syngo Application software VD11 : Manipulate MPR Control Room Video

This video demonstrates how to manipulate the MPR in the 4D viewer in the control room. Note: This video does not have audio.

patient Patient Eatient Applications 2atient Applications ?atient patient Bpvlications patient M c4e Mcde Show M ode Moue M cue Mcde Move Mode Yiewc Yiew Orieotabcn Yiew Orientaüor. Viewing VYiewing Orieotaicn Orieotaicn. Orieotabcn. Orieotaücn. Orieotabon Orieotaücn Orieotabon. Orientaicn Orienteüor. Orieotabcn Orientator. Tools Measure Volumes Measure Measure volumes Volumes Options options Help HA C Siemens. PURE Siemens, PURE Siemens. PURF Viewing loaded or acquired volumes. Review an Yeview Rev. w Revi W Rev ew Viewing Viewing loaded or acquired volumes. Rgvig« or acquired Ravie" or acquired Pgvig« or acquired Pgvig« loaded or acquired or acquired or acquired Theck Rgvig« loaded or acquired Review' or acquired volumes loaded or acquired volumes loaded oracquired Review' loaded or acquired volumes or acquired volumes Orienteüor. rientation NO bookmarks available Move M PR eference L nes acquislnions replace acqu131010ns replace acqulsltons replace acqu131nions replace acqu131t10ns replace acqulslnons replace replace acqu13100ns replace acquisitions replace or acquired replace Manipulate volumes volumes NO bookmarks available No bookmarks available SL 2.0 MPR Thick MPR LAO Manipulate VRT SL20 ZoonNPan Body - Move M PR PR eference Li es Manipulate ontro/ R Review 20 20 SL20 SL2.o u 2.0 Thin lee] M PR Thek VPR ThQk Thek Thek "PR Theck "PR LAO 90 LAO 90 0 LAO LAO 90 0 LAO 90 '0 Zoom,Pan Thin Thek 19 10 VRT Thin MiniP Thin MIP Thin Manipulate PR H. MIP Thin Think Theck MPR Thick Overlay Reset all Orientations Overlay Home preset Overlay overl overt Reset all Orientations Reset onentation Thek Home ZoomFan Show View Full-Screen Home Preset Volume Opacit,' Volume Opacity' Volume 1 Volume Opacity , clume Opacity Volume Opaci'_v Volume Opacityv , clume Opaci%' Voclume Opacity Voclume Opaci%' , clume Opaci'å' clume Opaci:v Volume Opaci:v Vclcme Opacity MFR Reference Lines Tpols. Home ZoomfPan Record Moe Tools Meas... X-Ray Tools Meas... X Ray Reset all Orientations rientation Home Preset Show View Full-Screen "ce Thickness (mm) ce Thickness (mm) ce Thickness (mmV ice Thickness (mm) ice Thickness (mm)- lice Thickness (mm) Reset all Orientations Locate the cursor over the inner area of the MPR Locate the cursor over the outer area of the image, Locate the cursor over the inner area of the image, Optionl: Press the left mouse key and move Locate the cursor over the crosshair, then Option2: Press left/right direction keys to Locate the cursor over the outer area of the Press the middle mouse key and move tion Press the let mouse key and move Home ZoormPan all Orientations MPR Reference Lines View Full-screen preset MPR Reference Lines MPR reference line, then drag to rotate reference line, then drag to move reference line,athen dray to mcve the" then press right mouse key and move up/down to zoom then press right mouse key and move to pan tion Press the let mouse key and move up/down scroll slowly up/down, left/right MPR lip Plane Record Moviem Record Movie. 10 M ode more Mode SC 20 SL20 SC 20 SL 20 20 VRT lees VRr VRT SL20

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