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You can activate rapid results technology at the scanner to automatically calculate and archive evaluation results, for example from lung, siedi or neuro perfusion. Rapid results technology provides you with the information you need, both standardized and reproducible. You do not have to open the workflow in syngo via because it works as a node and the calculated results can be automatically transferred to the packs. With rapid results technology, the following features are available. Lung see ID results. Neuro perfusion results, anatomical ranges radial and parallel. Bone unfolded rib ranges. And Jewel energy results parallel ranges. Syngo Via's rapid results technology Configurator allows you to configure new results series, go to the Advanced Visualization tab and select Rapid Results technology. Activating rapid results technology allows syngo via to transfer a new result series to the scanner. To define customized protocols that contain, for example parallel ranges, select steps from the available result types list. Click the Arrowhead so that the new result type can be listed in the configured results list. After changing the newname, adjust your desired ranges preset and windowing preset in the properties. You may activate the automatic archiving option to transfer the result series automatically to the pack system. Click the Ally button and the configured result is available in the scan protocol assistant at the scanner. If the scanner supports data role mapping and is connected to syngo via the scan protocol assistant allows you to assign the data roles to individual series. To open the scan protocol assistant, go to options, select Configuration followed by scan Protocol assistant, followed by scan protocols. Select syngo via, then select protocol and finally select the Change parameter tab. The corresponding data roles need to be selected for those series to be used with rapid results. The automatic generation of results on Syngo via runs for series marked with the corresponding a data rolls at the scan protocol assistant. The difference between an EA data role and a non AA data role depends on if the result series are automatically calculated with manual interaction or not. For example, long siedi EA allows SYNGO via to generate long siedi results automatically without user interaction. Alternatively, lung siedi without EA triggers M on koleji to calculate the lung siedi during pre processing for a study to be opened when the study is opened, the lung Siedi mini toolbar displays the lung. See add markers. You can navigate through the markers selecting, accepting and deleting them.

P ati ent Editor setup ImageText QPti ons Qpti• s System System Help Applicati ons Image Op'tions Options QPtions QC'tions SIEMENS remoteadmin Server DSWA-VIA03 wurmloch.sier Server: Server: DSWA-VlA03wurmlocn siemens de Server siemens de Scan Protocol Assistant Sewver: Server: DSWA-VlA03wurmlocn siemens de Server DSWA-VIA03 wurmloch.sier a Scan Protocol Assistant Sewer ce Version.. Patient Browser Configu Onco vpcT Str.. vpcT St... VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion,.. VPCT Stroke MCA Occlusion,. CADFlash _16Findings_PACSR • 1/1/1945 M 2012R0433 VPCT Str_._ License... AS+ vpCT St... AS+ VPCT Str. * 7/1/2014 0 Patient ID 97 * 1/1/1945 M MM Reading Configuration Panel on Portal Admini MM Reading 3D Reading Available Result Types Demo List (15) Read (31) Configured Results Patient Name Patient Browser Client-Server Connection Test MM Oncology Configu'ration Panel Configuration Panel CADFlash 16Findings_ CADFlash CADFlash What do you want to do? Connect to syngo. via Change parameters Confirmation Configuration *711/2014 0 *7/1/2014 0 Sensation 4 Export Browse Browser Demo List (15) Read (31) LCAD CURRENT Properties CIO MM Oncology Reading Adult 711/2001 LCAO LCAD Configuration Configuration Panel Series Client Settings Advanced Visualization Advanced Visualiz'.ation Advanced Visue Display And Behavior avior Export Frontier Properties Transfer Fronertier Reporting Protocol name Workflow Wonåflow Data role Recon Data role A. Open DICOM PM 7/1/2001 hi Id [4 90 Q, fi fi Scan protocols with changes: MM Reading 3D Reading Thorax ThoraxPACSREADY (Adult) Filters Al 25.7 A 108.6 A 141 B A 147.8 sp PM Somaris17 - Configuration Panel Somaris/7 - Configuration Panel LCAD* *CAD* Eclips cli s Radial Ranges When automatic archiving is enabled, Cll Access Control @ ThoraxPACSREAOY Results Sroperties MM Readi ng Rapid Results Technology Ranges Preset Pelvis ParaTra MPR I Omm Pelvis ParaTra MPR I .0mm Change parameters print DICOM Export Import Correct Delete MM Reading Open Print Open Open Mth Open With Send to Expo It Expo 't Co" Oelete Correct Oelele Oelete Eile Scan protocols Select all protocols v Axial recon jobs A)0al recon jobs Protocols With ECG Interventi onal protocols Customized scan protocols Cxport scan protocols 50 Br40 3 Arcnive Archive Hip_New1 CT Neuro Perfusion Newl Client Settings Advanced Visualization Display And Behavior Export Transfer Frontier Fronertier RECIST 1.1 c9 Cl C13 Require authentication on startup 3D recon jobs Protocols with Dual Source Protocols with Dual Energy 50 8157 3 50 3 Define contrast protocols Siemens default protocols Pelvis MPR 1 AA - Thorax para Workflow Status Series Description Results Series 5 cm 5 cm Workflow Step for Oncology Reading (0 PM) (2 results, (2 PM) PM) Thorax 508 Br40 3 General Settings AA - Scapula coronal Soft-Tissue Bone second DICOM node without further review ADMIR recon jobs ADMIRE recon jobs Lung CAD Windowing Preset Scan protocols Thorax 1 Ocm Manipulate scan protocols (cut copy paste / delete) Manipulate scan protocols (cut copy f paste / delete) Manipulate scan protocols (cut f copy f paste / delete) MPR AA - Spine radial VRT Mar-lip VRT @ Thorax CIE BIN 8164 Recon Data role Data role A. Protocols for workflow Protocols for data role &rkfi T9nes Number •eries Description Genes Description Recon 1 AA - CAD CAD @E Thorax @ Thorax NeckThorax ow Status Status Workflow Description Patient Name atient Name ries Number 1.0 s Modality 1.0 3 Rapid Results Technology Patient Patient Transfer Export-i Expert-i Angio Browsfer Auto Delete Insert Export Expert RECIST Lung Liver Lines Lymph Generic LCAD Lung Thorax Para" •AA Thorax Para" "AA Data role Enable automatic preparation and archiving with Rapid Results Technology Browse Re istration Search Pelvis ParaCor MPR I .0mm Head Vascular Dual Energy ACSREADY (Adult) AA. Neuro Perfusion for Yohei AA - Neuro Perfusion tor Yohe' Thorax Phantom CT Image Comment -600 -600 on the second DICOM node are of sufficient Lung AA AA - Rib Ranges tor Yohe' AA - Rib Ranges for Yohei Head_XCARE • DynLiver2Lengt 01 _DE_Abd Change parameters Change perameters MM Oncology Onco_CADFlash Onco_CADFhSh onco_CADFIasn 16Fmngs_PACSReadYAutoPr 16Findings_ PACSReadYAutoPr.- Lung CAD 151 candidates (Auto) Lung CAD [51 Candidates (Auto) Lung CAD [5] Candidates (Auto) Available Result Types Browse Configured Results elvis ParaTra MPR ' Omm Kidney L ParaTra MPR 1 !eading —AbadomenRoutine C_Spine r. DE Abdom quality for a review of result images. Bone General Settings C_Spine_Vol r, DE Thorax_ Kidney R ParaCor MPR Size of fonts and controls: Lung C,D AEF Auto ImageText Scan Protocol E-Logbook a Scan Protocol Assistant E-Logbook Exarninabon Bolus C15 Scan Protocol Scan protocols acan Protocul HeartVlew HeadNeuroneSeq HeadNeuro_X. HeadAngio_Votr Show'Hide Lung CAD results MM Readinq-Compare 2 MM Readinq-Compare 1 Board Zoom Knee Sag Parallel Ranges Editor Configuration Panel Tracking Small Liver Ass. tant Assistant Large Import user scan protocols Customized scan protocols HeadRoutineSeq -DE Thorax @DE Thorax Pelvis ParaSag MPR 1.0mm AA - Thorax para r AA - Thorax para Thorax para Verification and Archiving Knie Cor Radial Ranges onco CADFlash PACSReadyAutoPreProc Troubleshoot HeadRoutineSeq NeuroDSACT Trending Treindings_ @ Thorax @Thorax patient 37 patient ID 37 Patient Name AA - Scapula coronal Enable aut omatic preparation and archiving with Rapid Results Technology Enable automatic preparation and archiving with Rapid Results Technology ernrstread' prnrstrea r AA - Scapula coronal Hip Newl Protocol loading is in progress. please wait. CT Neuro Perfusion Newl Application loading is in progress. please wait Shoulder Glenoid R ParaTra Omm Kidney R ParaTra MPR I .0mm Instances nodu>sontf 7/1/2014. O 7/112014. O Neck @DE Thorax NeckThoraxd Specials @ Thorax Aorta RadialR Export scan protocols Customized scan protocols Spine radial VRT AA - Spine radial VRT Findings- 151 Findings- 15 Findings- 1 Lung CAD Colon Knee Sag SIEMENS Intervention 3D 30 Mewing Viewing Filming Study Filming Filming ThdoraxRoutine LungCAovers.on:v01D0 Lung CAovers.on:v01D0 LungCAovers.on:v0100 ThoraxPACSR. ThoraxPACSR„ V Automatic Archiving Automatic Archiving Shoulder Glenoid L ParaSorag MPR 3.0mm Verification and Archiving Aorta New2 Layout Layout Editor Instances - CAD LCAD SIEMENS Configured Results Available Result Types Monitor Setup Image 268/30 (1 Finding(s)) age 268/30 (I F age 268f30(1 Finding(s)) polyTrauma TraumaThin Select all v Spiral scans Spiral scans Vultisæns Total mAs: Shoulder Glenoid L ParaSag MPR 3.0mm Knee Joint Femur R ParaCora MPR 3.0mm AA - Lung CAD Lung CAD LungCAD TraumaThin Axial recon jobs Restore scan protocols to Siemens default v ADMIRE ADMIRE Bone Unfolded Rib Ranges polyTrauma AA - Neuro Perfusion for Yohei AA- Neuro Perfusion for Yohei - Neuro Perfusion for Yohei o Findings Navigator ShoulderRoubne 12 PM Thorax XCARE 3D recon jobs DynEva CT VPCT Body Screen Saver Software CT VECT Body Multi Monitor Audit Trail S oftvvare AA - Rib Ranges for Yohei r AA - Rib Ranges for Yohei Knie Cor Knee Sag Radiel xanges ara ange ange Configuration Panel Configuration Distribution H24. I Cardiac AbdomenSeq MM Readinq-Comnpare 1 MM Reading-Compare 3 • syngovia *yogevla syngovia syngo.via éyggevla Knie Cor Parallel Ranges Radial Ranges r AbdomenRo... Chris MM Reading-Compare 1 DDS Coronar.. CT Neuro Pel\lsion CT Neuro Pél\lsion Hip_NewI Hip_New1 CT Neuro Perfusion Newl Upper extremities DDSXXL TurboFlash XA Interventiona Cardiology MM Basic Compare MR Brevjs Shoulder R ParaTra MPR 3.0mm Add Printer Regional and Illumination SR Date and Exaumination SR Viewer Contrast protocols Export scan protocols Scan protocols Define contrast protocols Export scan protocols 277 Wri su_lHR AbdMultiPhase DS cascor- Aorta RadialR Parallel Ranges Time Moodlight r MM Readin -Com are 4 Lung CAD IdentiW Identify CT Neurovascular DS cascor„ MR Oncology' Ml Neurology AbdomenSeq Shoulder Humeral Shaft L ParaCor MPR 3.0mm Shoulder Humeral Shaft L ParaCor MPR 3.0Omm r FAST_Turb0. Aorta New2 Aorta RadialR Extremity ScÅÅPrQ6iÅ"istant Colonl_owDose. ColonLowDose. a Scan Protocol Assistant NUM UM 1680 x 1050 Tools CT DE + Vascu MM Oncology Knee Joint L ParaSag MPR 3.0mm Do you want to save these changes? Soft-Tissue List I import / export contrast protocols List import / export contrast protocols Aorta New2 CT Neuro Perfusion Newl CT Cardiac CT Denta arallel MM Basic Compare Ml Cardiology MM Readin Compare 4 Lower extremiti es This setting applies to all reconstructions mal nave automaucarcnmng Assistant This setting applies to all reconstructions that have automatic archiving enabled in the Siemens Scan Protocol Assistant This setting appliesto 11 reconstructions mat nave automauc arcnmngenaoeamne siemensscanyrotoc Assistant 10cm Display syngo application CT OSA Abdomen Aorta VRT KneelJHR Bone Unfolded Rib Ranges - Neuro Perfusion for Yohei uro Perfusion Newl C15 MM Onco + CT Bone Node MM Reading CT Dual prostate Add Result Set as main monitor for syngo application Synch Align Full Text Hide Node Results Reset Abdominal • Hip Graphics VRT Preset Timepoi._, Timepoi__ Bone Unfolded Rib Ranges Extremity 07 Cautiom View only atter first read Table. Position Height Table: Posibon Table Posibon Table: Position Height Posibon Height OK Cancel Apply -7305 A ISOO Adaptive AD spiral scans Adaptive 40 spiral scans Interventional scans scans Snapshot print Import Export Undo onco OK Apply Cancel -600 Layout Image D' t. 2) Search successfully completed The selected data opened Workflow has been assigned Searcl Jccessfully completed i-Sequence i-SpiraI I-Spiral v ADMIRE Checkup not completed system should not be used for patient exa... (D for patent exa... (D 3:17 PM 3:16 PM 3:21 PM 3:15 PM 1:51 PM 1:56 PM Checkup not completed, system should not be used for patient exam. (D Checkup not completed, system should not be used for patient exam. 1501-2016 Checkup not completed, system should not be used for patient exa.. (D

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