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PEPconnect, your smarter connection in digitalizing healthcare.
In the healthcare sector, the basis for reimbursement is shifting from quantity to quality of care. This means healthcare providers are rewarded for both efficiency and effectiveness. Employing digital solutions within your workforce increase your reputation as a cutting-edge employer and can enable you to stay abreast of new methods and technologies and help you bring patient care to the next level. Increase knowledge and skills with a competency-based online education platform that offers instant access to performance support and expertise.

@@PEPconnect## is a personalized online education experience designed for healthcare professionals that’s customized to their role and learning behavior – designed to increase their competency, efficiency, and productivity.


  • @@Explore more than 19,000 engaging learning activities## – including e-learnings, webinars, job aids, videos, virtual classrooms, and more
  • Create your own @@virtual learning experience## with an individual profile, education plan and transcript to record your training and subscribe to services and content with Virtual Wallet points
  • @@Benefit from the online network of professionals## and connect, communicate, and be part of social learning groups

PEPconnect does not intend to replace or modify any medical opinion or diagnosis and does not seek to modify the protocols or patient management guidelines established by the institution.

PEPconnect does not oblige Siemens Healthineers to guarantee a specific result or improvement of processes within the institution.

PEPconnect modules are subjected to updates and/or modifications, without any prior authorization by the customer.

About PEPconnections

Healthcare professionals must stay abreast of the latest advances in technology and care. Only then can they deliver the highest level of patient care—reducing the risk of medical errors and omissions. But how can you customize, track, and manage the education requirements of your institution’s entire medical staff?

@@PEPconnections## is a PEPconnect premium subscription, supporting your clinical institution’s performance growth with integrated workforce education management and administration features. Optimize workforce and compliance management to enhance quality results and advance individual employee learning.


  • @@Manage the education of entire teams or departments## through the creation of tailored learning plans, as well as group assignment and tracking functionalities, with a single solution
  • @@Personalize the education experience of individual employees## with customizable learning plans, combining education designed by Siemens Healthineers, your institution, and independent providers
  • @@Streamline audit preparation## with instant access to dashboards and comprehensive reports on the education status of your team or department
  • @@Access a growing holistic portfolio## of education offerings fit for the evolving healthcare landscape
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