CLINITEK Atlas® Replacing the Reagent Roll Video

This video provides instructions on how to properly replace the reagent roll on the CLINITEK Atlas® Autmated Urine Chemistry Analyzer.

A new reagent role needs to be loaded every 14 days or when the reagent count is empty. To load a new reagent role, first select four from the main menu. Open the instrument doors. The reagent role loading diagram is located on the inside of the left door. Refer to the instructions on the display throughout this procedure. Press the advanced soft key. The instrument will advance the reagent role when the entire plastic backing is free of the read head, press continue. The display will change to allow entry of a lot number of the new clinic Tech Atlas reagent pack. Press the softkey. Enter the correct letter until the letter is displayed at the cursor. Enter the numbers using the keypad. Press the enter Arrow when the lot number has been entered successfully. Rotate the take up reel indicated by Part G on the loading diagram until the notch on the back plate is aligned with the hook on the back wall of the instrument. Use the hook to lock the back plate into position, holding the take up real at its exposed end. Turn it firmly counterclockwise to unlock it from the back plate. Remove the take up reel and slide the used roll off. Dispose of the used reagent according to your laboratory's guidelines. You may need to push it slightly to get it started. Align one of the lines on the takeup reel. With the unlock symbol on the back plate. Push the take up reel as far as it will go and firmly turn clockwise until the line aligns with the lock symbol. Remove the hook from the back plate so the take up real is free to rotate. Wipe the tension sprocket part E with a damp paper towel. Remove the stationary rod sleeve part F by pulling it forward. Clean the sleeve thoroughly with a wet paper towel to remove any dried urine. Then replace the sleeve onto its holding stem. Next, the read head assembly and platform Part D in the diagram should be cleaned. Begin by turning the two shorter screws located at the front and back of the read head assembly. Keep one hand underneath the platform which will drop down and can be removed when these screws are sufficiently loosened. Clean the platform with a soft cloth dampened with water and then dry it with a dry, soft cloth. Clean the underside of the Reed head assembly by gently wiping with a lint free cloth. Replace the platform by sliding the small pins on the platform into the opening on the read head. Hold the platform in place by pressing up until the two shorter screws have been re tightened. Then press continue. Open the reagent compartment door by turning the nob counterclockwise. Remove and discard the old packet of desiccant. The new reagent role is now ready to be loaded onto the system. Carefully remove the foil lid from the canister. Leave the large packet of desiccant in the center of the roll in place. Grasp the reagent role and lift it from the canister. Lower the reagent guide shoe Part B by rotating the handle counterclockwise as far as it will rotate while holding the handle. In this position, press down firmly on the reagent guide shoe until it drops down. While still holding the role with one hand, remove the tape that secures the leader. Insert the roll into the reagent compartment with the clear plastic leader, unrolling over the top and the black stripe at the backside. Be sure the leader is positioned to the left of the reagent format guard part, a thread the reagent leader into the instrument by guiding it behind and underneath the reagent format guide under the first rotating spool with pins through the read head assembly. Over the second rotating spool with pins and finally under the stationary rod. Then press continue. Turn the takeup real until you locate the slot that has two white lines in the middle. Insert the end of the leader into the wider part of the slot. And slide it to the center of the slot. While holding the leader in the slot, rotate the take up reel counterclockwise until the leader is securely wound around the reel. Continue rotating the take up reel until the holes along the side of the leader had been engaged by the pins on the 1st rotating spool. Verify at least two holes on the reagent roll are engaged on the spool and raise the reagent shoe guide by lifting the handle firmly until it snaps into place Part B. Then rotate the handle fully clockwise and make sure that it slides into the small notch on the plate under the shoe guide, press continue. Ensure that the holes on each side of the leader are fitted onto the pins of the second rotating spool. You may need to press advance and rotate the spool counterclockwise slightly to fit the pins into the holes. The instrument will automatically advance the backing until the first strip is located, press continue. Close the reagent compartment door and turn the nob fully clockwise. Once you've finished loading the new reagent role, you'll also need to prepare new rinse solution. The system needs to be calibrated if more than 24 hours has elapsed, or the lot number differs from the previous reagent. Calibration is optional. If the last calibration was performed within the previous 24 hours, and the lot number of the reagent role has not changed. In this case, only the SG well needs to be cleaned.

Clinitek Atlas REAGENT 12/20/2012 7:48 PH 7:48 LOAD REAGENT 11:59 • Insert end of leader slot • Insert end of leader LOAD REAGENT • Open reagent 'G' Hold end Of the in reagent • sure the reagent • Lower by rotating the handle on leader and rotate •G' are engaged on pins Of 'E' leader in stot and rotate •G' are not, turn the handle on in stot ana rotate •G'• . If they engaged on pins Of Atlas 10 10 Reagent Pak Name: Atlas 10 Atlas are not. turn the on are not, turn the handle on holes Enter Lot ID for new reagent: 000 oo Loading a New Reagent Roll pressing on leader engaged on Of are engaged on pins Of 'E' engaged on pins Of engaged Of to to engage Lot • Insert reagent the • Raise Dy lifting up on • ty if ting up on • Raise •S • Dy t if t Ing up on Press ADVANCE if reagent ADVANCE if reagent leader ADVANCE Lot ID: the handle of unrolling the top. reagent _ press use to oo 000 • use loading diagram to guide leader: Rotate the handle fully elock*ise Rotate the handle fully c lock*ise not advanced far enough. Lot t advanced Behind under under and secure it notch. to unader Use numeric keypad and softkeys to • Press to begin • Press _to moving • Press CONTINUE to begin Press CONTINUE to Press CONTINUE *hen engaged. Press through under over CONTINUE enter Lot ID. use to erase. Press ADVANCE CONTINUE reagent _ to accept Lot ID. oo-oo to o oo I. ABCDEFGH RSTUVWXYZ I. ABCDEFGH SIEMENS

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