Cleaning Air Filters Video

This video provides instructions on how to clean the air filters on the Dimension Vista® Systems.

filters are located on the back in front of the Dimension Vista. These filters can be replaced at anytime and require no specific instrument status. First walked to the back of the instrument to gain access to the air filters. Slide the latch to open the door. Remove the filter. Gently replace each with a clean filter. Insert the filter so that the arrows point toward the instrument, ensuring that the metal grid faces the instrument when the door is closed. Slide the latch while closing the door to access the remaining air filter walked to the front of the instrument. Open the left and center left doors of the instrument. Remove the filter located under Wastebin a by grasping the white filter handle. Replaced with a clean filter, inserting it with the metal grid facing up and the air flow arrows on the filters frame pointing up. Close the instrument when complete. Record this procedure in the maintenance log.

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