Cleaning All Drains Video

This video provides instructions on how to clean drains on the Dimension Vista® System.

safety glasses, begin the clean the drains procedure by releasing the left interlock and lift the lid. Release the center interlock, an lift the lid. Start with the aliquot drain on the left side of the instrument. Use the drain brush in an up and down motion to clean both the cleaner port and wash port of the drain. To access the IMT drain, remove the aliquot plate cover. Then with the drain brush, only clean the cleaner port. An wash board of the drain. Reinstall the aliquot plate cover. To access the sample three drain, push the front of the loci reaction Holder Tored the back of the instrument. Then clean the cleaner portan washer port of the drain. Lower the vessel Holder. The reagent preparation drain is located in the back center of the instrument clean. Both ports of the drain. The five reagent drain ports are to be cleaned in the same way the five drains are located in a counterclockwise area. Start with the R1 drain. Clean both ports. Then R2. Then R3. Then R4. Then R5. Now that you have finished cleaning the drains, close the left and center lids to prompt the system to proceed to finish the drain cleaning procedure.

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