Replacing Aliquot Probe Video

This video provides instructions on how to replace the aliquot probe on the Dimension Vista® System.

aliquot probe is located on the left end of the aliquot are arm. On both the Dimension Vista, 500 and 1500 systems. Release the left and center lid interlocks and raise both lids for access to the area. Locate the aliquot probe, then unscrew the tubing from the manifold by hand. The connector on the right side of the probe Holder is disconnected by pulling to the right. Next turn the wing not a half, turn counterclockwise an then turn the [to the right. Grasp the probe at the neural end and remove the probe assembly from the instrument. Unscrew the metal collar and remove the probe from the assembly, being careful not to bend the probe. Slide the tubing end of the new probe into the assembly and then reposition the metal collar onto the assembly and fasten securely into position. Next, place the probe assembly into the instrument. Close the wingnut bracket, then push and tighten until it clicks. Reattach the probe connections and tighten the fittings. Each time a probe is replaced, the instrument must verify that the probe is properly aligned as the instrument aligns reagent shuttle to it requires that a Flex reagent cartridge with an unbroken security tab is loaded on the instrument prior to performing the alignment. Verify that a flex reagent cartridges loaded. Otherwise, the alignment will fail once complete. In addition to verifying the alignment, the instrument also resets the counts for the replaced probe. Close the instrument lids when finished.

Replace Aliquot Probe

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