System Messages and Message History (XA30)

This video provides an overview about the Message History and different System Messages.

System messages are displayed as icons in the status bar. In a single monitor setup, all system messages are summarized in one message history. In a dual monitor setup, the system messages on the main monitor refer to EMAR system related issues and on the second monitor they refer to Mr View and go related issues. These messages are generally classified as errors or information. In addition, there is an icon to open the scanner, an acquisition dialog box on the main monitor. This dialog box includes warnings related to Mr Hardware. For example, the cooling system, coil selection, and resonance frequency. Different icons in the status bar inform you about the number and type of messages. The message history icon is displayed. If you have no new or unread messages. If you have several messages in the message history, the icon with the highest priority is displayed in the status bar. Click on the icons in the status bar to open the message history and dialog box in order to read the details of the message, open the message. You should always check the icons in the status bar and open the related dialogs. If workflows are interrupted or errors are shown to continue with the workflow, read the details of the messages displayed in the message histories. Remember, if you open the message history dialog box, all messages will be automatically set to read and the icon will change on the screen. You should therefore ensure that you check all messages in your message history before you continue scanning.

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