CLINITEK Atlas® Replacing the Syringe Video

This video provides instructions on how to properly replace the syringe on the CLINITEK Atlas® Autmated Urine Chemistry Analyzer.

The syringe may need to be replaced if it's not performing properly. To begin this procedure, press 9 analyzer diagnostics from the main menu. Enter the password 2633. Press 1 for replace hardware. And then 3 four replace syringe. The plunger on the syringe will be pulled down approximately halfway and the display will list instructions. Open the instrument doors. Then unscrew the syringe from its fitting on the valve by rotating the syringe body clockwise while pulling gently downward. Once the tip of the syringe is completely free from the valve, loosen an remove the screw that secures the plunger onto the syringe mounting plate. Be sure to continue holding the syringe with one hand while removing the screw with the other. Then remove the syringe and set it aside. Obtain a new syringe and remove it carefully from its box. Draw up a small quantity of rinse solution and then continue pulling against the plunger until it's withdrawn slightly less than halfway. Fit the whole of the plunger onto the pin under the syringe mounting plate and loosely replace the plunger screw. Gently pull up on the syringe body to extend the length until it fits into the hole at the base of the valve. Rotate the body counterclockwise while continuing to lift gently until the syringe is firmly connected to the valve. Tighten the plunger screw two finger tight. Then press continue. If necessary, refill the rinse container and then press prime pump. The syringe will go through a priming sequence of several aspiration's and dispense cycles. Watch the syringe fitting carefully to ensure there are no leaks. If there are no leaks, press continue. Close the instrument doors. Then press done. Discard the old syringe in an appropriate container. After the syringe has been replaced, the instrument must be calibrated. Refer to the Clinitek Atlas operating manual for instructions.

Clinitek Atlas' Clinitek ' initek Clinitek Atlas' Clinitek Atlas ' SCJinitek Clinitek Clinitek Atlas'• 000 4:38 DIAGNOSTICS REPLACE HARDWARE SYRINGE (1/3) 12/21/2012 4:38 PM 1/20 MAIN MAIN MENU REP. SYRINGE (1/3) REP. SYRINGE (1/3) 12/21/2012 REP. SYRINGE (2/3) 12/21/2012 4:39 REP. SYRINGE (2/3) REP. SYRINGE (2/3) 12/21/2012 REP. SYRINGE (3/3) 12/21/2012 4:39PN REP. SYRINGE (3/3) 12/21/2012 4:39 SYRINGE (2/3) 12/21/2012 4:39 PM SYRINGE (2/3) 12/21/2012 4:38 PM 4:39 PM REP. SYRINGE MAIN MENU 3) 12/21/2012 4:41 PM 4:38 PM . Recall/ [Delete Results . Recall/ Delete Results Results 000 . Replace Hardware Open the Analyzer doors. * Refill the rinse container. Refill the rinse container. • Open the Analyzer doors.' Refill to . Set Sequence Number . Set Date/Time Adj ust Tube Detector Adjust Tube Detector . Set Date/Time . Reset Analyzer Setup Defaults Refer to the operating manual for * Press PRIME PUMP, taking care to Press PRIME PUMP, taking care to Load/ Unload Reagent Pi pette Refill to press Oposen the Analyzer doors. Open the Analyzer doors. er to . Replace Pipette are to Replacing the Syringe 000 oo directions on replacing the syringe. look for leaks as the new syringe Display Rev. Level/ Cyc1es/ password Display Rev. Level/Cyc1es/password Load/ Unload Reagent . Replace . Prime Pump Rinse Tubing Syringe nge. . Display Calibration Data Display Calibration Data fills Kith rinse solution. fills rinse solution. press DONE. Press DONE. PRIME pump Syringe 3. Clean . Prime Pump 9. Press CONTINUE *hen the new syringe Press CONTINUE *hen the new syri nge press CONTINUE the syringe Display Test Data Set Tone Volume Valve 9. 4. Repl ace 000 Clean SG wet 1 Clean SG Well If leaks occur, reinstall and press If leaks If leak Display Sensor Status has been installed. been in.alled. 7. Set Up Analyzer Set Tone Volume 4. PRIME again. Otherwi se, press PRIME again. press PRIME PUMP again. OtherHise. press PRIME again. Otherwi press PRIME pump Test Display, Keypad, and Ports PUMP Analyzer Diagnostics 7. Analyzer Set Up Analyzer CONTINUE . PRINT . Install Ship ing Lock Install Ship ing Lock t *hen done. DONE CONTINUE . CONTINUE press PRIME pump PRINT Prime Pump Enter password and press press when done. Analyzer Diagnostics nge. QA REPORT PRINT oo SETUP QA REPORT SIEMENS

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