This video provides an overview of the MR View&GO TimeCurve feature.

A typical use case for time curve is a test bolus to check the timing behavior of contrast media inflow or to trigger measures for cardiac examinations. Select the segment showing the data you want to analyze and open the time curve functionality via the launcher button. A new step will be opened including related functionalities such as ROI or snapshot. To check the results, click on the graphic. You can select a point such as the peak and scroll the time points with the left and right cursor in the graph. The X axis unit can be modified as well as offset. Click on one point and the related time point image will be opened automatically to save the results in a snapshot, select the desired point in the time curve graph and then click the snapshot icon in the step area. The snapshot will be saved chronologically into segment layouts and the time curve result will appear in the series list as a user created image. Remember, if you want to have the full functionality of mean curve, you can access it via the basic workflow.

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