Resolving Jammed LOCI® Vessel in Vessel Loader Video

This video provides instructions on how to resolve LOCI® vessel jams in the vessel loader on the Dimension Vista® System.

Once the instrument is shut down, release the center cover interlock and lift the instrument lid. Remove the cuvet washer shield and set it aside. Use a T20 Torx wrench to loosen the two captive screws on the top of the pusher assembly. Lift and set the pusher assembly aside. Use tweezers to remove jammed vessels. Be sure that the Brown U shaped trap doors are in the closed position to ensure the pusher assembly functions properly. Place the pusher assembly back into position. Replace the Cuvet washer shield and close the instrument lid.

Resolve Jammed Jammed [email protected] Vessel in Vessel in Vessel Loader Loader tweezers, remove jammed vessels

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