About PEP Solutions

The Personalized Education Plan (PEP) Solution is designed to increase staff competency, efficiency and productivity for the overall healthcare environment, with smarter connections for people to knowledge and options to subscribe to other education services for you to manage your healthcare institution and staff’s performance growth.


PEPconnect, your smarter connection in digitalizing healthcare.
The industry’s first personalized education and performance experience for the healthcare professional, designed to increase staff competency, efficiency, and productivity and healthcare outcomes.

PEPconnect focuses on increasing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of each individual user of Siemens equipment, with access to individual and competency based activities, webinars and performance support, such as videos and jobs aids, on demand. With features such as event management, registration and transcript, PEPconnect provides a single space for the individual to effectively and continuously enhance job-relevant and competency-based knowledge.

PEPconnect provides an experience where you can:

  • Explore broad portfolio of Medical Imaging and Therapy, Laboratory Diagnostics, Point of Care (POC), and other Healthcare related topics, available via e-learning, competency based webinars, job aids, with more to come.
  • Access education and real-time performance support, anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • View a personalized education profile with group and education activities to engage in social learning and create connections with other groups, whether industry experts, interest groups or your healthcare facility
  • Construct your personalized learning experience
  • Share and connect your learning experience with others
  • View individual training paths for both users and staff managers enabling maximum training transparency
  • Manage all individual classroom and virtual instructor led events easily*
  • Manage virtual Points within a virtual wallet or purchase directly with a credit card*

PEPconnect does not intend to replace or modify any medical opinion or diagnosis and does not seek to modify the protocols or patient management guidelines established by the institution.

PEPconnect does not oblige Siemens Healthineers to guarantee a specific result or improvement of processes within the institution.

PEPconnect modules are subjected to updates and/or modifications, without any prior authorization by the customer.


PEPconnections is a premium subscription to the virtual education services that manage the healthcare institution’s performance growth with integrated group management and administration features.

PEPconnections’ features allow healthcare staff managers the ability to assign, track and manage group education, create learning pathways specific to the facility’s Standard Operating Procedures, SOPs, with records and the reporting of all learning activities in a single location, whether offered by Siemens Healthineers or other sources.

PEPconnections features allow group owners to:

  • Customize the staff’s education experience with customizable learning plans containing Siemens Healthineers education or activities focused on your standard operation procedures or area of interest
  • Assign, create, track and manage the group’s education, whether offered by Siemens Healthineers, your institution or other sources
  • Communicate and share industry information and relevant activities with group
  • Streamline audit preparation with instant access to comprehensive reports
  • Purchase and subscribe to additional education activities or services to expand your institution’s education portfolio
And explore the other Virtual Education Options available for subscription with PEPconnect and PEPconnections.

Healthcare Integrated Learning Solution (HILS)

HILS is the Siemens Healthineers integrated solution to help power the environment for the Healthcare Professional and Employee. We strive to ensure our models and technologies provide an optimal education experience to meet your needs.

Any questions about HILS, PEP, PEPconnect, PEPconnections, or other subscription services, please email: [email protected]

*Availability based on country.