Replacing Reagent Probe Video

This video provides instructions on how to replace the reagent probe on the Dimension Vista® System.

Dimension Vista 500 system has two reagent probes. While the Dimension Vista, 1500 system has five on each system. The probes are positioned on the reagent arms that are located on the right side of the instrument. Release the center lid interlock and raise the lid for access to the area. Locate the probe an unscrew the fitting from the top of the probe assembly. Unlatch the metal clamp on the probe. Then, while holding the reagent probe at the top lifted straight up and out of the Holder, hold the new probe at the top and carefully insert it in the Holder, being careful not to bend or push down the probe. Then position the metal clamp on the probe an latch into place. Once the probe is seated, reattach the fitting to the probe assembly. Close the instrument lid when finished.

Replace Reagent Probe

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