Replacing Reagent Prep Probe Video

This video provides instructions on how to replace the reagent prep probe on the Dimension Vista® System.

The reagent preparation probe is located on the right end of the aliquot are arm on both the Dimension Vista, 500, and 1500 systems release the center lid interlock and raise the lid for access to the area. Locate the reagent prep probe an loosen the brass level sense coaxial cable and the tubing connector on the top of the probe assembly. In order to remove the probe tip, first release the holding clamp an. Then while holding the probe tip assembly at the top, lift the probe tip straight up and out of the Holder. Next, loosen the nut of the probe tip using the 7 millimeter box wrench, an 8 millimeter open end wrench from the accessories. Spare parts kids. Then insert the new tip and tighten securely with wrenches. Once secure, reposition the probe tip on the instrument an re latch in place with the holding clamp. Then re connect the tubing connector. An coaxial cable on the top of the assembly and tighten the fittings. Each time a probe is replaced, the instrument must verify that it is properly aligned when complete. In addition to verifying the alignment, the instrument also resets the counts for the replaced probe. Close the instrument lid when finished.

Replace Reagent e Reagent Prep Probe obe

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