Performing a Full CLINITEST hCG Cassette Test Video

This video provides instructions on how to properly run a full CLINITEST® hCG cassette test on your CLINITEK Status®+ Analyzer, including entering operator and/or patient informaton.

The full cassette test is identical to the quick test version, with the additional option to enter operator patient name and or patient ID prior to inserting the cassette. Begin by bringing the cassette test and patient sample to room temperature prior to testing. Verify that the test table insert is in position for a cassette test. From the main select screen touch cassette, test to access the operator information screen. If the same operator is accessing the analyzer, you may see a last operator button. If a different operator is using the analyzer, the enter new operator option is used for this demonstration will use the new operator option. Operator ID can be entered manually using the touchscreen or via optional barcode reader. If using the clinic tech Status connect system. The Patient information screen contains two options. Recall patient an enter new patient in this example, will enter a new patient. Using the keyboard, enter the patient name, then touch enter. Touch the start button to access the Prepare test screen. Once start is pressed, you have 8 seconds to prepare the test. Fill the pipette included with the cassette with urine. Add the entire contents from the pipette into the sample well of the cassette. Do not add the contents from the overflow chamber. The sample is absorbed and pulled through the cassette. At the end of the countdown, the analyzer pulls the table automatically into the instrument. After analysis is completed, test reports are available on screen and if enabled by print. These reports now include the operator, patient name and or patient ID. Touch done to complete the test and return to main select screen. Remove the use cassette. Dispose of the cassette. An report results according to the procedures specified at your lab facility.

Prepare Test Note: Select Operator Name. Operator Name Enter Operator Name Patient Information Enter Patient Name Prepare Test Results Analyzing hCG In proqresn In In proqrt'% In proqrt'fi% STARA SARA SMI START hCG Help LJDrawsampiecjnto pipette Place cassette on 1. Draw sample into pipette The system must be set hCG ..............Negative Negative Instrument 12 'Recall Results ! Recall Results Recall Results test table and touch 2. Add sample to sample well 1. Draw sample into pipette 20 SARA SARA S SARA SMITH SARA sot Up Sot U Set Up 2. Add sample to sample well Test date 4-2009 Time QC Test 08:19 Recall Patient to full test mode in QC Operator Name. Operator Name. 128004128004 Operator Nome. 28004 Cassette Test 00:08 Strip Test Print 00:00 04:39 START Instrument Set Up Set Up Enter Enter New Enter New Patient Done Running before running a full test. Enter Full Cassette Tests

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