enable preparenn with ResuB Technoogy at synw.via Enable automatic preparation with Rapid Resuts Techno"gy at syngo.via Enable preparenn with Resu& Technoogy at synw.via Enable auto—tic preparÜn with Resub Techno"gy at automatic with Razz Techno'cgy at ge gl 14 2016 n. MM Readi ng Ml Reading AbdomenA06_Tho_Abd_768 (Adult) AbdomenA06_ Tho_Abd_768 (Adult) Abdomen (Adult) AbdomenA06 Tho_Abd_768 (Adult) (Adult) (Adulto) kV kv 512170 kV 110 Marker Cuonues LAO Cru' LAO Cru' review. Always ensure that original AbdomenA06 (Adult) Change parameters LAO CT Results 121 Heart VAT Demo 16170% CT Results c34ceae7eo Axial recon jobs Protocols ECG Protocol name 50 XAlnterventional Readina Interventional protocols Intervenüonal protocols E3,40 Er40 B3r40 E3r40 O pen print Print DICOM Send to Export Import Correct Delete Open Open With O pen 07:53. 06 48 STUDY 25.08.2016 CT,DY 25.08.2016 Scan protocols CT, CT, 25.082016 CT, 25.08-2016 11.112015 25.082016 Eile ThoraxRoutine Contrast protocols Select all protocols Manipulate scan protocols (cut / copy paste delete) Marupulate scan protocols (cut / copy paste / delete) Marupulate scan protocols (cut / copy paste delete) Protocols with ECG Interventi onal protocols Customized scan protocols Import user scan protocols Abdomen IR Score Raggi, Score Raggi. kV 110 W 110 kV110 Circulation 2000 Coronary Age: > 70 Y AbdomenA06 Tho Abd 768 CT. 14 04 50 Br40 3 Br40 3 AA - Thorax Para. AA - Lung CAD. AA - Neuro ED 1 en fi AbdomenA06 Tho Abi CT. 14. CT, 14. fij CT ASPECT 51 Y STUDY RT # 123456 irnages available on the second DICOM irnages avaiabk on the second DICOM Alm,O Current AvaiEaNe Resur Tyrs Availabe Resun Types AvaiEaNe Resur Tyges Availabe Resun Results Technology CT Nero CT Neuro The reproduction, transmission or distribution of this training or its contents is not permitted without Results Results 50 Re Ref, Ref. Vascular 1.2 2' SR cardiac spec-r A. Carotis R Int. A. Carotis R Int Rwv. SR CardiacA02 FAST TurboF1ash C... Vascular406_AngioRunOff (Adult) CardiacA02 FAST TurboFlash C... FAST TurboFlash C... ThoraxHR IR RECIST 1.1 RECIST 1 _ 1 3D recon jobs Axial recon jobs 3D recon jot'S Protocols with Dual Source IR Protocols With Dual Source Define contrast protocols Siemens detault protocols c9 Cl C13 1003 1 Abdomen'D u: #EOG 2016 # 123456 #EOG 2016 033 #EOG 2016 oj3 FAR Protocols with Dual Source 50 8157 3 50 3 Siemens default protocols RCA CrossSections MFR RCACurved Range Radial MFR CURVED Abdorr Abdou Range Ranges 25 For the proper use of the software or hardware, please always use the Operator Manual or Instructions UI schemna: AA - Thorax para Thorax ara Br40 —Ml_Ca _MI _Ca cardiac cardiac SPECT CT: NM: CT: NM: awv 2708.2009 17052018 0 _ 10.05201804.. 17 0520180 _ node are of sufficient qualty for a CURVED Post-processlng F. F, CU Results 901 1 1003 70 % D. 75 ms F, B4Y B4Y 48 70 % 75 ms 48 bpm. 70 % D. 75 ms Series 48 70 % D. 75 ms IMAI 5 cm 5 cm AbdMultlPhase FAR Auto reference lines STUDY Workflow Step for Oncology Reading None (2 results, (2 results, 321124 PM) (2 PM) (2 3:2120 PM) PM) NeckThoraxd Br40 3 General Settings AA - Scapula coronal • Fl_CorCTA 0.75 Bv40 3 • Fl_CorCTA 0.75 Bvao 3 65% • Fl_CorCTA 0.75 Bv40 3 65%1... Fl_CorCTA 0.75 av40 3 65% cr. 2016 express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. Siu Siu 30Tvn Rmngues Rarves Rmnges Rmgues Rmg—s 48 bprn. 48 70 % D. 75 ms D, 75 ms Süws 3D-run S"ws S*ws 3D-run 3D-run 30Tvn ADMIRE recon jobs Assrct A*rct A*Et to 48 bpm, 48 70 % D. 75 ms 48 bpm. D. 75 ms 75 ms 48 bpm. 70 % O, 75 ms 48 O, 75 ms 07 573 0757131 V 13311.35 13321.35 1337.35 MG TOMO MG TOMO 8ElDERZJos 17.082016 1: 1708m1s @Thorax @ Thorax Thorax 06 18.052018 In '80s 20181 _ Lung CAD Workflowv Monitor Setup uontor Setup @ThoraxECGSeqHR ThoraxECGSeqHR Thorax_lGSeqHR Abdomenäoutine review of resut mages. Pr9ertjes of Radial 'v'RT Pr9ertjes of Radial Ran=Oemo properties Of Rag Range_oemo Rag V'RT Scan protocols Contrast protocols 10 h Thorax 1 Ocm Manipulate scan protocols (cut copy f paste / delete) Manipulate scan protocols (cut copy I paste / delete) Manipulate scan protocols (cut f copy paste / delete) Manipulate scan protocols (cut f copy I paste / delete) for Use (hereinafter collectively "Operator Manual") issued by Siemens Healthineers. This material is to be MPR AA - Spine radial VRT Mar-lip VRT Manip VRT Aorta Radial Change parameters CIG BIN 8164 3 Detailed 100 m Protocols for workflow Protocols for data role Ra&al Rmges RaWaI Rmg— Ra&al Rmg— Radial Ranges Rmg— Liva VNC Ran* Liva Ran* Liva Spine Liz VNC flow 20180529 C«-diac.VA11A sola 20180529 sola 20180529 cardiac, VAIIA sola Z01EOS29_C.3diac, Recon heart localizer heæt b:alizer he—I hea-t b: alizer MR; or; SR MR; SR Data role A. Data role 29052018 48 bpm. 70 % D. 75 ms MM Reading enA06_ (Adult) ASPECT 1021 IMAO 102 102 IMA2g 1053 &rkfi [10221 •eries Descriptioni Tree Genes Description AA. Aspect Score Aspect Score Readial Rardial Radial Size of fonts and controls: Rmges Aspect 1m 00 100 m Recon 1 AA - CAD CAD Export Senes @E Thorax NeckThoraxd @ Thorax ow Status Status Workflow Description Patient Name ries Number 100 m •eries Description Modality spine Asw:t SC Dr e Spine Ranges Rmnges Series Rmngues Rmgues Rarues Patient Eatient Transfer Auto Delete Auto recon Expert-i 23Na. P atient spec P 5cm Browsfer 25102018 1: 2510.2018 1: Insert Export €5 cm VRT VRT Thorax ThoraxPACSREADY (Adult) Sne LungLowC)ose LungLowOose 10cm 10171MA'8g RECIST AA - Lung CAD Lung 1037 1037 IMA56 1017 IMAM 89, 10171MA173,. 1037 IMAO 10171MAO2 #2243938 3 V) 3 m Lung Liver Linges Lymph ,ymph Generic uuy •any CAD Lung CAD" used as training material only and shall by no means substitute the Operator Manual. Any material used CAD" Thorax Para" •AA Thorax Para" "AA Lung CAD Data role A. Data role 50 3 LCAO LAO Cran Scan RT Auto MPR D)ual Energy CT ASPECT Head Re istration Spine_Snl Search MPR V Enable automatic preparation wth Rapkf Resuls Technology at syngo.via V Enable automatic preparation Rapkf Resuls Technology at syngo.via V Enable automatic preparation Rapkf Results Technology at syngo.via V Enable automatic preparation Rapkf Resuts Technology at syngo.via v Enable automatic preparation wth Rapkl Resuls Technology at syngo.via V Enable automatic preparation Resurs Technology at syngo.via 11.122014 11 preset # EDG 2016 002 ' V Vessel Evaluation 5] RadOl V'RT Rmge_thm Print Series Head C_Spine_Vol Spine C_Spine Vascular Dual Energy 0.5 Node is gated CT "ms. The settng does rx The settng does have an effect scmns The settng does have an effect scans. The settig does not have an effect cm c*her scans. The soettig not have an erect scams. The does have an erect scms The does rx - Curved RCA Cur.-ed Radial MPR RCA RCA ACSREADY (Adult) LungCARE Lung CAD Radial Rag RT CT AA - Neuro Perfusion for Yohei Thorax Phantom CT Angle Betwen Irnages 9 1500 (Auto) All names and data of patients, parameters and configuration dependent designations are fictional AIL names and data of patients, parameters and configuration dependent designations are fictional loc m 171 '9031 p 70% LAO cr. LAO Cra . p +70% VRT cran VRT LAO VRT LAO cran LAO Cran Scran Workflow CT Pulmo 3D 1032 11 RT Auto CO MM Reading Head XCARE CT DE) Br40 3 Head Ang10_k__ - DE Thorax_ @E Thorax Import user scan protocols Curved MPR LAD AA- Curved Radial MPR The settig does not have an effect scuw Curved Troubleshoot Image Visualization ThorAbd XCARE AA - Rib Ranges for Yohei AA AA - Rib Ranges for Yohel Results 30 Reference Point Heorad_XCARE Head_XCARE C_Spine_Vol Score • DVlLiver2Lengt • DynLiver2Lengt 01 _DE_Abd DE Abd Rapd Results Rapid Results Edit Result Rap" Results Rapid Resuts RapÉd Results Point A• Arch CAD in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does not necessarily reflect the latest version of Change parameters Change perameters Merge Montor Layout Layout CT Ra--,9e CT RT MM Oncology Onco_CADFhSsh onco_CADFIasn Onco_CADFhSh 16Fmndings_PACSReadYAutoPr 16Findings_ 16 Findings_PACSReadyAut0Pr_ 16Fmngs_PACSReadYAutoPr Lung CAD [51 Candidates (Auto) CT 'Euro 1,000 _ Lung CAD 151 Candidates (Auto) Lung CAD 151 candidates (Auto), 40M PET 022 40M PET PET 022 Preview 160 NM DR 1003 Cur.-ed Radial MPR RCA Curved Radial MPR LCX Pmt Series pmt Senes Series Curved Radial MPR L -X C12 Osplay Type C Spine C_Sp1 ne Head Ang10Rou_X._ HeadAng1 _ DE Thorax . DE Thorax !eading Reading Available Result Types Result Types ThorAbd_XCARE C.mfiwred Results Cmfiwred Results Removal C_Spine_Vol HeadNeuro_X., preset BDE Abdom sec Ref MM Reading and examples only. D 1003 spi-,e W'R spin,e W'R spi-,e Carotid spine W'R image Visualization RT Auto CT cascmng CT CaSc«ing CT CT CaSc:aim CT CaScwing CT casconng Evaluation Evaluatlon CT ASPECT EXTERNE OPNVOOR OPN 2019 of AA Stroke Perfusion Delete Ref. Ref.: Card Best Card Best HeadNeuro X__ Thoraxlntervention Thoraxlntervennon Head Aroo_Vol HeadAngio_Vol the software and hardware available at the time of the training. H BPM HPR An g C_Spine_Vol SOMATOM Drive Rarr*s 0.75 ms RibRangesDefault MG MAMMA MG 13.182014 16.122014 1612mu 11.1120130k 160122014B cm chome CT Dud Energy Renns. Cardac LAO Rap" Results Strc*e Lung CAD M. 73Y M, 73M Yung c Lung no c AEF On CO Auto SOMATOM RT ContagiV ImageText Scan Protocol E-Logbook Scan Rrotocol E-Logbook Bolus HeartView C 14 c 15 C13 Scan Protocol t,can Protocul Protocol HeartVlew Vérificatkn and Archivmg VerificatiM and Bcchiving 'vérificatkY1 and Archivmg HeadNeckSho_._ HeadNeuro and Archivmg Spine _ Vol HeadAng10Ultr.. DE Abdom. DE Abdom Rename RT Auto CAD Import from teamplay h DE Thorax_ HeadNeuro_X., HeadAngioRVoutr HeadAngio_Votr Control Show;Hide Lung CAD results Sinus Coronal 3.0mm RaWaI Ra&ial Radial Rag Radal M. 73M sol MM Readinq-Compare 1 Head v0214002 '002 1700.9 5cm 5cm 50cm 10cm Board Zoom Cornrnent CT Cardiac Function CT API Language point Edit German Editor Tracking V&rification and LMu Ass. tant Assistant Ass Lant tant Siws 3.&rm Siws 3. myn Siws 3.&rm Point Edit Home Positior•l Home RT Auto Import user scan protocols LAO Monitor Setup HeadRouujneSeq HeadRouuneSeq Spine_Sn NeuroDSACT M. 73Y AA • Liver Range AA Liver Range Ranges Lung CAD Lung cm CT Netro g0214003 ace 201 s u Edit Result LAO 30 seq 3.0 B35f seq 3.0 seq B35f CURRENT NPR AA - Thorax para - Thorax para Rames Preset to AA - Thorax ara All rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, are 10 CT VRT MM Reading MPR Angke Betw•æn In-ages Aligned Range 07.102016 RFP onco CADFlash PACSReadyAutoPreProc 16Findings_PACSReadyAutoPreProc CarotidAngio bet•æen Images irn»es MG MAMMA MG spine MP R MFR MPH M P R 2.0m AH "PR WR M P R 20m A MPR 20m Rag Ranges RaÜ Ranges Ranges Liva Liv« h DSkXL_Spi- MPR NeuroDSACT Treindings_ Reading Treindings Fiendings The Operator Manual shall be used as your main reference, in particular for relevant safety information 07 10.2016 07.10.2016 beteen • preset @ Thorax @Thorax 102 Widow AA. Heart LAO Cran Heart VRT LAO Cran Heart LAO Cran VET r ran LAO Cran VI 19001 317) Montor Layout Recion CURRENT Thorax patient ID 37 Patient Model Patient Name patient 37 ernrstreaåi Br40 3 @E Thorax n 14005 MG MAMMA BEIOERZIJDS prnrstrea erfirstread' is gated CT r AA - Scapula coronal AA - Scapula coronal - Scapula coronal 555 P' nrstrea Export scan protocols Customized scan protocols Heart 555 AA- Scapula coronal AÅ- Sca Lila coronal Protocol loading is in progress. please wait. Application loading is in progress. please wait Application loading is in progress. please wait. 126f70 % spiral 0.6 126f70 % Aut«re ArcNvÉV 126 VRT C*spiay Type A»ect reserved. Rmnges Cancel F'riings 1 AA - Coronaries VRT LAO Cran Coronaries VRT LAO Cran dentib' Monitors Instances , nodu>sonti nodu—sontf nooupsonti 37 7/1/2014. O spiral spiral 126f70 spiral % MG MG MAMMA 2&.092016 2208.2016 u _corr Nun%er of Images of Images Images Image Irn»es Neck Speci als 185 Neck Radial NeckThoraxd Specials Rardial Vascular like warnings and cautions. åll Get in Get in case Get in •re t' C02) in c ze in r spine radial Ranges Results "PR 2 _ Omm (1 Finding(s)) 37 Radial VRT Range Export scan protocols Import user scan protocols AA - Spine radial VRT AA-S radial VRT AA - S Ine radial VRT Spine radial VRT Findings- 15 Findings; 1 Findings- 15- Edit Result LAO go LAO Cra go 0K Punch Display Type Proøerbes of Sinus Coronal 3 Omm Prcverbes cf Sinus Coronal 3 Omm Prcverbes of Radial Rarqe Prcverbes of Sinus Coronal 3 Omm Prcverbes of Radial Raroe_Oemo Prcverbes of Radial Ramae_Copy Sims Coronal 3 Omm Sims 3 10 Re—Sy 512170 512/70 tim_Bcdy Rerm•vdl zNd_ IsdateC«muy Tree RT Catcwring RT Auto ax&ring RT Auto ancwring RT Cutcwring LAO Cran 02.122000 u 02.122mou 0212 268/30 SIEMENS Intervention 3D 30 Mewing Viewing CAD Filming Study Filming CT ASPECT As Dentd preset NeckmenRouttne AA - AA - Spine MPR 2.0mm Spine MPR 2.0mm Spine MPR 2.0mrn Layout seckRoutine HeadRoutineSeq Lung CAovers.on:v01D0 LungCADversion:v0100 Lung CA0vers.on:votoo ThoraxPACSR. ThoraxPACSR.. ThoraxPACSREADY TurboFlash S 2 # 123456 •01 Chest_CT CT.. Thx AM Al RAO 13.042016 u Layout Lay'out Editor Layout Edtor #123456 Yw cm CT Dud Enerw Reun. AA - Lung CAD - CAD Lun Lunq CAD Irn»e Cornrrent Preset erevievv: Preview. Rteviewl: Rtevieel: preview RT Auto Contouring Text Text Language Erg'sh (Unded States) Text States) (Unaed States) (unded States) Trmswsd As V'RT LAO Cran LAO Cran Favorite Tcnls NeckThorAbd The the NeuoCTAÄ1_cow 1.0 3 1 0 8164 3 Thorax XCARE MP i age 268/30 (1 Finding(s)) 270/30 268/30 (1 Finding(s)) Findin Restore scan protocols to Siemens default @ Thorax ShoulderRoutine TraumaThin ot Ranges Preset Ranges Presa Ranges preset preset of 5cm Favorite Tools Anatomy Visualizer Spiral scans Findings Viewings Image Thkkness 3 '002 icn_Chest_ Chest DR 92 Chest 92 92 Gen Tho sn Gen sn S. Select all finrstread' v Spiral scans Vultisæns Thkkness DR_1003 Ref. d Best Zoo 'WP 6 IMA 6 IMAn,a. "DR 1003 Text Engish cunned States) CT Cascoring CT CT Cascorin Copyright O Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2019 ThoraxRoutine (Adult) Poly T (Adult) Poly Trauma (Adult) 19.04.11-13:56 PolyTraun P reset PolyTraun tie Preset Ranges Preset Ole Preset Previevwv 19.04.1 Total mAs: 19.04.1 Total rnAs: Total Total mAs: Select the Preset Total mAs: 52 • ThoraxRoutine • ThoraxRouüne AA - Lung CAD - Lunq CAD Lun Lung CAD 07i57:31.47 Arch t noduésrif • LungCAD • Lung•CAD LunÖtAD HO Acetabdum L PriMry Wildow Tumsynthese Ton-osynthese Osseous p reset CT Netro 07557:31.47 RCA Curved Range Radial Note: Some functions shown in this material are optional and might not be part of your system. The Cut" Type Outpat Type Phase % Display Result Types Display Type Chsplay Type Chs*y Type Chs*y I ReÉrence Irnage ReÉrence 03 M, ea Ing- ompare ea or-npare Axial recon jobs •s you want to make furthe changes? ADMIRE Axial recon jobs Restore scan protocols to Siemens default RCA Sinus 3. 430M. Findings Edit the Ranges generated by DSXXL Thon DSXXL Tho- P01YTrauma SP Altea_Angio TCF COW carotids roe COW _ TOF COW carotids CO•VV TurboFlash polyTrauma Distance Clip Plane Energy Level Movie MPR_CURVED MM Reading-Compare 2 AÅ - Neuro Perfusion for Yohei AA- Neuro Perfusion for Yohei AA - Neuro Perfusion for Yohei A.A - Neuro Perfusion for Yohei 3 5 678 3 45 3 67 3 45 67 SP sp sp Al spe Ossemß Tssue Tssue 70 preset preset AS preset As AS ParaTra WR LAO Thorax_HR— RT Preset As VOIOD Pac sReadv Miewings Recon job Senes descnption Thorax 1 0 Br59 Senes descnptton Thorax 1 0 Br59 RCA Cinved Range RCA Cigved RCA RCA Rmge MPR "g o Findings Navigator RCA Cuved MPR MPR •g MPR sag ShoulderRouüne ShoulderRoubne 12 PM 12. PM Thorax HR Thorax XCARE T±le 06 12 sekctim is carOE CT syngo .via syngo via MM Reading-Compare 3 IOC m information in this material contains general technical descriptions of specifications and options as well • spiral 0.6 • spiral sruor a.s mA 20 Instances The rd m m DynEva CT VPCT Body Screen Saver Audit Trail Software 10crn 1 Ocrn 10crr' MPR_CuR_ MPR_CuR. MPR_CUJR._. Rne 110311 HeM L P•aC« O Output CT DE) CT VECT Body Multi Monitor Cutput Shat L Navigator Gray A*Ect Scwe A*ect ScMe AA- Rib Ranqes for _Yohei AA - Rib Ran es for Yohei AA - Rib Ranges for Yohei r AA- Rib Ran es for Yohei 30 IMAna, 20312201401 2601 (1 Finding(S) This Of CM CT . MM MM Corn are 4 MM .Com Clip Box Rotate AuttxrøtE Grundlegende Interaktionen PualW 'vSscuar PualW "hscdar PualW 'vascuar PualW 'vSscdar Image Thickness 3 I rmge ThCkness 3 Inzge Thi:kness 3 I rmge ThZkness 3 ThZkness 3 Baot6uClty Hospital Angie Between Angle between Images Angle Between Angve Between Angle Between Inuges Between 2016 Lishui Citf Central Hospital Lishui CitfCentral Hospital 8 Hospital Angle between Images Regfistration Configuration... Configuration Distribution L_ Number Of L MPR O_8mm cm CT Erergy Vßualisation Display Display on: 1 Display on: AngioRunOff 1 av36 Fl_CorCTA 3 1.0 av36 3 ot LIS.. H27.6 H24. I Slice Recon job type • Axial Wontor I AmiraBM_Hea3 AmiraBM_HeM 16.01.2019 u IS 16.01 m019 u 1 0 mm 3D as standard and optional features that do not always have to be present in individual cases. @Thorax Topogram @ Thorax ThorAbd— 120 Auto recon mG•yPcm Resdutitx-. Shat R 'vRT Findings Navigator Favorite Tools : Runoff Coronary Cardiac Radial Cardiac Energy soiÅTOM Force AbdomenSeq RT Auto CAD MM Readin_-CClr-n _ are I ReÉr«vce syngovia SOMATOM Force Force éyngevla syngo.via of Com*te Lataal Lateral L NPR O&nm éyggevla Zoom Zoom 0,33 Distan:e between 2 Distance b&ween 2 Distance between 2 o Findings Navigator : •0101 .1963. M. 52M : •010111963. 52Y •1604.1 •1604.1957. M. •16.0411 Angio_col Angio_co head chical hbrarÉs head c I hic al libraries chical librar— Distance between I mages Distan:e between Images of sp L56,6 sp faire Scroll Imanges phase % 13.cE.NE 1637* Export scan protocols Contrast protocols S AB5.9 As dÜset NeckmenRoutine • —AbdomenRo.. m —AbdomenRo.. D AbdomenRo.. Number Of Images Number of Images Chris Define contrast protocols Contrast protocols Head . Card Best spiral 06 126f70 % cm chcx»e CT Dud Energy Resets. ADMIRE Recon region Narrow 1 0 time Scan time Scan tir•ne tirne Auto Tasking Auto filming 3 32 s 7 26 s Auto vjewtng is only CT Auto filming Auto viewing 23.8 Dual Monitor Layout ARIA studie WM studie Sid i e CT; RTSTRUCT RTSTRUCT r MM Readin -Com are 4 r MM Reading-Compare 1 MM Readin -Com are 4 : ILO Isdate Heart Heart Fl_CorCTA 075 3 Fl_CorCTA 0.75 3 Th.-I r m Thnr CT Reu&. VAT 512±392 13C62cc•s Pnhmary Lung CAD Lurv CAD Text St—) CT Er—-gy Us er Role Hanling Text Text . Tat St—s) Tat Role Handling Workflow is CT workflow 17087708 Data role V'lue V•lue Value Scource R MPR RoW DSXXL Ab_ DSkXL Ab HeadomenRoutineSeq SpinmenRoutine ShdoulderRoutine SpinmexRoutine DDS Coronar.. DS Coronar_. Turb0Flash TurboFlasn ms CT; REG; REG; 150120191, Oaf Save as Serie Images courtesy of x '223.9 S mm The settim have CT CaSc«iv CT CaSc«tv CT CaScMtv CT CaSc«Év CAD w 1053 18-2736 11992<1 x m ChJinaI; Prim" Fit to Fit to ent ass 2508.2016' Radial Kernel 8r59 Thorax Lung 25082016 11.112015 No of filmed images of Field of Field of 292.8 Auto postprocessing None cm 223.3 2238 75 35 5] SP A161 R 08mrn x mm x m mm Nan. Upper extremities Upper extremiti es Lower extremiti es Acetabulum L Upper Extremities TurboFlash user Role Handling v Spiral scans A bdomenRoq Thorax NeckThoraxd Age Cascore LEWIS 1301 O AA - Stroke Perfusion AA - AA Stroke Perfusion CAD Certain products, product related claims or functionalities described in the material (hereinafter collectively Refereme R&rence I rmge XA Interventiona Rardiology CT TAVI P CT Dynamic Angio MG Breast Double Blind MR BreVis MR Brevjs 220 Number of Images preferred CT DE + Vascular CT Chest CT Neuro Perfusion CT OSA MM RT Image Suite CT Vascular ReÉrence Irmge Preferred user Add Printer Date and Applications Exauminabion SR Regional and Exaumination SR Viewer To request results together wth a reconstruction, you need to assign items that are displayed in the Configured Resuts list to a TO request results together wNth a reconstructbn, you need to assign items that are displayed in the Configured Resuts list to a TO request results to To request results together 'Nth a reconstruction. you need to assign items that are displayed in the Configured Resuts list to a TO request results together wth a reconstruction, you need to assign items that are displayed in the Configured Resuts list to a figured Resuts list to a 10.00 10000 5cm Contrast protocols Scan protocols Radial Radial cp Radial CPR range r runoff ge r runoff Define contrast protocols Heat Fm' ParaTra I range 277 Field 0fV,ew Print Text PET: RTS. PET; PET, S R b S R VVnstUHR Wri su_lHR AbdMultiPhase DS Cascore WrjstUHR : SP SP SP H705,4 SP H705, H705, AbdMulüPhase RT CT - Abdomen OS OS_CaScor, CT Body Perfus• on MM RT Image Suite Ml Cardio ogy Ml Cardiology Ml Neurology List f import export contrast protocols List f import / export contrast protocols Window Flip Horizontal AA - RibRangesDefault Begin position CT Cardiac CT Neurovascular CT Coronary CT Liver Anahysis is CT Time Tree F AST Language Moodlight Lung MM Readin Com are 4 Slice nodu»sontf 06 mm 0 6 mm Pnmuy Pmt reconstruction at a Siernens Heathineers CT scanner. reconstruction at a Siemens Heathineers CT scanner. reconstruction at a S Display on: Heæt P«aSag MPR I. The —t Humeral Shan Shan R spiral 0.6 RCA Darstellungsarlen 3D recon jobs 51 Darstellungsarten "Functionality") may not (yet) be commercially available in your country. Due to regulatory requirements, RT'OI (Erwachs... RT. 021.012014 1: 0201 .zou 1: 021_01 2014 1: P reset Presets presets Preview. Orientation Image Series Manip VART 34 s CT Neuro Perfusion CT Cardiac Planning Ml Neurology CT Chest Pain + PE CAD MM Basic Compare MR Breast Long DS Cascore cascor„ etfirstread' MM Onco + CT Bone CT Chest Pain CT Cardiac Function CT Bone Reading Ml Cardiology AbdomenSeq A bdomenRo.. pelvis OS Cascor, OS Cascore @ AA - RibRangesDefault O AA - Sinus Coronal 3.0mm AA - Sinus Coronal 3_Ornm O AA - Sinus Coronal 3_Omm Sinus Corona' 3 Omm Visual i sation VAT Heat Shut MPR I. Shoulder humeral Shan R End position UI Lan quage UI Language UI Lan guage mm CT_SOM5 VEO CT_SOM5 CT_SOM5 SEO/OER VEO Automatic Result. Automatic pm, o, 75 ms Orientation —FAST_Turbo. n FAST_Turb0. AS_Onc A.S_Cnc o. _ AS _Cnc Topogram length 140920130' 1 Dcm 512 mm 512 pm, FAST _ Turbo, FAST _ Turbo • AZ. OspedaLi Riuniti Ancona, Ancona, Italy • AZ. Ospedali Riuniti Ancona, Ancona, Italy CT Coronary CT Vascular CT Chest Pain MR Prostate MR Spectro Fit to seg Fit to CT Cascoring CT Myocardial Perfusion ColonLowDose. To request resuts together wth a reconstructbn, you need to assogn that are ddpbyed Configured Resubs "ist to a To request resuts together wth a reconstructbn, you need to asson that are ddpbyed Configured Resub "st to a ExtrUHR_Sn Manip VRT ScÅRProtG6iÅ"ssistant Scan Protocol Assistant Scan Protoc61 Assistant ColonLovvoose, ovvOose.. O AA - curved Radial MFR RCAO AA - Stroke Perfusion O AA - Curved Radial MPR LCX AA - Liver VNC Range AA - Liver VNC full UM - Liver 33.4 x NUM MS Heal Ttvee Para-Cu "PR I Heat nvee ParaCor MPR I MPR 1 full LungCAO version: VOI DD Automatic Result, 48 bprn, 70 % D 75 ms Automatic Result, 48 bpm, 70 % D 75 ms Automatic Result, Result. 48 70 75 rts 08 75 ms Tools the future availability of said Functionalities in any specific country is not guaranteed. Please contact your AS_Onc 03122012 To request resuts together wth a reconstructon. you need to ass"n terns that are dSpbyed Configured Resuts Sist to a SL full Tab'e Mate Heart Isolate Heart Caulon:M9W Caulon:M9w , d erfirstread' erfirstread! CT Cardiac Function CT Liver Anatys' s MM Reading MM Oncolog,' CT Cardiac CT DE + Vascu ar CT DE Vascu MM Oncology MR Whole Spine MR Tissue4D MR VL reconstructøn at a Siemens Heathheers CT scanner, reconstruction at a Siemens Heathineers CT scanner. Range Series Name Range Series Name Aorta Radial [71_Corr Range Series Name Aorta Radial VRT [71_Corr Range Series Name Aorta Radial VRT 171_Corr Image Resolution CT Pulmo 3D CT Dynamic Angio Do you want to save these changes? Prcperties of Sinus Coronal 3. Onyn Prcverties of Radial Range_Copy Prcverties of Sinus Coronal 3. Onyn Prcverties Sinus C«onal 3.0rm-. Prc»erties Sirn-ß Coronal the Sthe AA - Aligned Range AA - Stroke Perfusion Aligned Range CT Dual Energy Configuration HO L List import / export contrast protocols List I import / export contrast protocols Tube position Top • Lateral 61 Bottom Lateral Orientation 38.3 36.6 SIEMENS Routine* Clinique Bizet, Paris, France To resuts together wth a you need to that are the Configured Resuts to a CT CT Neurovascular MR Angio TimC E Result Edit Result MG Breast MM Basic Compare MR Cardiac Analysis MM Readi ng MM Readincl Chains: Pimary Id nodupsontf Idnodupsontf MM Onco CT Vascular CT TAVI Planning CT Colon Ml Neurology MM Automatic Result. iMARde Private Field Lower extremitl es Upper Extremities Set TO request With you to that the ao TO request together wou need to that the to a TO request together need to that the to a TO request together you need to that the to a TO request re L I To you to are at to o •N to o Long O AA - RibRangesDefault need to that are the to a O AA - Heart VRT LAO Cran eart VR'T LAO cran ["ontor 1 local Siemens Healthineers sales representative for the most current information. 10cm 10cmn reconstructøn at Heathheers CT scanner. Routine* toos2T4 Image Comment gompleteWume Sekct me UI 27 032019 12 Image Size 612 x 392 pixels S fun cx 2 cx_2 Isdate Heart 27032019 1234S,67 HD Fov 300 mm Image order Crarnjocaudal Seet L•nwage tor Date. and Format Seet L•nwage tor Date. and Number Format Select Language for Date, and Number Format Auto transfer None Image Comment Complete Volume VRT Requested procedure CT Pulmo 3D MR Angio MultiStation MR Angio MIST MR Basic MR Neuro 3D Thorax ThoraxRoutine ( - Thorax ThoraxRouti ne Thorax ThoraxR0LRine Thorax ThoraxRoutine ( CT Coronary + Ca CT Body Perfusion CT Dental Ml Reading RCA _2 _2 reconstruction at a Siemens Heathineers CT scanner. reconstrudbn at a Sie—ns He•thheers CT scanner at a Sie—ns Heathheers CT scanner at Sie—ns He•thheers CT scanner, CT Liver Analysis KneelJHR KneeUHR 1 Ocm 1037 CT Dual Energy Configuration Findings- 15 Findings: 15 Pehv'lsRouune AA - Sinus Coronal 3.0mrn AA- Heart LAO Cran AA - Coronaries VRT LAO Cran Sinus Coronal Omm - Sinus Coronal 3 Omm Series AA - MM Oncr»gy MM Oncology MM Oncobgy CT; PET; CT; PET: 10cm Clinique Pasteur, Toulouse, France ParaC« This anguage is tor al software products This anguage is for al software products This is •ppæd so tware This is •ppæd so tware prMuas C15 preset 1033 CT Colon MR An io MultiStanion MR An io Sin leStaüon MM Onco + CT Bone MM Onco + CT Vascular MR An io Sin leStaüion None CT TAVI CT Neuro OSA LAO 2 MM Oncology None Message Tot Angl Tot Total Angl Angl . 3500 • 350 27.032019 1234567 Increment Tools hDSXXL DSXXL Update customer protocols PET; Rwv' Body part exami ned Body pa Body part Body part exarni ned Body part ned WrjstUHR FootlJHR OSXXL None AA - Liver VNC Range O AA - Liver VNC Range AA - Coronaries VRT LAO Cran O AA - Radial VRT Range Chest ARH Comments LungCADverSion•VD10OD LungCADversion•VD1 OD Include Reference Image Image To request results together wth a reconstructøon, you need to assign iterns that are displayed in the Configured Resuts Eist to a 92 Prim"y g;s:- iö.O • 1 Ocm CT Liver Analysis MM Oncology Configuration LAC _3 Synch Align Full Text Hide Node lode Rreset prinet Reset Reselts Results Messungen Anglé Between -ioo• CT Dual Energy Configurabion CT Dual Energy Configurabon CT Dual Energy Configuration CT Dual Configuration CT Du al Enerqy Configuraton CT Dual Energy Configuraton Tools • Harbourside Cardiology, Barangaroo NSW, Australia Harbourside Cardiology, Barangaroo NSW, Australia Vrsion_3 SIEMENS PETCT-subject3 PETCT-subject3 • Hip 29052.2018 O AA - Aligned Range O AA - Radial VRT Range O AA - S ine MPR 2 Omm O AA - Spine MPR 2 Omm AA - Aligned Range AA - Spine MPR 2 Omm Graphics Timepoi__ Timepoi__, Timepoi„_ Hip 18327.36 163736 SIEMENS User Role kV11 Center Y No. of images O mm 429 (VIM Readinr_l Display Type Display Result Types C*splay Tyr Dsplay Tyr D*splay Tyr 1 Dcm None Node IDcm 1 Dcm ICIcm Visibility of syngo.via application ot gomv'a application ot go.v'a application CT Liver Analysis CT LiverAnalysis CT LNver Anatysis CT Li•verAnatysis CT LWer Analysis CT Dual Energy Configuration MM Oncology Configuration Vision_4 SIEMENS PETCT-subject3 CT; awn.' 22 0920160! m 092016 u 22092018 u 22092016 0-1 ASPECT score 7 E)dremity Extremity StartsjStops,Rejects calculation of 14 AA - Heart VRT LAO Cr n O AA - Heart VRT LAO Cran AA - Coronaries VRT AA - RT Auto Contourin XAlnterventional Readina ExtrUHR_Sn Sn m As/ rot I H-i.p_iMAR H.p_iMAR 1000 HR 48 BPM Multiscans MPR CV CV CT 07 C'IO Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitöt, Klinik und Poliklinik für Radiologie, München, Germany Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Klinik und Poliklinik für Radiologie, München, Germany Biograph , Vision_S Biograph., Vrsion_3 SIEMENS 2609.2016 1: 26092016 1: t: -5.0 Mirroring None Cautiom View only atter first read Comments Of 25 ranges. 13.csa» 183736 16 ins: Primary Primary MM Oncology Configuration Oncology Contourabon Configuration application to specific and the to Windows and the to and cover to overrde specific tasibar conW•tion and cover Data role _ 5 cm _ 5cm 3T.o• AA - Lung AA - Lung CAD AA - Lung AA - Ri. AA - Lung AA - - Lung AA - p aestDiast p BestDiast Extremity Zoom 1.07 zoom 1.68 Zoom 1.68 AlInterventional Readina XA Interventional Readina Alnterventional Readina MPR Al Table. Position Rreset Preset Height Héight Table. Position Height Table: Posibon Table: Position Height Table Height Hide G You can start/stop/reject calculation of Rea±y ReS MM p +70% aestDiast aestCiast SIEMENS CT Preset preset 390 • 10, O • 10.0 • O • 1: 10 18-3738 P-rinwy Tlrnepo Timepo •c W 100 000 CT Dual Energy Configuration Readinal Interventional Readina Ilnterventional Readina Readina Keep syngo always on top Keep Keep t" kv 110 v ADMIRE HR 48 B i wsyLeft B i opsyLett Extended CT scale -7305 A -7305 A 1630 -7306 A 1630 -2046 0 Craruocaudal Crarnocauoal Cranjocaudail starVstWreiect SL Flin Sl_vilih ISOO V Amw syngo_via appbcatOn to overrde user spec& Widows taskbar con Vatøn and cover the taskbar Adaptive 40 spiral scans Adaptive AD spiral scans Rernove Inside Interventional scans Alnterventional Readina VAT mAsJrot_ 500 mAsJrot 500 mAsfrot 500 rnAsJrot 500 • Remove Inside Chg ins: scans Scans C15 Edit Snapshot print Export Import Undo Onco 517512 Do not measure on left side of the image! Do not measure on left Do not measure on left side Of ot the image! image! 1500 -600 Ms 296 Apply Cancel 10 Layout Image Image cÅUD go cÅUD 90 (4 Reject Start Accept Image ThÉkness Irmge Thikness Angle Between Imnages Angie Between Images An* Between lnzges Sertiegs Setting w 1467 1467 CT Liver Analysis Keep syngo appbcat6n always on top 2) Skip C 185 Manip VRT Language 'ao no ca,HA) Auto Taskina 512812 Routine Monitor 1 Serman German Scan Recon Auto Tasking Auto as g Search successfully completed The selected data opened Workflow has been assigned Opening selected data.. Opening selected data M 612612 513'513 End 354 Remove Outside HR B HR 56 BPM HR HR 56 '-Sequence i-Sequence i-SpiraI Automatic Acc ect 0.7g v ADMIRE Accept RCA Curve RCA Curved Range Parallel Of 35 ge Parallel Manip VRT ManipVRT Acc ept 48 bpmn. 48 bprn. 48 bpm, D, 75 ms Redon do Redo go Redo Recon 4B bpm, 48 bprn, 70 0 75 ms 75 ms 37 Distmce t*ween Irnages Distmce tEtwæn In-ages Distmce Images Distmce t*ween Images Angle between Images Distmce In-ages Distmce tktween Irnages of of Irnages 10537 1053 1467 for patent exam. (D 3:17 PM the UI language 3:16 PM 3:21 PM 3:15 PM 0K Gantry tilt may be restnicted from -17.00 to 2B 00 Gantry tilt may be restricted from -17.00 to 29 Gantry tilt may be restricted from -17 00 to 29 CAU090 CAUD go 90 go NO checkup performed so far. Select Setup/Checkup. NO checkup performed SO far Select Setup/Checkup NO checkup performed so far. Select Setup/Checkup No checkup performned so far Select SetupfCheckup LAO 137 RAO RAO gg LAO 11-Apr-2019 13 1 13 57: 12 1 13 13 13 5704 13 57: 14 13 57: 18 13 5723 13 5727 13 5721 13±706 13 5701 Checkup not completed, system should not be used for patient exam. (D Checkup not completed. system should not be used 1501-2016 16.122016 11:39 11:40 Checkup not completed system should not be used for patient exa... states) 09: 11 53 14:29 14:28