Best Practice Sharing: CT Scanner Cleaning and Disinfection with University Hospital Erlangen Video

This video provides guidance for cleaning and disinfection of CT scanners.

SIEMENS SIEMENS . SOMATOM Scanner cleaning Healthineers SIEMENS SIEMENS . SIEMENS _ . SIEMENS , . _ . Healthineers Ensure appropriate disposal as these filters SIEMENS SIEMENS . Healthineers SIEMENS SOMATOM might accumulate pathogens present in the air. Force SOMATOM Please note that the learning material is for training purposes only! SOMATOM Disclaimer: SOMATOM For the proper use of the software or hardware, please always use the Operator Manual or Instructions THIS VIDEO for Use (hereinafter collectively "Operator Manual") issued by Siemens Healthineers. This material is to be used as training material only and shall by no means substitute the Operator Manual. Any material used This video provides recommendations on how to clean a Siemens Healthineers SOMATOM Scanner cleaning SIEMENS SOMATOM in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does not necessarily reßect the latest version of in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does not necessarily reflect the latest version of SOMATOM CT scanner based on best practices from the University Hospital the software and hardware available at the time of the training. The reproduction, transmission or distribution of this training or its contents is not permitted without HAS NO SOUND Erlangen, Germany and the Education Team from Siemens Healthineers. express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. The Operator Manual shall be used as your main reference, in particular for relevant safety information Force SOMATOM Healthineers like warnings and cautions. AIL names and data of patients, parameters and configuration dependent designations are fictional This video is not intended to be a replacement of your national guidelines or your COVID-19 and examples only. Note: Some functions shown in this material are optional and might not be part of your system. institution's guidelines in terms of hygiene and disinfection Certain products, product related claims or functionalities described in the material (hereinafter collectively AIL rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, are "Functionality") may not (yet) be commercially available in your country. Due to regulatory requirements, reserved. Parts of this movie have been filmed at the Room preparation prior to scanning a the future availability of said Functionalities in any specific country is not guaranteed. Please contact your Table side vary among scanner models. Disinfecting substance and contact time shall be Air filters in the scanner back can be exchanged Some additional considerations ditional considerations Imaging Science Institute (ISI) Erlangen, Germany. Cleaning must be performed by wearing This section is for illustrative purposes only and Remove all unnecessary objects, including the To perform an in-depth cleaning of the table, The patient has not vomited, removed the Covers are not water-proof. Clean scanner The following procedure is applicable to In case patient needs oxygen, Clean all positioning accessories, including the In such a scenario, the patient is wearing at all Cleaning tissues in this video are impregnated is for illustrative purposes only and Be specially careful with electrical contacts, Optionally, depending on possible contact with patient needs oxygen, local Siemens Healthineers sales representative for the most current information. Copyright O Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2020 patient with suspected or confirmed Scanner cleaning after patient scan Put a water-proof cover on the table mattress. Follow manufacturer instructions. Clean blades carefully with table Leave only a trash can. chosen according to own institution's policies and Clean the gantry opening. regularly. Do not replace by unauthorized filters or IMAGING window carefully with a damp (not wet) cloth. clean with damp (not wet) cloths. Use damp (not wet) cloths. the patient, clean the contrast media pump. moments a protective mask or is intubated. was not recorded in a clinical environment. the patient, clean other parts of the table. move the table to its highest position. depending on the scanner model contrast media pump if not required. mask or coughed outside the mask. in a disinfecting substance. closed system scenarios. protective equipment. install an oxygen gauge. !corded in a clinical environment. lg on the scanner model head holder. SCIENCE following the device manufacturer's recommendations. cover with EPA filters as this may over-heat the scanner. at its highest position. COVID-19 INSTITUTE @ Siemens Healthineers, 2020