SOMATOM go. platform Basic functionalities on the examination card Video

This video provides you an overview on the basic functionalities on the examination card with Somaris X.

Before an examination you need to register the patient. Therefore click on the examination task card. The data entry dialog opens. If your system is not connected to a risk, you can manually enter the patient data. The following fields that are marked with an* are mandatory to complete the patient registration. Last name, patient ID and date of birth. Click on the exam button to start the examination. To start the examination, select the desired body region by clicking on it. Then select an appropriate scan protocol. In order to check and adjust the length of the top a gram click on the drop down menu in the top grandfield and select the desired length. If you want to keep an eye on the patient and check his position, click on the top igram in the timeline. Then select the 2D camera icon. The 2D camera field opens. You can easily drag and drop it to a desired position or change the size of the window. Click on the 2D camera icon again to hide the 2D field. Select confirmed to continue. In order to check the table position, click on the Move icon. The table position window opens. Adjust the parameters by entering the desired data. Select cancel move if you want to keep the entered data in order to manipulate the timeline, click on the top of RAM in the timeline. Click on Open edit mode. The window opens with different options to adapt the timeline. Add one of the following options by dragging and dropping it to the desired position in the timeline such as connect ranges, pause, voice, command bolus tracking, or test bolus. In order to delete the added function, right click on the required position in timeline that you want to delete, select, delete to confirm the deletion. If you want to repeat a step in the timeline, right click on the timeline and select repeat. In order to change the scan parameters, right mouse click on the scan in the timeline. Select show parameters. Select timing to edit parameters such as the patient instruction or the pitch value. Select close to close the parameter window. You can easily repeat a scan by right clicking on one of the scans in the timeline and selecting repeat. You can also repeat a Recon job by right click on one of the Recon jobs and selecting repeat. If you want to delete a Recon job, right click and select delete. Hover over the mouse cursor on either the Recon job or scan in timeline. The tooltips will show you the overview information of the Recon or scan. And each scan has its own color coding in the timeline and Recon job. In order to save the customized protocol, click on the protocol at the top of Task Flow Control Area. Select save to save the protocol. Select show parameters from a Recon job. The Recon parameters window opens. Select auto tasking. In this tab you can set up auto tasking parameters such as Auto Recon. Transfer nodes. Auto transfer autoview and go. The desired syngo by workflow. Or the syngo vibed Adderall. Open the patient browser and select the desired patient. Click on the Recon icon. The reconstruction is only possible when the raw data of the patient is not deleted. Select Reconstruction and task Flow control area. Right mouse click on a Recon job, select repeat. Adjust the ranges or parameters. Then press Recon.

adrninistrator ? adrninistrator administrator admninistrator Erlangen Edangen Scan O Remn Scan O Recon scan o Recon a Scan O Remon Scan O Remon a Scan O Scan O Recon 4 Scan O Recon a Scan/O Recon Scan/O Recon 4 — Recon a Recon a Recon Recon 4O Recon 4 Recon Bo 111 SIEMENS . SIEMENS Scheduler Patient Browser TC Training Center Erlangen Thorax_Customer (A.. Thorax_Customer (A... Thorax_Custom ( sto Protocol Parameters Recon Favorites Recon Ref Recon Ranges Thorax_Custom (Adult) Thorax (Adult) Recon Ranges Connect Ranges ci Healthineers progress Seræs Name • Topograrn Patient Information Medical Information hysiological Signal Topogramn Topogrurn m—ses, tumor, "Etastases, 'yrnph mwses, tumor, "Etastases, lymph masses, tumor, rnetastases, 'yrnph Thorax Customer Thorax_Customer (Adu Thorax_Customer (A.. 10 252083" 10 2520.53B* Protocol Instruction L anguage Instruction Language Instruction Lang uage Er•sh • Thorax infection. CM CM 'PR 200 "PR cor e. c. • Thorax Thorax iiia sag He'9ht Hei9ht Patients Patients 9 Patient Thorax 500 Br40 Thorax Br40 S3 ax TEST THEST S3 Medical Information Patient Information Exam Information Exam Information Patient Information Medical Information Please note that the Learning material is for training purposes only! Physio Secan Physio Scan 10 • Lag Lag Series Admeg Diagnosis Admiteng Diagnosis Adm"g Diagnosis Results AM) Close Requested Procedure TEST Requested re ax For the proper use of the software or hardware, please always use the Operator Manual or Instructions SOMATOM go. General Recon General Recon Box Physio Physio RE:on Auto Taskirv Irrvression IrrvresSion IrrvreSsi0n 5 00 S3 cor Patient Show Parameters .Topogram .Topogramn print Open Open Recon TC Erlangen C Erlangen for Use (hereinafter collectively "Operator Manual") issued by Siemens Healthineers. This material is to be Length 512 L 512 L•nglh 512 512 Thorax 5.00 S3 ax Raw Scan/Recon Contrast Secan Favorites Scan Favorites Allerties Alerts CM A' —ion No Acæssion No AK—ion No No •2/20/1990, •4/111916, SPR (32crn)001 SPR (32 SPR (32crn)0.01 SPR (32crn)001 -Scan RouWSWalAdunTnoraxXcare Basic functionalities 1.024 500 Repeat syngovia all Patient Instruction Change reconstruction ODS OAS mGy•c, Rot Time Rot Ref. Delete Middle Medical in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does not necessarily reaect the latest version of Thorax (Adult) Thorax(AdtAt) Copy All Recon Parameters Show Parameters P arameters Sag Repeat sn sn 1m 500 ronald S u sn g.60 060 g,60 Thorax 500 Copy Recon Volume Parameters AA Stopping PowerRatio the software and hardware available at the time of the training. 3.3s ' 32 3, 32 392 3.32 s 3.32 * 32 Thorax 500 on the Examination Mediastirvum • Date of • Date u.wyyyy Application is starting. Please wait... Thorax 500 ar60 S3 aste Recon Parameters M - Radial VRT Range parameters and save Thorax 500 sag 2020 Thorax Com All Recon Parameters AA - Spine WR 2 Recon express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. inrection. CM inrecoon. CM -Scan Parameters Create Image with Reference Lines Thorax 500 sag reconstruction after sag Table Position card S 00 AA Lung CAD AA - RT Auto Contouring Show Parameters F Al Parameters Paste Al Recon Parameters 53 like warnings and cautions. 2020 312 Q Auto send and archive protocol RAF AA - Stroke Perfusion AA - CT CaSconng AA - Curved Radial MPR RCA Paste Recon Volume Parameters Pauste All names and data of patients, parameters and configuration dependent designations are fictional TC Erlanaen TC Erlanoen TC Enanaen Prot•xol: ThMax Custom ThMax Custom center , delete me 500 S3 gag S3 sag Examination System Check Lock Position closing the patient data 500 gt60 Sg ax 500 •9122/1993. and examples only. AA • curved 0.60 500 Thorax 5.00 g.60 Patient Protocol Patient Inftrmction Protocol Dose Report 500 Scm Time Scm Trne None Close Trne RM. Tune Rot Tune Rot Tine Scan Ref. Scan O Remn Scan Ref Scat Ref. v Topograrn Patient I "1 '2020 Thorax Delay IS tutHculosis, empyema. 12 AA - Liver VNC Range Tools Instances • Instances CM "PR 200 200 • Osteo Osteo General Recon I Impression I Impression Impression I I Impression I Impression I I RecmBox I PhysioRecon Recm Box I RecmBox I PhyS10Recon Re-cm Box I PhyS10Recon RecmBOX I RecmBOX I PhyS10Recon I ReconRGO Recon Favorites 500 gr40 General Recon I General Recon Impression Recon 4 Recon Box Recon BOX ReconRGO Recon a Recon Ref Scan O Recon Physio Recon I Phys«) Recon Auto Recon ReconRGO Recon a ReconRGO Recon a Recon Bo La AIL rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, are CT Coronary Exam Audio Control Contrast IEr•sh 500 500 Sg Sag SS Sag Sg Sag s starting. Please wait... Recon Ref Recon Transfer Auto CT Coronary -Compare Slice Thickness Increment Body Part Body Part Transfer Transfer Auto Body Part Transfer Auto AA - Heart VRT cran Move Auto Recon FAST Planning Auto V'ew&GO Local Application Workflow Application Workflow Local Apphication Workflow AgAication Workflow Locxal Application Workflow syngo_ via Workfbw syngo. via Workfbw syngo.via Workflow syngo_ via Workflow syngo_ via Datarole set syngo. via set syngo via reserved. Recon Ranges Connect Ranges Pause Patient Instruction Change reconstruction Amy to all Aw•ly to all Apply to all Bolus Tracking Test syngo V' a syngo Via syngo. OW ow 1m ml Examined Examined Exarnined Transfer P tinting TEST Thorax 500 Thorax SOO CT Coronary -Coronary Overview (RR) cor the future availability of said Functionalities in any specific country is not guaranteed. Please contact your Snow Parameters Planning Base Parameter Thorax (Adult) S3 sag Show Parameters Protocol Parameters Parameters sag - VRT Range Thorax 5.00 500 5.00 S3 cor Oft Off AA - Lung CAD Auto Auto S how Thorax SOO Sg S3 SS • Topograrn Tools Topogrurn Topogrun ax Activate Topogram scan Activate Togxvam scan Confirm Cmfirm Cmnfirm Ccmfirm patErut position Ccmfirm patErut Confirm patErut Confirm patErut position Ccmfirm patEnt CCH-firm patErut position CCH-firm patErut Sem AppWy protocd patient Table Position patErut position patErut posmtion Thorax Thorax SOO Thorax sag 500 sag S3 sag S3 ax On THEST CHEST 5.00 THEST Mediastinum CHEST THEST Thorax 500 sag Thorax • Lung On CT Cardiac Orientation Multi Recons None CT cascohng None None None sag Copyright O Siemens Healthcare GmbH, 2020 Repeat test2 Testi Test2 Repeat Thorax 5.00 Br40 S3 ax Thorax 5.00 Br40 Thorax 500 sag Thorax 500 Br40 Thorax 5.00 3r40 S3 ax 5.00 Br40 500 ar40 S3 ax 500 ar40 Br40 S3 ax S3 sag Off Open Edit eee Mode Open Edit Mode Close AA - StoppingPowerRatiO T Chest Pam PE CAD Mode C) eöo Image Image e AA -SPF' AA - DE Vascular Create Refereru;e Create Refererwe Lines SPR oeo spp to and validated and Planning Base 2.1s 2.1S 2.1 s 3.3s 2.6s 2.6S 3.32 3.3s Is 2.1s Stopping PffwerRatio 12 Q 993 AA - Lung CAD Neurovascular Delete Local Prim Stu Studies Stu Press press MOVE Restricted Siemens Healthineers, 2020 Restricted @ Siemens Healthineers, 2020 AA - Stroke Perfusion Z zoo z zoo —zoo •zoo • 30 0 2 30 0 9:37 9:21 N 9:22 9:21 x

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