Replacing Sample Probe Video

This video provides instructions on how to replace the sampe probe on the Dimension Vista® System.

On the dimension Vista 500 system, the sample probe is located on the right end of the sample arm. There are three sample probes on the Dimension Vista 1500 system. Sample probes one and two are located on Sample Arm one and sample Probe Three sits on the right end of sample ARM 2. Release the center lid interlock and raise the lid for access to the area. Locate the sample probe to be replaced and unscrew the fitting at the top of the Holder. In order to remove the probe, unlatch the metal clamp on the front. Then while holding the probe at the top lifted straight up and out of the Holder. Carefully insert the new probe and ensure it is straight, being careful not to push down. Reposition the metal, clamp an latch into place. Once the probe is seated, reattached the fitting to the probe assembly. Each time a probe is replaced, the instrument must verify that it is properly aligned when complete. In addition to verifying the alignment, the instrument also resets the counts for the replaced probe. Close the instrument lid when finished.

Replace Sample Probe

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