Changing Cuvette Wash Probe Dryer Boot Video

This video provides instructions on how to change the cuvette wash probe dryer boot on the Dimension Vista® System.

Release the center cover interlock and raise the instrument lid. Remove the cuvet washer shield and place it out of the way. Disconnect the vacuum line and remove the dryer probe from the washer. Grasp the probe firmly and pull off the dryer. Boot from the end of the probe. Replace the dryer boot by aligning the dot on the probe tip with the dot on the boot. The fit will be tight and will require some force to attach the new boot. Be careful not to bend the probe. Be sure to press the end of the probe all the way into the boot. You will feel a slight release when the tip is in the correct position. Reinstall the probe into the Cuvet wash assembly and reconnect the probe to the vacuum line. Replace the Cuvet washer shield and close the instrument lid.

Change Cuvette Wash Probe Dryer Boot Dryer Boot

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