CLINITEK Atlas® Cleaning Readhead Sockets Video

This video provides instructions on how to properly clean the readhead sockets on the CLINITEK Atlas® Autmated Urine Chemistry Analyzer.

sockets can become contaminated with dried urine from the reagent strips. They should be cleaned every four months or after every 100 reagent packs. Begin by removing the used reagent pack. Turn the instrument power off and remove the power cord from the receptacle. Next, the read head assembly and platform should be cleaned. Begin by turning the two shorter screws located at the front and back of the Reed head assembly. Keep one hand underneath the platform which will drop down an can be removed when these screws are sufficiently loosened. Clean the platform with a soft cloth dampened with water and then dry it using a dry soft cloth. Next, clean the underside of the reeded assembly by gently wiping with a damp paper towel. Clean the rotating spool and the stationary rod sleeve. Loosen the two thumb screws on the side of the Reed head cover and then lift the cover off. Completely loosen the two taller neural head screws located at the front and back of the retail assembly. Holding onto the screws, lift the inner block of the assembly which contains the optics from the bottom block. Be sure to lift the inner block up just enough to expose the empty sockets on the bottom block without bending or damaging the optics. Carefully rest the edge of the inner block on the take up reel to the right of the read head. Be sure the optics themselves on the bottom of the block are not touching the spool. Clean each socket in the bottom block using the circular end of the cleaning brush included in the supply kit. Move the brush in and out of each hole a couple of times in the four rows of sockets. After all of the sockets had been cleaned, gently wipe the under and top sides of the bottom block using a clean paper towel dampened with water. Be sure to remove any residue or dust that has accumulated from the cleaning procedure. Carefully inspect the underside of the inner block for any Fillmore precipitation on the bottom of the fiber optics. Each optic should appear as a shiny frosted circle inside a dark circle. Replace the inner block onto the bottom block of the read head assembly and tighten the taller thumbscrews. Replace the platform by sliding the small pins on the platform into the opening on the read head. Tighten the shorter screws while holding the platform in place. An pressing up from underneath. Press down slightly on each screw as you begin to tighten it. Place the read head cover over the optic bundles, fitting the two slots over the thumb screws. Press down firmly on the cover until it's level and then tighten the thumbscrews. Plug the power cord into the instrument receptacle and turn the instrument power on. Load a new reagent roll and then re calibrate the instrument before running any patient samples.

Cleaning the Readhead Sockets

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