CLINITEK Atlas® Replacing the Pipette Video

This video provides instructions on how to properly replace the pipette on the CLINITEK Atlas® Autmated Urine Chemistry Analyzer.

If pipette leaky, just observed during the monthly pipette inspection, this assembly may need to be changed. To begin, select nine Analyzer diagnostics from the main menu. Enter the password of 2633. Press 1 for replace hardware. And then press one for replace pipette. Select move pipette. The pipette will be moved forward so that it's iaccessible after all movement has ceased open the instrument doors. Place a small Cup or paper towel under the pipette tip to capture any fluid. Remove the pipette tubing from the syringe valve by loosening the finger nut that connects the tubing to the right side of the valve. Liquid will drain into the Cup beneath the pipette. Remove the tubing from the clip on the back wall of the instrument. Locate the wire and small plug that connects the pipette to the back wall of the instrument. Disconnect the plug by pressing down firmly on the tab at the top of the plug and pulling straight out. Remove the two thumb screws on the square block that mounts the pipette to its Holder. Lift the pipette up and forward from the Holder. Next, remove the new pipette assembly from the plastic container. Remove the larger outer shield, then carefully remove the small inner shield pulling down from the top of the pipette. Hold the pipette with the flat side of the mounting block facing forward. Carefully fit the tip down into the slot of the Holder bar and fit the mounting block into the Holder. Be sure that the tip doesn't touch the Holder as it's being inserted. Replace the two thumb screws and tighten just past finger tight. Insert the small plug with the tab facing up into its receptacle. Then press the tubing into the clip on the back wall. Insert the end of the tubing into the valve and tighten the nut to just past finger tight. Close the instrument doors. Press the continue soft key. Press position pipette to move the pipette back to its proper home position and prime the system. After the priming cycle is complete, the pipette will dispense a drop of liquid onto the first pad of the used reagent strip on the platform. Open the instrument doors and confirm that the liquid has been dispensed onto the center of the first pad. Close the instrument doors. And press done. Discard the old pipette in an appropriate container. After the new pipette assembly is installed, calibrate the instrument. Refer to the Clinitek Atlas operating manual for the instructions.

Clinitek Atlas .00 000 12/19/2012 4:34 DIAGNOSTICS REPLACE HARDWARE REP. PIPETTE (2/5) 4:34 py 4:34 PM MAIN MENU REP. PIPETTE (1/5) . Recall/ Delete Results 000 .00 Open the Analyzer door s. . Set Sequence Number . Replace Hardware Remove all sample holders. . Set Date/Time Adjust Tube Detector Replacing the Pipette Assembly the pipette. . Reset Analyzer Setup Defaults Press NOVE PIPETTE to position the Refer to the operating manual for Press MOVE PIPETTE to position the Pipette 4. . Repl ace Load/ Unload Reagent press POSITION PIPETTE to position directions on replacing the pipette. pipette for replacement. DO NOT . Display Rev. prime pump Rinse Tubing 000 000 TOUCH THE PIPETTE during movement. Clean SG Syringe the pipette. Display Test Data 4. the pipette has been Set Tone Replace nor-king Valve installed, close the Analyzer doors. Display Sensor Status Set Up Analyzer Analyzer Diagnostics DO NOT replace sample holders yet. SIEMENS MOVE 4. POSITION Press t when done. CONTINUE Enter password and press PIPETTE

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