epoc® Blood Analysis System with NXS Host Performing a Whole Blood Test Video

This video will show you the steps on how to perform a whole blood test on the epoc® Blood Analysis System with NXS Host.

This video will introduce you to the steps on how to perform a whole blood test on the epoch blood analysis system with nux host. To perform a whole blood test, you will need the following supplies. The epoch reader. The Epoch Knicks host. A new epoch test card and a syringe. Please wear the proper personal protective equipment when handling any patient blood specimens. To start, press the power switch to turn on the epoch reader. The power LED will turn green, indicating the epoch reader is on and ready for use. Next turn on the host by pressing the power button located on the upper right side of the host. Sign into the epoch host using your sign in user ID and password. Or by scanning your user ID barcode. When the host connects to a selected reader, the test status indicator will turn solid green. This means the reader is ready for use. Next, the host will display a test screen. The screen will then show insert new test card, select a test card and remove it from the pouch. Be sure to not touch the sensor modules contact surface or the blood sample entry port. Hold the test card facing the sample port upwards. Insert the test card into the card slot of the reader by firmly pushing it in using a smooth single motion. This will enable the barcode on the card label to be read correctly by the epoch reader. Be sure to lock the card into place once the card is locked into place, the reader will beep once. The host screen will then display the card lot number. And the test status indicator light will start flashing green. Next, the host screen will show that the system is calibrating. Do not inject the sample into the card until calibration is complete. The calibration process takes approximately 165 seconds to complete. Once calibration is complete, the system will beep twice. The host will display and inject sample message and countdown timer on the screen. Next, inject the sample using a syringe into the port on the test card. Hold the syringe barrel vertically between fingertips and thumb and perpendicular to the test card using slight downward pressure. Secure the syringes Luer tip into the blood sample entry port of the test card. Rotate the syringe up to one quarter turn to ensure a good seal. While maintaining downward pressure, use the index finger of the other hand to steadily depress the syringe plunger with a single smooth continuous motion until prompted to stop. The reader will beep and the test status indicator will flash green. If the sample is injected into the card too soon or too late, an error message will appear and the system will abort the test. While the sample is being analyzed, enter the patient ID into the host. Once the information has been entered into the host, a check mark will be visible on the blue circle and the patient ID is shown in the action bar. Patient ID can also be viewed in the edit test details section of the software. Answer yes or no to the hemodilution question and press confirm to proceed with the blood test. Next, choose select test in the software. Select the test panel from the list, select the proper buttons to customize the test options. Select confirm. Once all information has been entered. Other patient information, such as patient age, gender and height can be entered into the edit test details section. If temperature correction is needed, the information can be entered into this area as well. Once complete, select confirm in the software. The host will display analyzing sample when the test is in process. When the analysis is complete, the results will display on the host screen. If any data is missing, the missing required data message will appear on the screen, prompting the operator to enter the missing data. In order to view the test results. Remove the test card once the results are displayed on the host screen, discard according to laboratory protocol. Select the save and close button to save the test data and close the test window. The X in the top left corner can also be selected to closeout. The test data window. This completes the video on how to perform a whole blood test on the epoch blood analysis system with host.

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