SOMATOM go. platform Correct Patient Data Video

This video provides instructions on how to make corrections and edits to patient data when operating a SOMATOM go. platform scanner.

If you want to correct or edit patient data, select a patient in the patient browser, then right Click to open the context menu. Select correct. Additionally, you can also correct the data on series level by right clicking on one of the data sets in the series window or in the instances window. After selecting correct the correction of patient dialog box appears. You can now correct or edit the desired patient data. You can edit the data in different levels depending on where you open the correct dialog box from. For example, study series and instance level. Select OK to save changes, or cancel the correction.

SIEMENS Series Marked (O) Patient Browser Marked (O) (O) Correction of Patient Correction of Series on 5m Series Results (234 92947 AM) (234 92947 Testmann, Test (12/12/1967) Results Series (234 results, AM) (234 AM) (234 results AM) (234 92926 AM) (234 results, 92926 AM) • Phantom, test ModaMy Date and Modatm Date and Stuo „ Instance —ete Archive Exported Smdy Archive Archive SmdyDate and T]: Modatm Date and Modany StudyDate and Smdy Archived Study Archived —ete Archive Patient atient SmdyDate andT„. ModaRy SåidyDate and E. ModaRy StudyDate and ModaMy Date and Så1dyDate and ShjdyDate and Study Archived Study Exported Phantom, test Patient Study series Series (13) (13) Instance (60) Phantom, test study sstmann, Test (2345 12345 •4/23/1959, M •1/1/1996, o •4/23/1959. M SIEMENS Testmann, Test n, test Last patient Patient ctrl+0 Trzo on coo • Testmann, Test Testmann, Test an an , 12/12.Q018 _ 3666 Otter Names •12/12/1967. F •1/1/1996, o •12/12/1967, F /enzmiz7 12/1212018 12/121'2018 Thorax(Adun) Open Ctrl.O series _ 3666 Instances • Wenzmiz7 Wenzmiz7 Open with Batch Open CT, s 12/12/2018 12/1212018 Thorax(AduIt) Open Senes Date and Tine areo View as Read-Onty with Assign Workflow • Wenzmiz7 Wenzmiz7 View as Read-Onty with View as Read-Only with 4711 Batch Open search Patient Siemens Quality and Open with 4711 Add to Cist Assign Workflow Assign Work •1,'1'1996.0 •4/23/1959. M Of ID 11061640_119052 Remove Demo Siemens Quality Search Patient with DICOM Q/R Search Patient with DICOM (JR Search Patient with DICOM (YR Name Set Delete Protection state Set Delete protection state Instances Intervention, Test • Intervention 2 Intervention 2 •1/1/1996, o •1/13/1996, o Set Mark state •3/1/1999, Add to Demo List Add to Demo Set Archive state Set Archive State 11061640_119052 Set Protection State Set P State Remove Co Remove from from Open Correct Instances Inst Intervention, Test Intervention 2 • Intervention, Test • Intervention 2 12/1211967 •12/12/1967. F •1/1/1996, o • Of Set Mark State Set Archive State DG Test View as Read-only View as Read-only With Remove Correction state Set Delete Protection state Set Delete state Open with . Open with Paste New E_xamination Cancel Set Archive State Set Mark State Sety Archive Set Archive state Archive statu View as Read-Onty with DG Test • Intervention 2 • Intervention, Test Intervention 2 Remove Correction state Remove Co •1/30/2015, o •1/30/2015. o Set Archive State Set Archive state Manage Raw Data •1/1/1996, o •4/1/199, M •1/12/1967 F 30 New Examination New Exam in ation New Exa mination Correct Intervention 2 • Intervention 2 • Inter Inter Correct •3,'4'1999. •3/1/1999. •3/1/1999. •3/40/1999. •3/10/1999. •3/10/1999. •1/30/1989, •1/30/1989. •3/30/1999. Paste low contrast Inter

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