epoc® Blood Analysis System with NXS Host System Overview Video

This video provides instructions on how to identify the system components and their functions on the epoc® Blood Analysis System with NXS Host.

This video will introduce you to the epoch blood analysis system with Nick's host. The epoch blood analysis system with Nick's host is a portable blood analyzer comprised of three components, the epoch reader. The Epoch mobile host. And the epoch single use testcard. The epoch reader is a battery powered portable device that reads test cards during blood testing. The reader also has a status indicator light to inform the operator of testcard progress. During a test, the epoch reader measures electrical signals from the testcard sensors. The reader then transmits the test data wirelessly via Bluetooth to the epoch host. The reader can be operated through battery power only, or while the battery is being charged using the AC adapter provided with the system. The AC adapter plugs into the power Jack located at the rear of the reader. The status indicator light will flash when the epoch reader is charging. The status indicator light will stay a solid amber color if the epoch reader is fully charged and plugged in. When the status indicator light is off, the AC adapter is not connected and the reader is operating on battery power. The docking pivot provides a physical link between the epoch reader and host. The docking pivot also provides a charging connection for the host battery. A pocket in the docking pivot accepts the blade section of the host cradle. The USB maintenance port at the rear of the epoch reader is for use by authorized personnel only. This port is blocked with a cover that must not be removed by the user. The epoch host is a dedicated use mobile computer with Epoch software installed. The epoch host displays results on the touch screen. The touch screen is used for almost all user navigation and interfacing. Please note that epoch system software upgrades are required periodically. This is to ensure that the epoch system is configured properly for the latest test cards being manufactured. The epoch host comes assembled with a cradle design to mate with the docking pivot on the epoch reader. When the epoch host is docked in the epoch reader, it receives a charge from the reader. When the reader is connected to the AC adapter, a solid red LED charging status indicator light shows when the battery is charging. And changes to solid green when the host is fully charged. The barcode scanner can be activated by pressing one of the two barcode buttons on the side of the host. Or by pressing the on screen barcode scanner icon. The Epoch test card is a single use device with a port for blood sample introduction. It contains an array of sensors on a sensor module and contains calibration fluid within a sealed reservoir. A notch in the corner of the Epoch Test Card ensures correct card orientation during insertion. During a test, each sensor generates an electrical signal proportional to analyte concentrations in the sample, which is translated into a test result. The epoch reader measures electrical signals from the testcard sensors and transmits test data wirelessly via Bluetooth to the epoch host. A vent hole allows air to leave during sample injection and fluid to leave if the card is overfilled. The barcode is used to identify card type, expiration date and lot number. Measured tests are listed on the card. Corresponding calculated values will be displayed upon test completion. The Epoch test card is stored in the card pouch which contains one test card. The card pouches provide a low humidity environment for card storage. The test card is stored at room temperature 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Never subject test cards to excessive shot conditions, such as dropping, throwing, or shaking. The notches used to tear open the pouch. The card pouch should be opened and the test card removed. Only when conducting blood or QA testing. Never store test cards outside of the card pouch or near intense light or heat sources. This has been the introduction to the epoch blood analysis system with NUX host.

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