CT Guide&GO Workflow Video (VA30)

Guide&GO is the solution for CT-guided procedures/interventions on the SOMATOM go. platform as well as on the SOMATOM X.cite.

This video introduces the Guide&GO mobile workflow using the tablet and the remote control.

Guide and Go is the solution for. See T guided procedures on the summer to MTGO platform as well as on the summer tome. Excite built on the mobile workflow. The entire procedure can be controlled from the tablet and the remote control by using haptic functions familiar to every smartphone user after the planning spiral, the images are being displayed instantaneously on the tablet. Simply scroll through using the slider bar and stop at the image which is most suitable for planning the procedure. This image is automatically selected to be your target position and by pressing the move button on the remote control, the table can be positioned exactly in this spot. Furthermore, Windows settings can be interactively changed just by swiping your fingers over the tablet, and to make it even faster you can directly toggle between three different pre program standard Windows settings with only one button. To support an accurate path planning pan and zoom the image in the same way as you are used to doing it on your smartphone. Activate the ruler and start drawing from the target to the needle entry point. Precise positioning of start and end point is supported by a magnifying glass. The distance and the angle will be immediately displayed. Additionally, display a laser crosshair which correspond to the laser light of the gantry. This allows you to measure the distance from the laser light to the needle entry point. Scroll through the images again to crosscheck the path with the surrounding tissue. The planned path is displayed as a dashed line in all slices. After you're planning, monitor the needle placement accurately while reaching the target with instant almost real time needle monitoring. Quick scan repetitions allow an updated image approximately every second. And if needed, adjust your scan parameters directly at the tablet at anytime during the intervention. Benefit from the ability to always cross check the anatomy by simply scrolling through the different acquired fast I sequence scans. Or even toggling between the planning and the fast I sequence scans. And if you need to define a new target position, just select one of the three I sequence images in the displayed or in a prior scan. Pressing the move button will move the table top to the new selected target position.

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