CLINITEK Status®+ Analyzer - Installation

This video provides instructions on how to properly install your CLINITEK Status®+ Analyzer, including how to install it with either an electrical power supply or with batteries.

Once the clinic tech status plus Analyzer is received in your facility, check the carton for damage and immediately notify the shipping carrier. Unpack the carton and verify that you have the following items. The clinic tech status plus analyzer. The test table. The test table insert. Power cord paper roll. And quick reference guide. Place the instrument on a level work surface and in an area with fairly consistent temperature and humidity levels. The clinic tech status plus Analyzer can be powered by battery or by electricity. To insert batteries, place the analyzer on its side and remove the battery cover by pressing down on the tab and pulling out. Insert 6 new alkaline AA size batteries into the analyzer. Replace the battery cover and turn the instrument back onto its base. To operate the analyzer by electricity, plug one end of the power cord into the inlet socket located on the rear of the analyzer. Plug the other end of the power cord into an AC electrical wall outlet. Be sure to use only the power supply adapter which is included with the Unit 1 operating the analyzer through the power cord. Be sure to remove the batteries from the back compartment. Next, remove the safety tape over the test table opening. Hold the test table at the opposite end of the white calibration bar, with the bar area facing up. Use caution as damage to the calibration bar could affect test results. Insert the test table into the analyzer, pushing it in just over halfway. There are two sides to the test table. Insert one is for a strip test such as Multistix 10 SG. The other is for a cassette test such as clinic test H, CG. Place the insert into the test table with the selected side facing up. Test results can be sent to a computer via the serial port located on the back of the analyzer. This requires A9 pin, null modem serial cable that can be purchased separately at an electronics store or from your Siemens representative for a list of suppliers, consult the operators guide Appendix A. Software updates will be made available on an electronic memory card. The card is inserted into the software update socket, which is located under the printer cover. Instructions for updating the software will be supplied with the memory card. Memory cards are included in software upgrade kits, which can be ordered from Siemens. To load the printer paper, begin by pulling up the tab on the printer cover. Open the paper roll compartment by pressing down on the tab and pulling out. Lift the paper holding arm into an upright position. Next, place the new paper roll into the compartment with a paper on rolling from underneath and tored the compartment wall. Feed the paper approximately 4 inches or 10 centimeters upward through the printer, then through the printer cover. Push the paper holding arm down into the closed position. Close the printer and paper all covers.

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