Cleaning the Cuvette Chute Video

This video provides instructions on how to properly clean the cuvette chute on the ADVIA Centaur® XP system. 

Open the cuvet waste area door. Remove empty sample tip trays and covers from the Tiptree bin. Lift the tip tray bin up and then out of the system. Remove the cuvet waste bin, empty it and set it aside. Remove the cuvet waste chute by releasing it from the magnetic fitting. Slightly rotate the cuvette waste chute, then pull it out and down. Soak the cuvette waste chute and cleaning solution for five minutes. Clean the cuvette waste chute with the large maintenance brush an cleaning solution. Rinse the shoot with DI water. Dry the inside of the shoot with paper towels. Install the cuvet waste chute by placing the locator pins at the bottom of the shoot in the reservoir. Lift the top of the shoot until it attaches to the magnetic fitting. Install the cuvet wastebin. Install the sample tip trebbin. And close the door. If you emptied the cuvet waistband or of the Tiptree bin, respond to the onscreen prompts accordingly.

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