SOMATOM go. platform Correcting Patient Data Job Aid

This job aid provides instructions on how to make corrections and edits to patient data when operating a SOMATOM go. platform scanner.

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SOMATOM go. platform Correcting Patient Data Job Aid When the patient examination has been performed and all reconstructions are executed, the data will be available in the Local Data of the Patient Browser for further evaluation, such as for corrections and edits. 1. Open the Patient Browser by selecting the Patient Browser icon. 2. Select Local Data in the Patient Browser. 3. Right-click on the patient with the incorrect data to open the drop down menu. 4. Select Correct. EMENS administrator ? & # 1 = Scan 5 E Recon 0. O atient Browser 2 ocal Data More Fillers DICOM Import Cured Manage Recon OR Raw Data Results (9 results, 16:36:00) Series Patient Workflow Study Descript ... Study Date a Study Archived Colon, Lamont '01.09.1962, M 2:0651126-dd10-4340-847a-a6 151554cfe0 Search Patient with DICOM O/R W AbdomenRo 016 1. Correct 4 Decker, Brandon Cut 100 Brab 5.00 Bvde 55 5.00 Bis 33 5,00 Evac s3 5,00 Bvde 35 5,00 Bv23 35 '06.03.1996, M Manage Raw Data Baxter, Jules Recon *15.12.1942, MM ef3c0770-<35e 4475-bd23-53065307a320 Patient Protocol Dose Report Gaines, Zachery 6564127d-a256-4dde-2924-ea40232cc455 Crosby, Moses '03.04 1922. M. c6ecc57a-c0Ba-4c2d-ab52-00fea7709360 Instances Ellis, Billie $05.09.1961. M 50163af4-2cbe-43c7-ad22-a15ba0493cta Chang, Corine "12 11.1948 F ab226787-0053-4360-bfcc-a125081715 Byrd, Travis '06.04.1900, M Ganzkoerper_11112016 POS.12.1935, F Ganzkoerper_11112016 Search Successfully completed At the least one system state is not normal. Please check explicit message on console 100 Note: Corrections to data within the Study, Series, and, Instance tabs can also be made. HOOD05162002589413 Effective Date: 05/26/2017 Page 1 SIEMENS Healthineers SOMATOM go. platform Correcting Patient Data Job Aid 5. After the Correction of Patient dialog box appears and data is corrected or added, select OK to save changes. 6. Select Yes to confirm changes. SIEMENS administrator + ? & # Scan 5 = Recon 0 O Patient Browser Scheduler Local Data Q Correction of Patient -] Opi Open DICOM Import Export Corradi Demils Manage Recon OR Raw Data R Results (9 results, 18:41:48) Colon, Lamont (01.09.1962) Patient Workflow Study Descript Study Date a Colon, Lamont Patient Study Series (17) Instance (328) bob51126-ddf0-4340-847a-a6151554cfe0 Correction AF ? X AbdomenRo .. Decker, Brandon Other Patient Names Bv36 53 5.00 Bva6 3 5.00 Bv36 3 5,00 Bv36 53 Edit *06.03.1996. M Do you really want to change this data? affe14f-c413-4b4c-8153-eff06abb8129 All related workflows will be canceled. Add Baxter, Jules Saved results and findings may become Remove "15.12.1942, M invalid. el3e0770-c35e-4475-bd2a-53d65307aa20 ent Protocol Dose Rep Gaines, Zachery 13.11.1948, M 6 Report Yes NO a-3615 Other Patient IDs Edit b564f27d-aa56-4dde-a924-ea40232cc455 Add Crosby, Moses *03.04.1922, M Remove cBecc57a-c08a-4c2d-ab52-dofea7769369 · Patient's Sex Male Ellis, Billie Date of Birth 01.09.1962 *05.09.1961, M 50163af4-2cbe-43e7-ad22-a15ba0493ela Ethnic Group Patient Comments Chang, Corine Patient's Address "12.11.1948, F ab226787-0058-4360-bfcc-a1250d171f51 Byrd, Travis "06.04.1990, M 4bd45160-8239-4a28-a0lb-de3d9979411 Ganzkoerper_11112016 5 Cancel *05.12.1935, F Ganzkoerper_11112016 Search successfully completed At the least one system state is not normal. Please check explicit message on console. 0050 16:41 Note: Modified data will not be aligned with RIS or PACS. HOOD05162002589413 Effective Date: 05/26/2017 Page 2 SIEMENS Healthineers

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