CLINITEK Atlas® Replacing the Lamp Video

This video provides instructions on how to properly replace the lamp on the CLINITEK Atlas® Autmated Urine Chemistry Analyzer.

lamp assembly may need to be replaced in response to certain system error messages or it's no longer functional. Begin by turning the instrument off and removing the AC electrical power cord from the instrument. Open the instrument doors. And then locate the cover plate in the upper left corner on the back wall, loosen the two thumb screws that retain the cover plate and remove the plate. Disconnect the lamp wire connector by pinching the two tabs on the front and back sides of the connector and pulling straight down. Push the lamp lever to the left until the lamp is pushed out from its proper position. Grasp the base of a lamp assembly and pull it forward until it's completely clear of the lamp Holder. Use caution as the lamp may be hot. Locate the replacement lamp assembly. Hold the lamp assembly at the base only as touching the lamp may damage the unit. Before placing the lamp in the Holder, push the lamp lever back to the right into its original position. Carefully place the lamp assembly into the lamp Holder, making sure the unit is positioned properly before exerting any pressure on it. Reconnect the lamp wire connector by pushing up until the tabs lock into place. Replace the lamp cover plate and fastened securely with the thumbscrews. Plug in the power cord. An turn on the instrument. After replacing the lamp, it's necessary to re calibrate the system. Refer to the clinic Tech Atlas operating manual for the instructions.

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