Replacing Flex Inserts R1 500/1000T Video

This video provides instructions on how to replace R1 flex inserts on the Dimension Vista® System.

begin cleaning, the reagent Flex inserts, release the center interlock and lift the center an right lids. Locate the reagent arm to flex. Insert an. Loosen the thumb screw. This will be removed and cleaned later in this procedure. Now locate the reagent arm one insert. Remove the reagent arm one insert by inserting a long slender tool in one of the insert holes and lift it out of the instrument. Replace with the insert from the spare parts kit. Verify that the insert is correctly seated with the open end on the right. From the right end of the instrument, you can access the R3 insert easier. Remove the insert with the tool. And then replace the insert with one from the spare parts kit. Again, verify that the opening is on the right. Now that you have replaced the flex inserts for R1 and R3, close both lids to access the software.

Dimension [email protected] 150013000T [email protected] 150013000T System Clean Flex Inserts for RI and R3

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