myNeedle Companion Introduction Video (VA40)

This video introduces the feature myNeedle Companion as available for CT-guided interventional procedures with the software version VA40.

My needle companion supports targeted needle placement on the Soma Tomex platform. Eficiency precision. And flexibility are key in CT guided interventions. Rethink CT imaging guidance, simplify and safeguard workflows and unlock powerful new dimensions of efficiency. With my needle companion, a universal, simple and powerful solution offering different levels of planning, an guiding tools, my needle companions simplifies both routine cases within plane access paths and complex procedures where a double angulated approach is crucial, all without taking your focus away from what matters most. Your patient, the in room control concept puts the scanner at your fingertips adapted to your personal work style. The system can be operated flexibly either alone or in tandem with a technician, eyeballing the needle angle and defining the entry point freehand can be inefficient and error prone. In contrast, my needle laser projects the needle entry point and insertion angle onto the patients body. Workflow steps are reduced, which may boost efficiency in CT guided interventions. Moreover, the extra large 82 centimeter bore and powerful water cooling option of the so matome X platform. Enhanced patient comfort during CT. Guided interventions opt for targeted needle placement on the Soma Tomex platform enabled by my needle companion.

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