Using the Monitoring Screen on the Atellica® Solution Job Aid Version 1.25 and Below

This job aid provides instructions on how to use the Monitoring screen on the Atellica® Solution.

Atellica® Solution SIEMENS Using the Monitoring Screen Job Aid Healthineers The Monitoring screen can be used to quickly identify and address SIEMENS Atellico" Solution Version 1.14 0 2951003 SP001077 samples. Reaction results are posted to this screen in the order that 1 System Samples leventory Calibration Pabient Osders Workdienst Martenanice they are read, so the operator can identify the tests that were run Worldist Overview 2 Monitoring Lab Metrics before and after each result. Filter Result Tiene SID 6 Test Besull Interpretation Flags Sample Type Specimen Type Analyzer Al 2 12 PM SCIAC-148 142 mmol/L Waiting for HIL CMO0113 Patient Serum 1. At the Command bar, select Worklist 3 Tiene 15 Minutes 2:12 PM SCIAG 148 4 32 mmol/L Waiting for HIL CM00113 Pabert Serum Sample Type Al 2:12 PM SCIAG-146 104 mmolit Waiting for HIL CM00113 Patient Serum 2. Select the Monitoring tab Test A 2:12 PM SCIAG 358 3 13 poiml 00109 Patient Serum Select filter options from the Analyzer, Time, Sample Type, or Test Flagged Results Ony 4 2:12 PM SCIAG-343 LOLP 222 UL CM00110 Patient Serum 3. Include Preliminary Results(P) 2:12 PM SCIAG 428 19 mgis CM00110 Patient Serum dropdown lists View Tests 2:12 PM SCIAG 428 Ca 13.5 mgidl CM00110 Patient Serum 4. If desired, select one of the View Tests options: 2:12 PM SCIAG:323 ALT