Performing Hemoglobin A1c Quality Control Video

This video provides instructions on how to run Quality Control for Hemoglobin A1c on your DCA Vantage® Analyzer, including how to distinguish between a normal and abnormal control.

In this simulation, you'll learn how to run quality control on the DCA Vantage Analyzer. Pair the controls according to the manufacturer's instructions. Wipe any control solution off the sides of the glass capillary tube using a lint free tissue. The control card contains information on both sides. The front side of the card is for a normal control. The backside of the card is for an abnormal control. OK, the dot on the system next to the barcode track. Hold the cards so that the barcode faces to the right and insert the control card into the top of the barcode track. Hold the control card gently against the right side of the track and quickly slide the card down. A beep sounds to signal a successful scan. Next, slide the reagent cartridge down the barcode track. Be sure that the barcode on the cartridge also faces to the right. Insert the reagent cartridge into the cartridge compartment until a gentle snap is heard or felt. Using a slow, smooth continuous motion, pull the Flexibel pull tab completely out of the reagent cartridge. Close the door and dispose of the Flexibel pull tab. 5 seconds after the door is closed, a beep sounds and the essay begins.

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