Testing HbA1c and Microalbumin/ Creatinine Video

This video provides instructions on how to analyze Hemoglobin A1c and Microalbumin/Creatinine samples on your DCA Vantage® Analyzer, including preparing, loading samples and printing results.

Simply remove the A1C reagent cartridge and capillary Holder from the reagent kit. Now obtain a whole blood sample either from a capillary puncture or venipuncture. Use the capillary Holder to draw in the correct volume of blood. In this case, only one microlitre of sample is required. Collecting the patient sample only takes a second because of the small volume requirement. Insert the capillary Holder into the A1C reagent cartridge. Now take the cartridge to the DCA Vantage Analyzer and scan the barcode on the cartridge. The display screen will provide instructions on the remaining steps. But there are three general ones. Insert cartridge, pull tab and close the door. You can walk away at this point. In six minutes you will have your A1C result on the display or print it as you choose. In addition, it will be stored in the large 4000 test memory for future reference, reprinting or patient trend graphing. If you choose to perform the urine, albumin or creatinine test on the DCA Vantage analyzer, you will find the procedure to be similar, except that a urine sample will be used and the time for results will be 7 minutes from a whole new perspective, the DCA Vantage analyzer. Zemans

SIEMENS IpL sample size P 1 PL sample size WSS789, Smith, Sara HbA1c = 5.7 0/0 DCA Vantage"' A/C = 33.5 mg/g DCA Systems Oat. SIEMENS 12.s- Analyzer DCA Systems NO. SIEMENS DCA Systems 0:00 Oat o CA Vantage- Soqueneo NO Test Oate 01/08/2010 03:02 Analyzer 'antage• Ana 4.Se Sequence No. SIEMENS 0086 Cartridge Lot HbA1c 5.7 User 10 347826 user ID Patient

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