Removing the Upper Tip Chute Video

This video provides instructions on how to remove the upper tip chute on the ADVIA Centaur® XP system. 

Turn system mechanics off, open the top cover. Gently push the sample pro back toward the incubation ring. Loosen the knurled nob on the sample tip remover. Lift the sample tip remover and sample tip waist tube up and out of the system. Unscrew the sample tip waist tube from the sample tip remover. Soak the sample tip remover and sample tip waste tube in cleaning solution for five minutes. Use the large maintenance brush to clean the inside of the sample tip waste tube with cleaning solution. Rinse the sample tip remover and sample tip waste shoot with water. Thoroughly dry the sample tip, waste chute and sample tip remover. Connect the sample tip remover to the sample tip waist tube. With the slot on the sample tip remover facing away from you, place the bottom of the sample tip waist tube into the opening below the sample probe. Align the two holes on the right side with the locator pins on the mounting block. Turn the knurled nob until the sample tip remover is secure. Close the top cover, turn the system mechanics on.

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